Sunday, February 24, 2013

SiriusXM Corporate Media Decides To Alter The Diet Of Its Black Political Subscribers From The "Double Fried Pork Fatback Politics" Of "The Power" Over To A Healthy Eating Productivity Show Hosted By "B.Smith" At 3PM On "Urban View"

IF the corporate executives of Sirius XM really cared about supporting the development of "Organic Competencies" within Black America - they would have given B.Smith and Dan Gasby the 1PM to 3PM slot - but that's another story.

Sirius XM:19,041,519 subscribers as of Q3 of 2012
If we assume that 25% of these people are BLACK and then assume that 50% of those Black listeners loyally listen to "The Power" - HOW is the name and line up change an "Assault on Black Power" with a base of 2.4 Million Black listeners?

  • Black Husband And Wife Team with Relationship tips
  • With Credibility and Integrity
  • Healthy Living
  • Health Foods
  • Entertainment
  • Succeeding In Business

With The Picture Of The "Overweight Black Woman With Big Breast" Walking In "The Hill District" In Pittsburgh With A T-Shirt:  "Respect My Vote" - It was clear to me (and everyone else) that she had larger issues than others who disrespected her because of her skin color.

Sirius XM Promises To Reopen The New Grenada Theater In Pittsburgh As "The Urban View Healthy Lifestyles Emporium" - Showing That They Keep Their Word - Unlike The People Who Collect The Valuables From The Black Community Today 

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