Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The Rebuttal To Leonard Pitts' "Black Community Conscious Attention Filibuster" That You Are Not Going To Hear In "The Black Media" Because They Agree With Him

Leonard Pitts

"From This Moment Forward - I Will Make Use Of 'Civil Rights History' To Keep 'The Blacks' From Focusing On The NEW PROGRESSIVE ESTABLISHMENT That Is Failing To Provide 'Social Justice' To The Least Of These - Because I Understand That They Are More OFFENDED Over The Words That The Right Wing Says, Which I Syndicate When I Receive Them From My "Twitter Relationship" With "Think Progress" And "Media Matters"
Leonard Pitts: Do Not Allow Them (The White Right Wing) To Rewrite Black History
The White Right Wing;  "If John Lewis had a weapon during the Civil Rights Movement he could have defended himself"

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While Obama Is The President STOP THE EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN From Making "COINTELPRO" Conspiracies About TODAY

  • WHO Is Free To PICK THE BLACK COMMUNITY'S POCKET As It's Attention Is Focused On MAKING THEM Successful At Fighting Against The Right Wing?
  • WHO Is Able To Get The Community To NOT LOOK AT The Black Community Valuables That Have Been In Vested In The "Development Of The Black Community" For The Past 50 Years, BECAUSE They Tell The "Rank & File" That The FIGHT AT HAND Is More Important Than Demanding A "Black Community 401K Account Statement"?
  • If $1 Trillion In "Black Wealth" Was Stolen In The "Subprime Mortgage Scandal" Even Though Black Home Ownership Is Less Than 50% AND Not All Blacks Received "Subprime Mortgage Loans" - HOW MUCH BLACK WEALTH WAS NEVER GENERATED Because Of The LACK OF VISION - As The Forces That Have Unchecked Access To The "Black Community Attention Span" Keep "The Blacks" Focused On OUTSIDE ISSUES That OFFEND THEM - As "The Cheshire Fox" Smiles With Glee That His Ally Is Able To "Work The Black Congregation" Without His Help, Even Though The Black Press Didn't Get The Campaign Funding That It TRICKED ITSELF Into Believing That It Would Receive.


What Leonard Pitts is doing is no accident.
Pitts, Toure', Crouch, Goff, Weathersby and many other Black Progressive Operatives that are employed as journalists understand that when given a choice - the Black Rank & File prefers to have what they already believe AFFIRMED - with a streaming and steaming pile of "Self-Chum" from their trusted news sources than they are inclined to inspect the condition of their communities and DEMAND that the Black Press focus on targeted MUCKRACKING upon the forces that THEY GAVE THEIR VALUABLES TO - per the advice and consent of "The Black Press".

While, indeed there is a sufficient "Right Wing Threat" that can be conjured up for people with the mindset of Leonard Pitts to remain employed - slowly but surely - as the new "Post-Racial Diverse Progressive Establishment" comes to form in this nation - the greatest regret that will be faced within the Black community in the future will be the awareness that the "GOVERNANCE CULTURE" in which FRIENDS as well as ENEMIES need to be monitored BUT that they were stroked into "Keeping The Enemy On Trial".   The very same spirit that bigoted White people used back when they had power that was unchecked.

Mr Pitts and others merely prove the FULL EQUALITY of Black people and shows that OSB Walls was 100% correct when he said "Black people in power need to be regulated just as their White counterparts need".

This sage advice from Walls came after his time spent in Washington DC facing the faction during his time (Post-Reconstruction) who today I call "The Black Racial Services Machine" - the corrupt overlay between "The Black Rank & File" and the "Black Community Governance Culture".

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