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The Compromise Of Intellectual Discourse - The Emory University President And "The 3/5ths Compromise"

WPTV: Emory University President James Wagner slavery compromise comments result in apology

Despite the claim of being highly evolved intellectuals with open minds unlike those who "drag their knuckles" - I find that many of who obtain their pulse of the world via Twitter merely wear gloves - thus allowing their scared knuckles to heal.

Recently independent conservative Dr Benjamin Carson focused on the matter of "Political Correctness" and how those who "Offend Surf" upon the various transactions that are fed to them via the Twitterverse end up using our democratized media sources to actually suppress the FREE FLOW IDEAS that flow upon the FREE SPEECH that we value.

If "free speech" is the character to define the properties of the water way then "free flow of ideas" is a measure of value of the cargo that is shipped upon the cargo ships that are able to navigate on the river - that is free of dams.

In our society we have forces that seek to use the new electronic media for purely "gang-war" propaganda feeds.

I am not a user or a fan of Twitter.  In my observations - aside from its value to relay important URLs to NEWS or INFORMATION links - in the context of serious debate - it is mostly used by "middle dogs in the sled team" - to relay comments sent to them from the lead dog - allowing the middle man to make a "confidence comment" that fits in the 160 character payload minus the space that is taken up by the URL.

Instead of being asked to write a paragraph which details WHY they agree or disagree with the arguments at hand, they only need to relay - thus the "network effect" produces the "viral spread" that could have been blocked by a few souls who dared READ and then use their intellect paired with 3rd grade reading comprehension skills  to conclude that they want no part in the viral epidemic that will infect their friends down-wind.

Look at my arguments in this post thus far.
  • Did I attack ALL Twitter users?  - NO - I said "In the context of debate" and I pointed to the "low value added relayers"  
As a subset of our "Consumer Consciousness" and "Popularism" that now dominates our society and culture - the propagation of "Offendedness" serves the purposes of those forces that engineer messages and then seek to retain and maintain them over time to benefit from the loyalty and residual benefit that will be received.

Ones on BIGOTRY  that is masked as they pursue perceived BIGOTRY in other people is typically at the heart of the "confidence scheme" that rarely gets exposed by an objected umpire.

Thomas Jefferson - "The Negro President"
Somewhere in my basement library is a 8 cassette tape "audio book" called "Thomas Jefferson - The Negro President".

This was the BEST documentation of the CONSCIOUSNESS that was present in the White males who wrote the US Constitution when it came to the issues of:

  • Slavery
  • North / South factionalism
  • The FRAUD That Racist Men Used To DENY The Equal Humanity Of The African
The story showed that the same men who thought that the African was a SUB-HUMAN beast of burden when it came to exploit his labor and extracting sexual favors from them - are the same people that thought that the African should be seen as ONE WHOLE MAN when it came time for the US Census and the apportionment that comes with it.

Those who are offended should be quite comfortable with this same spirit of selective inferiority for the purposes of usurpation.   Today, as turn about is fair play - they want "warm bodies" of "The Least Of These" to deposit their ballots in order to produce favorable election outcomes - yet they traffic in propaganda that compel those who are meant to be "The UN-Least Of These" by their creator - to look past the "governance culture" of their own community - but instead seek out salvation from the "Social Justice Jesus" that lives in Washington DC and who does not judge anyone beyond their support for the secular principles that he holds up as a shield to fight the "real Jesus".

My position as a Black man is that people today need to READ THE FACTS about this day as a pretext for understanding how the promotion of COMMERCE and COUNTRY over PEOPLE and GOD has damaging effects far beyond the confidence scheme that they can come to agreement with - in the context of their lie and unconsciousness.

Do you get the sense that the majority of the people who were "Offended By" the comments of the Emory University President  - has one clue about these historical facts beyond their ability to vent there "What Chu Talking About Willis - type" rebuttals that they are often heard saying - in the form of "Well the White racists who wrote the US Constitution ALSO believed that you should be a slave right now!!".

Keep in mind that the hypothetical in the sentence above is used frequently against me - as I start to scrape some skin off of certain snakes in the garden.

The fraudulent point of their argument is that they make use of the FRAMEWORK used by these "Racist White Men" but then rightfully point out that their actions against Black people were a betrayal of the principles that "All Men Are Created Equal".

I do not disagree with their observations of betrayal.   
They fail to see their own irony.    The same "racist White men" that they use to blunt my recognition of the "2nd Amendment" (for example) are the same "racist White men" who also captured the truth from God about equality of man - even though they failed to live up to them.

Further, among their "Twitter friends" no one is going to remind them that their quest to push the Republican US House majority out of power so that "Social Justice" will flow from the tag team of the Progressive Executive Branch and bi-cameral US Congress - and then later protected by the Federal Judiciary is structures that ALSO came from these same "White racist founding fathers".

Thus we must conclude that - they are not opposed to the "white lines" painted on the field of play as they puff up their chests as "revolutionaries".  They merely don't like how the racists over time kicked their feet upon the chalk line in order to erase its existence and then painted a new set of lines in the dirt - when it came adjudication for  "The Negro".

Educated Ignorance

Few people ever challenge "these people" to go beyond their "Offendedness" and apply it to the real world BACK THEN.

With "Django" outgunned and not allowed to enter into "Constitution Hall" back in the day - they can't bring themselves to see that even the ANTI-SLAVERY members of Congressional team were WHITE SUPREMACISTS.   Later on - a good portion of the "Abolitionists" were "White Supremacists".

We saw that the "Watch Night Service" on New Years eve was a tradition created by free Blacks during slavery times that anxiously awaited the installation of the rule of law that the "Emancipation Proclamation" that was to take place when the clock struck 12.

While some "learned Negroes" of today remind us (each year) that "Lincoln Did Not 'Free The Slaves' " they are UNWILLING to first comment on the actual Black people who at the time of the issue were sufficiently pleased that this is about all that they are going to get at this time.     

I would be more impressed if these post script writers of today were to go to Big Bethel on Auburn Avenue just before modern day Blacks head there for the "Atlanta Chapter Of The NAACP's - Watch Night Service" and tell THEM that they are keeping a live a ritual that Black people who "did not understand that Lincoln did not free the slaves" - and then lock their bodies to make sure that no one enters the church - but instead heads out into the Old Forth Ward to proselytize for the "Real Jesus" so that healing might come over this troubled community in their midst.

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