Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Effect Of "Community Peer Pressure" On Well Placed Blacks

"You all are right!   Had I been thinking straight - when I heard that cracker talking about Donovan McNabb and Black quarterbacks - I should have cussed out his racist ass and walked off of the set until they got rid of him.  I let you all down.    But at least he is gone now, back to his right wing bigoted audience".  

"I believe him when he said that the Black photographer pushed him into calling him a 'Coon'.  

Now that '30 Rock' is off of the air I don't get too many chances to talk with Mr Baldwin and coach him about what not to say to Black people as it my fray the 'Post-Racial Coalition'.  

I do plan to give him a call next week to ask him to lend me a hand in getting a spot in his next movie.   So I don't think that Black people gain anything by making him angry again.

Lets let this one work itself out by letting it die out.  We have more important things to focus on.

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