Friday, February 01, 2013

The Original "Embedded Confidence Man" Appearing On Film

Like the corrupt preacher, politician, press operative or entertainer of TODAY - "The Mack" needs to induce the Black community to follow along with his destructive scheme by convincing the masses that they will profit when they SEE HIS WEALTH AND POWER.

Both then and now - the Embedded Confidence Man demands that the Black Rank & File transact the BLACK COMMUNITY INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY - in pursuit of these "Benefit" that he is always dangling in front of them.

They get to the point in their conscious dependency that IF the LEGAL AUTHORITIES come and take him out of the gutter that he lurks in - the Black Rank and file will feel distressed that their "Champion" was taken away by "Da Man" - EVEN IF they VOTED FOR "Da Man" who lead the prosecution.

The truth is - they fail to see that he failed to BUILD UP LOCAL INSTITUTIONS as he had their conscious attention drawn to the side.    With him gone - the real problem is that they don't have these institutions to fall back upon.

Thus their real problem is FEAR AND LACK OF VISION because they outsourced their CONSCIOUSNESS some some external entity

The Need To FOCUS The "Ideas" That Pop In The Head Of Our Young People That GOD Gave You To Bring A Proper Consciousness Into Their Way Of Thinking And Leaving.

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