Friday, February 15, 2013

The Demand For Proof Of "Organic Competency Development" Among The "Un-Least Of These" - How To Counter Charles Blow's Bloviation

Charles Blow: The Real Obama

By now it should be obvious to every why New York Times opinion writer Charles Blow has not pulled out his chart design program in order to plot the geolocation of all the drone strikes launched by Commander In Chief Obama.

He has his targets set on "Right Wing Insurgents  here in America.

If Mr Blow did expand his previous concern for "American Extra-Judicial", torturous actions - why - he might have to start talking about "What Would Dr King Do?" in these circumstances when an otherwise mutually exclusive challenge to one's consciousness is registered.

You Don't Debate Against Charles Blow's Progressive Fundamentalist Vision On A Point By Point Basis

I has never known before the extent of the progressive fundamentalist stronghold that exists in "Black faces in the Media".

Most people make the mistake of appraising them on the TIME dimension - "Going Back To Bush" and noting what they were saying about deficit spending and a stubborn economy.


You must instead pull out the sexton and begin to appraise them on elevation.

While Mr Blow seems exited that President Obama promises to unleash a new round of "Investments" - dutifully targeted in "guided missile-like precision" in the areas that are able to purchase Mr Blow's silence - it is Mr Blow who seems very "intellectually uncurious" to appraise the efficacy of these same "investment" plans when they were proposed by progressive souls at the state and local levels.

Mr Blow makes the case that "conservative - economic theory" has failed - but he is not about to cover the "State Of The City" speech from Mayor Dave Bing of Detroit.   The hydraulic  for uplift of "The Least Of These" in Detroit and other "Mission Accomplished Cities" has largely leaked out.

Instead of the voice of Mr Blow pointing out the oil slick that pollutes the drinking water of the "Least Of These" - he instead is a part of the media propaganda machine that has successfully kept the congregation's "Investment Club" (through voting for your salvation) together - except now they raise their heads higher up the "government architecture" and are now looking for the "Social Justice Jesus" within the federal rafters.

Demand That Charles Blow And Other Progressive Fundamentalists Voices Protect "The Least Of These" By Being Their Voice, Demanding To See "Organic Competency Development" Among Their Own Ranks

Ironically - once a people stop answering to "The Least Of These" - they won't need Charles Blow to tell them how "good" Progressive Public Policy will be ..............................this time.

Charles Blow is better cast as a marketer to "Consumer Consciousness".
The thought that anyone would agree to retain such a disposition with the society and government - while refraining any enumeration of the evidence of ORGANIC COMPETENCIES that have been developed - through the institutions that "favorable people" now control - is at the heart of the intellectual disingenuity that is only masked by the bombardment thought which it is delivered to its consumers.

Clearly Mr Blow has walked down the hall and received his economics lessons from Paul Krugman.  While Krugman is an expert on how the fiat economy of the United States and other sovereign nations can endure each new round of "quantitative easing" - it seems that neither of these fine gentlemen can offer "The Least Of These" any guidance about how the masses might fare in the future IF their guidance is WRONG - and they are forced to live at the standard of living that the skills that the institutions that are now sufficiently "invested in" using "Fiat Money" - and thus now the investor market seeks evidence of organic productivity rather than Federal Reserve Treasury Purchases that keep inflation low.

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