Thursday, February 14, 2013

Series - As Philadelphia PA Assumes The Character Of Philly Mississippi: "Philly's Own 'Newtown' Averted": First Grader Brings Gun To School - Right Around The Corner Where Officer Moses Walker Jr Was Gunned Down By Street Pirates

While doing background research on my sister blog: "Surveillance On The Embedded Confidence Men Who Lurk Within The Black Community Consciousness" (close enough) in which I was documenting all that is going on within the City of Philadelphia while my friend Filled Negro is seen "Pleased" by focusing on the "Right wing threat" - I happened upon a story about a first grader who brought a gun to school at the "Reynolds Elementary School" in North Philly.

I am only generally familiar with the area but the coordinates of "24th and Jefferson Street" stuck out in my mind.  "Where did I hear about this location before?  Hmmmm".

Got it!!

This is the area where officer Moses Walker Jr was murdered by Street Pirates as he left the local police precinct in civilian clothing, turning down a ride because he wanted to exercise by walking through the neighborhood that he patrols.   This move proved to be fatal for Officer Walker.

Unfortunately there is a consciousness in Philly that is more concerned over the notion that "Mumia Is Innocent" in killing Officer Daniel Faulker back in 1981 than they have the competency and disciplined interest in bringing peace and non-violence upon the streets of the city that they now have dominate control over - as Frank Rizzo is DEAD.

Cecile B Moore - Philadelphia
Even though former local NAACP  chapter head Cecil B. Moore got a street named after his honor as a "Civil Rights Hero" - just as it is the case in Atlanta - the desire to venerate "civil rights heroes" while failing to instill proper consciousness and values into the young people that GOD gave to the community to mold into their function "being and consciousness" - is merely idolatry and empty "gravitational pull" that masks itself as leadership.

As at time when the Black community is full of "Leaders" all of whom are competent behind the microphone - we need DEVELOPERS.

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 Even though there remains passionate energy around the question: "Did Mumia Receive Justice" - with some merely motivated to keep him alive so that they might hear his "Weekly Dispatches From Prison" (No longer from "Death Row").  
Even though Mumia who is now in general population admits that the young Black males that accompany him in prison come in as "damaged vessels" - he is unable to attribute any of this tragic waste to the MACHINE that now dominates the city of Philadelphia - including those advocates for "Social Justice" who have their eyes set upon his prison release and subsequent book tour - after their type of "justice" is served.

In the famous "Chickens Coming Home To Roost" narrative - the aggregate actions of this ecosystem that is bleeding with denial of their own complicity - there is a mass "grave marker" that exists on the wall - that is filled with more souls than any "Slave Cemetery" which if found, would trigger a set of rituals by the Civil Rights Pharisees who would demand that these "Exploited African bones" be treated with the respect today that the Slave Masters of the past did not afford them, until Slavery in Pennsylvania was abolished 1767 - some one hundred years prior to the Confederate South doing so at the point of the gun.

INDEED Philadelphia is "fully evolved" from Slavery.

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