Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Symulcast: Reaction To Obama's Foreign Policy Has Reset The USA To The Normal Disposition But Has Exposed The Progressives

Charlie Rose Interview with Obama National Security Adviser Tom Donilon

Question:   What Do You Do When You Witness A Government Official Who Uses The Benefit Of The Clearing That He Has Been Provided To Openly Discuss American Foreign Policy That Would Have Triggered Protests And Condemnations From People Who Previously Occupied The Very Same Seat?

ANSWER:  NOTHING!!!    You Must Be Wise Enough To Look At The Press And The Protesters Who Had Previously Lead The "Protests" And "Condemnations" Of These Very Same Actions And Policies - INSPECTING THEM FOR THEIR AGENDA.

Please click on the link above to the Charlie Rose Show and watch it in its entirety.


  • When he hears news about "Economic Hitman" actions against countries that don't go along with the USA - do you hear it referred to as such?
  • When he hears news about how the US Military provided logistical operations to NATO partners in Africa - do you hear anything about "American Imperialism"?
  • When Charlie Rose mentions the subject of "Drones" but the Administration official doesn't "Bite" - do you see a follow up question from Rose OR does he stay in line?
  • Do you hear Charlie Rose advancing the "Administration's Position" and certain talking points. (He says "Obama has ended two wars as the US will pull out of Afghanistan at the end of 2014".).   Does Charlie Rose harp on the human and financial costs of the war or just that Obama brought them to a close?
Larger point - Is there any traction to the news story of the Administraiton's policy for "Targeted Assassination Of American Citizens" that was put out on the wire this week?

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