Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Civil Rights Pharisees Of Metro Atlanta: "We'll Go To Jail In Pursuit Of JUSTICE For Senator Tyrone Brooks ---- Just As We Did For DR KING!!!"

When my wife occasionally tells me "YOU made me like this!" after years of marriage and some children - I now have a better appreciation of what she is talking about.
(She did tell me that if was was able to make her feel loved everyday like she did this morning after I gave her a Valentines Day card that all would be great.   I tabulated the daily cost of a $5.99 "Hallmark Card's 'Mahogany Collection' card - and figured that it might be cheaper to restore the premium cable channels instead of me vowing to not pay Comcast a penny more of my money.  But I would not have cable television if it was not for her and the kids.)

After almost 25 years of watching "The Civil Rights Pharisees Of Metro Atlanta" perform their rituals - the disposition that I assume on this blog is by and large due to my commitment to "Non-Violence" at the sight of fraud and hokum - as I express myself like "Dr King" advised us to do so.

Street Pirates - Please Learn From Your Mentors: "We Don't CARE ABOUT THE EVIDENCE - They Lied Against Dr King - And Now They Are Doing The Very Same Things From 60 Years Ago - When THEY Lynched Us At Moores Ford Bridge"

Please understand my grievance and mental forelorn.
I am NOT "mad at" the FOOLISHNESS of the rituals performed by the "Civil Rights Pharisees". 
This scene is merely an "Atlanta version" of what we saw in Detroit last year with the "Save The Largest Black Run City Outside Of Africa From Foreclosure By Wall Street Banks" movement.

THEIR GOAL is NOT to exude credibility and integrity - their goal is to get THE CONGREGATION riled up over some "Existential Threat" Of RACISM against "Black Leadership" and then get the members of the Black rank & file to fall in line with the entire scheme.

MY FRUSTRATION is - THE BLACK PRESS is NOT going to initiate a "counter narrative" - demanding a "Freedom Of Information" request from the US Justice Department, demanding the evidence and then - after the next NAACP meeting, pulling GA Senator Tyrone Brooks to the side letting them know of the Black Press' plan to bring a 'forensic auditor' to his office so that they can inspect the books themselves.

WITH ALL DUE RESPECT - BLACK PEOPLE TODAY DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED AT MOORES FORD BRIDGE IN 1942!!  The FBI Is HAPPY That Blacks Don't Give A Damn About Moore's Ford Bridge 1942 Because They Don't Have To Waste Any Resources On Investigating Dead Klansmen In An Effort To Please YOU
GA Senator Tyrone Brooks' Car

Senator Brooks understands that even though this car is not from 1942 - none of the visitors in attendance at the reenactment would complain about "in-authenticity" because there is a "picnic" afterward in which 5 free tickets to "Django Unchained" will be auctioned off so they can see a "real slave narrative" thanks to Jamie Foxx and Quentin Tarantino. 

Take away the 'picnic' that they cater after the reenactment and the crowd of Black actor-vists that drive past several "unsolved murder scenes" in Fulton, Clayton, Dekalb and Gwinnett County - on their way to Walton County that commemorates the tragic lynching of 4 Black people and the size of the congregation witnessing this ritual would be paired down by 3/4ths.

DEMAND that the "Georgia Association Of Black Elected Officials" point out WHICH group of RACISTS in the Eric Holder US Justice Department is placing GA Senator Tyrone Brooks under indictment BECAUSE they don't like the "progress" that he is making in identifying the grave site of where the KLAN KILLERS back from 1942 are now buried - so they can be exhumed - put on trial - found guilty and then buried in the prison grave yard in Jackson Georgia - just as they should have been 71 years ago IF the "JUSTICE" that the Georgia NAACP says is STILL not present in America today - was present back in 1942.

The Opportunity Costs To The Black Community For Maintained The CIVIL RIGHTS APPARATUS 

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