Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The "Africans" Don't Trust The US Military Strategy In Their Lands - Our Wise Cousins Who Are Not Consumers

Wall Street Journal: On Terror's New Front Line, Mistrust Blunts U.S. Strategy 

After watching a "Humanitarian Mission" in Libya, drones being launched after paying off corrupt governments for "landing rights" for the missiles (including lands such as Yemen where 'African Expats live), and yesterday's "Moors" are today's "Al Queda Affiliated Muslim Radicals" - - the US Government wonders why various Africans "Don't Trust The American Agenda" in "The Mother Land".

The truth is a large portion of "Africa Is A Land Where Anyone Can Do What The HELL It Wants To".   One only needs organized violence and rations for the people to win over those who prefer the "non-violent route".    The institutions within most of the countries are too weak to fend off threats from internal insurgents as well as foreigners bearing gifts.

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