Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Lag Behind The Defensive Claim Of The Racist Agenda To Purge Black Officials From Power And The New Reality At The US Justice Department: Pittsburgh PA's Police Chief Nate Harper Resigns Under A Cloud Of Scandal

Pittsburgh Police Chief Nate Harper Steps Down

Mayor Ravenstahl’s Full Statement: “Today, I met with the U.S. Attorney’s Office and Federal authorities about their ongoing investigation into Police Bureau matters. As of today, I have learned enough to ask Chief Harper for his immediate resignation. He has agreed and has resigned effective immediately. Let me also be very clear, I have been informed by the U.S. Attorneys that I am not a target of the investigation. I would like to answer all of your questions, but please in advance understand that I cannot endanger any ongoing investigation by specifically discussing what information I have learned or discussions that I have had. This issue has not, is not and will not be treated politically. As mayor, I must act on facts, not innuendos. I cannot rush to judgment, but must exercise sound judgment and caution. Others without my responsibilities can afford to be quick to judge, making politically expedient statements, but I cannot.”

I do not have any more details about the case against Pittsburgh's top cop Nate Harper than what we see in the article above.

THIS POST is not about former Chief Nate Harper.
I would like to revisit the rituals from the "Civil Rights Pharisees Of Metro Atlanta" that was held last week on the grounds of the Georgia State capitol, right in front of the statue of the racist Thomas Watson - who voice from the grave said "I don't believe this B.S. that you are claiming".

NO I do not have a single example of any "Systematic Racism Chaser" who has made the case that Chief Harper was purged because he is Black.

The fact remains - with the federal government making high profile indictments:

  • Rep Jesse Jackson Jr
  • The 8 Black police officers in metro-Atlanta last week
  • GA Senator Tyrone Brooks
  • others
It is certain that the question "Is It Because I Am Black" is the first question that must be disproven - as voiced by the target.
Then the BLACK PRESS too frequently makes the case "It is because he is Black" - unwilling to deliberate the distinction between the community's interest in the public figure in question and the community's need for PROTECTION - especially from "insider trading".

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