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THE ABANDONED POST - NPR's "Tell Me More" Finally Produces An Episode That Knocks "CoCo Leaves The Bricks" Out Of My #1 Spot For The "Elephant In The Room That No One Wants To Talk About"

Michel Martin - You Are A Part Of The Problem.
The Black Media Establishment Who Is More Interested In NOT Making Negative Generalizations About BLACK PEOPLE In A Problem Plagued Community.  
But You End Up AFFIRMING The VOID In The "Community Governance Culture" Though Which These WOULD BE PILLARS OF THE COMMUNITY (our young people) Are Allowed To See A Fellow City Resident - That Lives On The "Wrong Side Of The Elevated Train Tracks" As THE ENEMY , Using A Gun Or A Knife Or A "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" Rap Song To Strike Back At The Threat.

The Community Is Happy - As Long As All Of These Factions Come Together To Vote For The "Consensus Black Candidate" - To Replace Jesse Jackson Jr - Just As We Saw In "Brick City".

In Summary - As Long As The "Black Racial Services Machine AGREES "WE Know WHO And WHAT POLICIES Are Doing This To Us" - The Black Progressive Press' Job Is Done.  It Seen No Need To Affirm The Veracity Of The "Black Agenda", Instead It Is Its Marketing Agency That Appeals To The Principle Of "Diversity In Its Media Messages".

I Am Going To Turn My "Indictment" Into Evidence

Pay attention to show host - Michel Martin and her disposition in this audio report.  Use the issues in Chicago and the school in question as the "flora and fauna" to her main goal of her narrative.

If I told you that it appears that Michel Martin is more interested in marketing the fact that NOT ALL of the students of the high school and community are bad or "ghetto" people - would I be accurate?

If I went into this audio report seeking to have a conversation about the adults in the community and their role and obligation to frame the "social rules" within the community and should be the #1 force against the gangs that their own young people are joining - is this a biased expectation of me?

Below is an abandoned post from last week's "Tell Me More" show.
In this piece about Chicago Michel Martin came right out of the said "THIS IS A GUN CONTROL PROBLEM" 

To the credit of the content producers of "Tell Me More" - including Mrs Martin - THIS SECOND STORY shows what I was going to call out Mrs Martin on - CLEARLY there is a GANG PROBLEM that motivates the use of guns against the "appointed enemy".

Still "Guns And Gangs" are but ACCOUTERMENTS of the larger point that Mrs Martin and the "Embedded Reporters" doing the extended study are missing.
THE ADULTS IN THE COMMUNITY have an obligation to DEFINE, CONTROL AND PROPAGATE the living order within the community.   It is ultimately irrelevant that all of the "Shot Callers" / "OG's" are not running the gangs.    

"Tell Me More" - missed the issue which said that the Adult Citizenry in this zone MUST prioritize the most valuable asset that they have at their disposal - the implementation of a "Functional Consciousness" into the young people that matriculate through the institutions of the community - which will one day become the "Adult Citizenry" of that same community.

In my opinion - I do not believe that the prevailing ideological bias that goes unchecked and is allowed to represent itself AS "The Black Voice" sees the damage that their "Boil The Ocean / Nationalized Social Justice Scheme / Put Favorable People Into Power To Implement Progressive Public Policy" has in uprooting the COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE CULTURE by which - the sayings on the t-shirts - "WE ALL WE GOT" is OPERATIONALIZED as the key governing bias for the assumptions of WHO IT IS UP TO to generate "peace and social justice" within their own ranks.

Until this changes - THE POLITICIANS AND PROPAGANDISTS will profit the most from the unwillingness of the "Americanized Black" to see CLEARLY.

The link between the story below and the story above is the DARK MATTER CHARACTER.

Coco's Story has 'COCO'S BABY DADDY" as a Black male who is referenced briefly - no evidence that he has ANY say in the residential choices of his children and love partner.

In the Chicago Gang Violence story above - THE ADULT CITIZENRY plays the "Coco's Baby Daddy" role.  
They are CONSUMERS of a generally positive ecosystem that has a few "Street Pirates" that terrorize them and their young people.  At no point is there any attempt to model the role of the adults.

The Abandoned Post

Every time I listen to Kelli Goff And Ron Christie I generate a post, the majority of which never leave draft mode because of the effort that is necessary to listen several times to the audio and accurately do a "Dark Matter Analysis" to show that these two political operatives have an identical flaw - they TALK about "Black People's Sentiments" in reference to politics - but can't bring themselves to see that this is a very different domain than the question of the PRESENT CONDITION OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY - and a sober analysis of what is necessary from a structural standpoint on how to achieve that which POLITICS has failed to deliver.

Coco's Story

For almost 10 years of my daily consumption of "NPR" no story has had more impact on me in describing the psychological damage that this nation's prevailing "urban policies" have on "The Least Of These" who are trapped inside the matrix of "Good Intentions" than "Coco's Story: Movin' Out The Bricks"

Coco's Story - NPR audio link

Most people who listen to this audio report about a young mother who moves out of the projects in Chicago to a "working class" community but brings her "Ghetto Ways" along with her as she tries to adjust - will focus upon her "work ethic" that is so dramatically different and her "friends from the hood" who tell Coco what she ought to do to confront the landlord the next time she "gets in her face" about hanging out on the front porch.

These were minor points for me.

I focused on the most MINOR character in the story - who, absent his brief mention - he did not exist:  the resident father of "Coco's children".  (I do not know the extent to which he is permanently involved in Coco's life but he was at her house during the time of the audio recording).

Coco's Story told of an emasculated Black man.
Clearly the products of his "work" is evident in the two children that Coco has to care for.  Beyond this - he has (or at least the story presents him as having) zero imprint in where the "family" lives and the terms that they will live within.

Today I heard a story that bumps "Coco's Story" off of the top of my list.
Thank you Michel Martin of "Tell Me More".

Tell Me More - Feburary 14th

Chicago Youth Hopeful, Cautious Ahead of President's Visit

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If you accept the narrative about the conditions in Chicago for young Black people from the show host - Michel Martin AND from the "young Black children" who are victims of a grand failure of the adults around them to manage the communities and its institutions within which they spend their formative years then you'll also miss many of the grand ironies that are abundant in this report - and the larger misalignment that is present within the Black community and its ability to govern the resources within the Black community toward "directed outcomes".

This is not a "counter narrative" this is a more ACCURATE narrative - free from the engineering by the political/media operatives and a provision of the STRUCTURE that the youth can't quite see as they fail to define a consequence" and thus change in their disposition with "the leadership" IF what they have been prescribed (ie: a "Presidential visit" and "new gun laws" don't in fact achieve the piece and sanctity that they seek in their own communitie.

It is clear to me that the forces who keep selling us "Community Salvation Through POLITICS" have no interest in defining and maintaining the INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY of the Black community - thus protecting "The Least Of These Within" from their continued exploits.

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