Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Problem With Rep James Clyburn's Goal Of Proving That "A Black Man Can Run The Country" Is That Wherever Obama Takes The Nation - Clyburn Is Going To Laud It As "Mission Accomplished" And Will Have Unchecked Access To The "Black Community Consciousness" To Sell It As A Totally Successful Journey But For The Right Wing That Slashed The Tires

Clyburn not interested in Transportation post
(Lifted from Redding News Review)

Joe Madison, host of “Madison in the Morning” on SiriusXM Radio’s Urban View channel, asked Clyburn about the Transportation post at the end of a nine-minute interview.

“I have no interest in leaving the Congress,” Clyburn responded. “I am going to stay here because there are two things I’d rather make sure happen. No. 1, I’m going to help this president remove all these myths people have that an African American cannot run their country.” Clyburn then added: “And No. 2, I want to demonstrate to those people in my state and other states as well that people of color can be good Congress people.” Madison said Urban View is “an African-American talk network” and his “audience is predominantly African American.” Clyburn has brought up race before in connection with Obama. Asked in May 2011 about the president’s re-election prospects, Clyburn responded “the president’s problems are in large measure because of his skin color.

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Does Anyone Believe That Black Press Operatives Like Joe Madison Would Campaign AGAINST Rep James Clyburn IF He Recalled That James Clyburn's Rhetoric Sounded Eerily Like The Talk That He Had Heard In Detroit During The 1970's and 80's, Only Too Be Fooled By How Everything Turned Out In Detroit Of Today - As "The Black Eagle Vowed"  - "I Will Never Again March Forward Based Upon My 'Progressive Fundamentalist Sentiments'.   Instead I Will Draw Up A List Of 'Vital Statistics For Black People' And Demand That Clyburn And Anyone Else Who Compelled The Black Voter To Hand Over Their Valuables Over The Past 50 Years - Demanding That By 2016 Certain Thresholds In DEVELOPMENT Must Be Met - Regardless Of The My Own Daily Efforts On Keeping My Listening Audience Focused Upon Republicans.  I Can Only Keep My Congregation Distracted For So Long.  I Need You To Come Through For Me, Jim."?   

Black Progressive Fundamentalists Get Away With Speaking In Blatant Racialist Terms For One Reason (With Three Groups To Consider)

  1. The White Progressives In The News Media KNOW That Clyburn Is Ultimately Talking About A PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRAT And The POLICIES That They Ultimately Favor
  2. "The Blacks" Have Already Converted What Was Once A "Black Community Development Struggle" Into A 100% Partisan/Ideological Political Struggle Against The Right Wing
  3. The White Right-Wing, Themselves Traffic In "The Racio-Political Game" And What They Know To Be Their Sentiments About Race In Private (But Also In Common With Their White Progressive Brothers) Is No Longer Permissible By ANY WHITE MAN To Be Said In Public


The damage IS NOT, however, done to the journalistic integrity of "The Press".

It is the BLACK COMMUNITY, dutifully affirmed with the notion that "President Obama" and "James Clyburn" are working to "Uplift Black People".    All they need to do is to identify and promote policies that are POPULARLY ASSUMED to be the elixir that will fix the Black community and then "The Blacks" will not measure the EFFECTIVENESS of these theories once they are fully implemented - instead the balance of "The Struggle" will be focused on the RIGHT WING that dares stand up against this "Progressive Public Policy" and the bulk of the energy will be spent on fighting at the point of fissure.

The $9 Minimum Wage Battle Royale

President Obama, with Rep James Clyburn supporting him, is advancing an increase in the Federal Minimum Wage to $9 per hour.

I am not here to debate the merits of the minimum wage.

I would instead like to focus my inquiry on the EFFECTIVENESS IN UPLIFT that the dominate control over the "Human Resource Development Institutions" - via the popular vote has translated for Black people after the heralded victory over the White "Right Wing".

Like a charging bull with failing eyesight - the "Black Community" is given to go where the Black Confidence Man Leadership takes the Congregation.   

(Trust Me - They Don't PAY "The Blacks" At The Grio/Root To Show You This)

US Labor Force Size (August 2012) = 155.6 Million
US Workers Making Minimum Wage = 4.4 Million

PERCENTAGE Of US Workers Directly Impacted By A Raise In Minimum Wage Which Had Those "Who Live Through Obama" Quite Happy As They Knew That The Economic Policy Institute Would Be Happy As Well:

2.82% Of US Workers Make Minimum Wage

There Are More BLACK PEOPLE UNEMPLOYED TODAY Than There Are TOTAL WORKERS (Regardless Of Race) That Will Benefit From The "Treatment" To The Minimum Wage By The Federal Government.

Once Again - Obama Understands That He Only Needs To "Self-Chum" His Progressive Base, Giving Them A "Battle Royale" To FIGHT WITH THE RIGHT WING And The Congregation Will Stop Looking At Their VALUABLES That Were Invested Into The MACHINE That Now Dominates Every Place Where They Have The Final Say In Who Will Represent Them - INSTEAD OF Them Focusing On "Where Is The Money That I Gave To You For My Development And Social Justice?"

At first glance with "The South" with the highest number of people making   minimum wage rates (2002) one would assign this as a "Job For James Clyburn".  Until you notice that this is ONLY 3.7% of the hourly work force - "Following The President's Lead" tends to nullify the other questions that YOU SHOULD be asking.

Now of course when MSNBC's Rachel Maddow does her famous "The Red South Sux" and "The Blue North East Has Fully Evolved" - she is not talking about James Clyburn as one of the "bad guys".   

This is so fully understand now, so much so, that Ms Maddow no longer has to phone Rep Clyburn and the other "Congressional Black Caucus Members" from "The South" to let them know that she is not talking about "The Poor Blacks" in the South.  Their condition is merely a function of the right wing state leadership.  

Surely they won't let Ms Maddow know that - regardless of where you go in the nation - in Black majority hot spots - the distribution of poverty and education has no statistically significant differences - by geographic region.

The Black High School Drop Out Rate In South Carolina Means Less Ability To Command A Higher Salary

When The Schott Foundation Report on Black male graduation listed South Carolina as a red state - Rep Clyburn slept peacefully knowing that he would not be seen as "part of the problem" with stagnant "organic competency development" among the ranks of Black males in South Carolina.

I know first hand from watching relatives and friends that the State Of South Carolina is a cesspool of inter-generational pattern imprinting in which separation from high school education initiates a lifetime of tentative employment, trapped in low skilled labor positions.

Will Rep James Clyburn be allowed to "Self Define" his own SUCCESS at leading the state of South Carolina?  
OR will "The Blacks" in the state agree that until THE RIGHT WING is purged from power - they should not expect to be a "Green State"?

If no one ever shows the Black people of South Carolina the map that shows NY, IL and OH as "Red States" when it comes to the graduation of Black males - do you think that the Black media will volunteer this information to them as a sign that they value BLACK MALE EDUCATION over the fight against the Right Wing?

Until The Black Press Runs The Numbers And Calculates The COST Of The Failed Institutional Governance And How It Exposes More Black People To The Lower Rungs Of The Pay Distribution - Clyburn And Anyone Else Who Has Their "Confidence" Will Be Able To Please This Consciousness Because Of His Presence And Their Ability To Live Vicariously Through Their Office, This Effervescence From The Press Coverage Will Flow Into The Congregation Who Tells Rep Clyburn "Thank You For All That You Do In The Struggle.  We Feel Proud When We See You Fighting Those Republicans For Us Blacks".