Friday, February 01, 2013

Sorry, White Conservatives - The "Liberal Lady" Who Linked Increased Street Pirate Activity To "Global Warming" Is Correct!

Each year I notate "The Bloody Summer" phenomenon within various "Mission Accomplished Cities".

It is clear than warm weather brings more people on the street with more casual interactions.   There is an observable spike in violent acts as people leave their winter-time hibernation and begin to hang out on the streets.

While various conservative web sites have mocked the lady above for linking "Increased Street Piracy" to "Global Warming" - they are key in on the "Global Warming" rather than the truth about how more human interactions are made in warm weather periods of the year.

The debate about crime which cross referenced "Global Warming" is just another example of the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".   Black people (by inference) are used as the football.  The debate over "Global Warming" is the main point of contention between the fox and the wolf.

Still - as a person who consumes a healthy amount of Science - I wonder why the last "mass extinction" that lead to an "ice age" was caused by the Earth's axis tilting slightly.   While I am quite sure that man's behavior plays some portion in the climate changes that we see - I have not noted anyone mentioning (or at least not sufficiently) about how previous climate change events were precipitated.

I am not a "Climate Change Denier" - I merely see how some people want to make INDICTMENTS against "the other side" when it is the case that they spend a good portion of their time raking up mileage on carbon producing airplanes - when they should "find a church home" to preach at AND "one community" to focus their efforts upon - so that the "Street Piracy" issue can be abated - regardless of if it is  hot or cold outside.

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