Friday, February 01, 2013

The "Stolen Black Wealth" Claim That Goes Uncalcualted

If you watch me as I debate by dear friends at SBPDL/VDare  - you'll notice that the best way to counter their claims (and again SOME OF THEM ARE TRUE ABOUT BLACK FOLKS - their main fraud/flaw - is that they then use this inference to claim that the Negro is an "Enemy Combatant" within the United States) is to MAP THE UNIVERSE and then plot the coordinates, scale and scope of their indictment against Black people - and then show them that in their "Mall Cop Bigotry" - they are clueless as to the larger forces that lurk in the night - stealing their valuables - without pulling a "Saturday Night Special".

I identified what I call the  "Non-White White Supremacist" - a Black person who believes that White people are indeed superior and he (the Black person) responds in his own thoughts and actions, attesting to this as a fact - there is the SBPDL crowd who are "Non-Black Black Supremacists" - meaning they focus the balance of their time and consciousness upon "The Negro Threat" that they are clueless about what the Federal Reserve and other official governmental and financial sector operatives are doing.  They work in Trillions - while the "Street Pirate on the Street" wants your iPhone.   SBPDL is upset even though they have insurance that will replace the stolen item.  It is their ego that is hurt because "A Negro has robbed them" - just as they feared.

It is rather distressing then when I can use the very same data about 'Black Home Ownership' that I used to put SBPDL's Paul Kersey in check about his "wild assed claim" that BLACK PEOPLE RECEIVING SUBPRIME MORTGAGE LOANS and didn't pay them - is the reason why the financial system has collapsed.

My rebuttal to Kersey was:  "The Negro never owned enough houses and neither did these houses have enough of an aggregate property worth to collapse the global financial system".

Sadly - I can use these same charts, with different analysis to rebut Ms Burke.
First we must notice that she uses "Jury Of The People" words to make her indictment, failing to quantify her statements - knowing that the congregation won't demand that she do so:

If you listen to certain "Black Wing Grievance & Political Opportunism Talk Radio" shows you will hear the claim:  "In The Great Recession Black People Lost More Aggregate Wealth, Second Only To The 400 Years Of Stolen Labor Through Chattel Slavery!!!!"

Ironically after "Self-Chumming Themselves" with this statement THEN they get angry that more people are not more outraged over this figure as it is happening right before their eyes!!!!

The truth is - while most of this was paper profits, recognized in the very same "Home Equity" that some of them sought to cash out upon with their second mortgage - THE TRUTH IS - that the greater problem within the Black community today per the present prevailing consciousness is its ability to take BARREN LAND and BUILD UP an ECOSYSTEM that has VALUE to develop HUMAN RESOURCES.

When you lack the ability to translate the "Political Struggle" that you channeled most Black people into following into the PROSPERITY that you sold them upon - as the "Get Rich Quick" schemes were going on and generating economic activity and "false hope" for those who were burning the shoe leather within the community - upon noting the after-effects once the "Hood Bubble" has burst - it is only natural that you turn to the OUTSIDE FORCES to blame them.

The truth is - Ms Burke is less interested in making a sound case for the "pilfering of Black wealth".   The greater interests - AS WITH THE GUN CONTROL DEBATE, as applied to the "Mission Accomplished Zones" - they want "The Adults In The Room Within The SYSTEM" that encapsulates the Black community to OPERATE AT A LEVEL OF INTEGRITY that they as "The Black Racial Services Machine" can't bring themselves to do within the Black Community Human Resource Development Institutions.

IF the goal of INTEGRITY ENFORCEMENT was top priority for "Politics365", "The Root", "The Grio", "AfroSpear" or even "Oliver Willis" of Media Matters - they would invest far more time MUCKRAKING the actions and words said by the people who have a direct channel into the conscious minds of Black people rather than streaming self-chum propaganda that is PLEASING TO the "Present Prevailing Black Consciousness" - with the intent on detailing "I Know Who Did To Us And They Are Going To Pay For Exploiting Us".

The GREATEST exploitation that is going today is the usurpation of the "Black Community Conscious Attention Span" - into the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" at the expense of developing and operating a BLACK COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE CULTURE - a residue of which would be that people would know the prevailing interest rates in the market as well as their own credit worthiness - and then use their paper shredder - LIKE I DO - to destroy any financial services solicitation that thought that I was a "Sucker".

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