Saturday, February 16, 2013

"The Opportunity Cost Of The Black Conscious Attention Filibuster" Report: The School Bus That The Murder Plot Which Lead To The Death Of A Young Black Male Crossed "The Moore's Ford Bridge" Which Has Been Rebuilt Since The 1946 Lynching

AJC: Details emerge about teens suspected in deadly robbery

READING COMPREHENSION TEST:  Was It THE GUN (Its Clip Size Or Assault Rifle Configuration) Or THE GANG (And Its Associated Racketeering And CONSCIOUSNESS) That Is The SUPERIOR FORCE In The Story Below Which Resulted In One Dead Black 14 Year Old And 3 Teenaged Murder Suspects On Trial - About To Enter The "Prison Industrial Complex"??

From The AJC Article
Three Grayson High School teenagers were riding the bus to school Dec. 17 when they hatched a plan to rob a classmate who collected expensive basketball shoes, a Gwinnett County police detective testified Friday.
Two days later that classmate, 14-year-old Paul Sampleton, was dead — killed by three bullets to the head during a robbery at his Snellville townhouse that unfolded the same day as the trio had planned. Sampleton was bound and killed in his kitchen just minutes after he arrived home on Dec. 19 following early release from school for the holidays.
The three teenagers, Larnell Sillah, 15, Achiel Morgan, 15, and Romaine Stewart, 18 — all of whom are being charged as adults — are alleged to be active members of a street gang called the Young Wavy Goons.
Each would later recount in separate interviews with police that they had planned some details of the robbery during a conversation on the bus, Gwinnett County Police Homicide Detective Andrew Whaley testified at a preliminary hearing for the boys on Friday.
They allegedly agreed Morgan and Stewart would intercept Sampleton as he approached his house. They would create a diversion by engaging him in a fight while Sillah snuck inside Sampleton’s home and snatched the 14-year-old’s valuables, Whaley testified.
The teens went so far as to feign friendship with Sampleton, who played on the freshman football team with Morgan, in the days leading up to the robbery. They invited him to Stewart’s house to get a haircut so they could follow him home afterward and get his address, according to Whaley.
“They said they were gonna rob him for his shoes,” Whaley said. “That was the main focus.”
Gwinnett County Magistrate Judge Phil Wiley found probable cause to bind over to Superior Court a murder charge against the suspected triggerman, Sillah, and armed robbery charges against Morgan and Stewart for allegedly helping to plan the robbery.
However, according to Detective Whaley’s testimony, Morgan and Stewart did not participate in the actual holdup. Instead, police believe Sillah, the alleged leader of their gang, went to Sampleton’s house accompanied by other helpers.
Three flatscreen televisions, an Xbox video gaming system, a computer, headphones, an iPad2, clothes and eight pairs of shoes were stolen from Sampleton, the detective said.
Whaley also said there is a “person of interest” in the slaying, but no warrant has been issued for his arrest.
The vehicle suspected of being the getaway car in the case, a silver BMW, is registered to the person of interest. A vehicle of the same description was linked to a road-rage incident in Norcross in which shots were fired but no one was injured a few hours after Sampleton’s robbery.
Defense attorneys have pointed to the lack of witnesses of the school bus conversation as evidence of their clients’ innocence, and emphasized that no one saw the three boys near the victim’s home on the day of his murder.
The murder weapon also has not been found.

However, a pair of Sampleton’s shoes were found in the garage of the house where Sillah lived.
Sillah’s defense attorney, Tom West, said his client is not guilty. “And I think the police know that.”
“There is a whole lot of speculation and very little, if any, evidence that my client was involved in this at all,” West said.
Sillah and Morgan were being housed in a juvenile detention facility, while Stewart is at the Gwinnett County Detention Center. All three were being held without bond.

ANSWER:  "The Young Wavy Goons" Gang Are Teenagers - The Adults In The Community Who Allowed Them The Value Their Gang Loyalty And The Material Things - More Than The Life Of A Human Being

Location A = "The Moore's Ford Bridge" In Walton County Georgia - Site Of The 1946 Civil Rights Lynching Of 4 Black People

Location B = Grayson High School - Where 3 Black Males Who In 1942 Would Not Be Allowed To Attend Grayson High School - Plotted To Rob One Of Their School Mates Who Was Known To Sell And Trade Expensive "Nike 'Tennis Shoes' "

None Of The "Civil Rights Pharisees Of Georgia Inc" Volunteered To Be "Bus Monitor Mentors" As The Primary Means Of Protecting What They Say Is The Black Community's The Most Valuable Assets.    Instead They Had Been Looking For "The Tea Party Klan Killers"

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Had the "Civil Rights Pharisees Of Metro Atlanta, Inc" picked these three young Black males up each Saturday morning and gave them a Weed Eater as they drove around tending to the grass and weeds that threaten to overtake many "Civil Rights Monuments" around the metro area - they would have learned a measure of character and discipline from the experience - and then learned a bit of history has they were afforded a 10 minute water break for every hour of work.