Saturday, February 02, 2013

The Commonality Of "The All White Jury Box" And "The Mission Accomplished Murder Scene" : How Preconceived Notions Taint All Of The Evidence

Citizen Soldier:
It seems that - in the event of a national dilemma - you and others like to stake out a point of fissure with your "Right Wing Adversaries" and then demand that THEY convince YOU that THEIR position is just before you agree to cease YOUR latest legislative move.
With all due respect the proper response is: "SCREW YOU!!"
It is quite ironic that the same ideological basin that says "The NRA has blood on its hands, all over America because of its defense of weapons that are outside of the mainstream circle that YOU DEFINE" are the people who's ideological bigotry prevents them from enumerating the MOST FREQUENT VECTOR OF HOMICIDE all without being called to the carpet about your diversion.
The truth is that YOU CAN'T address (neither) the WEAPONS that are most frequently used and the HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS that chooses to execute the murder that you claim to be so forlorn about.
The truth is - political operatives (on both sides) are only competent at making political volleys on the matter of what the GOVERNMENT AGENTS can do to regulate the "tools" that are available "in the pool".
When it comes to showing competency regarding how to actually imprint upon the MINDS AND CONSCIOUSNESS of the PEOPLE WITHIN "the pool" your preference is to PUNT, instead seeking out a right wing debate adversary to engage in a verbal lip lock with.
In my view your (collective) incompetence at addressing the ecosystem that produces the consciousness of violence has a greater negative force than the NRA's focus on "the tools".
It seems that the HUMAN variable is the most INFERIOR and unimporant element in YOUR discussion.
All the reasons why my dear friend Mr Devega gave you a "Like" in response to your analysis.

My Dear Friend Chauncey DeVega Of Chicago:
Do you see how you are?
You, sir, prefer to engage in verbal duels in the face of Lil Jo Jo, JayLoud, Youg Teddy (Atlanta) and many others.
You receive self-chummed satisfaction that YOU are not the problem - based on your ability to seek out and stand up a "Right Wing Target" for shooting practice against.
Yet - when we look on the ground at the "The Least Of These People" who you say are VICTIMS of the hallowed ghosts of Right-wing/Racist/Oppressive/Frontier/Slavery-era policies - it is YOU SIR, who is unable address the key forces that BEAR DOWN upon them, WITH YOUR ARGUMENTS bound by the facts AT THE CRIME SCENE, rather than YOUR WANTS and IMAGINATION - that were present - prior to the latest shooting that rings out.
My dear friend - if the "All White Jury" member's sin was that he could not overcome the assumptions that he was laced with BEFORE stepping a foot into the jury box - how are you any different per your afflictions?
At the crime scene of Hidya Pendelton there was:
* Another dead young girl from Chicago
* A Street pirate
* A hand gun
* Shell casings
* Terrorized residents who will be permanently scarred
* A Black woman crying on the television news
* AND a battery of political operatives lending their VOICES about how they can take this latest bloodstain on the pavement of Chicago as a means of bashing the NRA and other right wing forces THAT HAVE NO STANDING within this - the most "Mission Accomplished Zone" of them all.
The only cruelty of the NRA - is that they are agents of exposure of progressive fundamentalism. LEAVE THE PROGRESSIVE ALL ALONE, encamped with the tools of his own SELF DESTRUCTION - return in a short time and open the door of the vault and the STENCH OF DEATH will hit your nose before your eyes adjust to the scene that has all of the lights shot out.
The truth is - Mr DeVega you have a fatal intellectual interdependence WITH your RIGHT WING ENEMY. Your arguments are YOUR evidence of CARE AND CONCERN - that YOU are the solution IF you could just get these irrational enemies to control themselves.

Yet as we look at the places where your views "rue the day" - instead of success on the ground - we merely see a congregation willing to run with you on an EXTERNAL ESCAPADE after tracking down a rightwinger with your laser guide.
Learn from Chauncey DeVega by WATCHING Chauncey DeVega

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