Monday, February 04, 2013

SBPDL Says: "Blacks Always Punch White Reporters In The Mouth. The DWL Reporters Just Refuse To Put The Attacks On The Air Because They "Love The Blacks"

CBS Atlanta 46
CBS Atlanta Reporter Gets Punched In The Face 

Note:  "DWL" = Dishonest White Liberals

A roughly equivalent label as my "White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally" who's agenda is to form a political partnership with "The Blacks" to compel "The Blacks" to struggle for the "Progressive Agenda" as they water down their unique "Black Agenda".

There is nothing that my dear friends at SBPDL hate more than to see Black people violently attack White people.

If there is a scene of "White On White Violence" EVEN WHEN the father of a CONVICTED FELON is seen punching a news reporter - SBPDL won't think to suggest "The Fruit Don't Far Fall From The Tree".

Instead they are prone to look at the public school attendance records of the White felon - to see how integration with Black people made him necessarily violent because "Blacks are violent".    Then they are asked to remember the "Wilding Incident" on the MARTA train from about 8 years ago.


Anonymous said...

You over simplify to the point of dishonesty. I read sbpdl and it's not as you describe it to be. The funny thing about comparing the guy who punched a reporter and an attack on a train is that one is common, and one is rare.

Imagine a doctor saying that a 2000% difference in two medicines chances of producing side effects was insignificant. That's what you do. You make vastly different crime and violence rates seem insignificant when, to most people, they're not.

Constructive Feedback said...


Please tell us the last time that a WHITE PERSON was attacked by a Black person on public transportation - WITH THE level of VICIOUSNESS that justifies YOUR fear of riding on a train with Black people?

(note the CONJUNCTION in the question)

Anonymous said...

A bus driver in my city told me of a story which he was asked not to let out of FIVE blacks dragging the first white person who entered the nearly all black route.

The man was hospitalized.Media was never called. So,essentially it didn't happen in the public eye. I assume there are many,many more.

Having a gun pulled on me is reason enough to be afraid. I'm sorry that you grew up believing that the TNB that surrounded you is normal civilized behavior.

I know you think that we're all equal in our actions but your thoughts are based on a delusion. There aren't many dangerous white areas with "corner boys" harassing each and every person who walks by. This is a black thing which I guess I don't understand.

I think you're an extremely dangerous person. You reinforce my knowledge. Your excuses of black dysfunction are the number one symptom of black dysfunction.

I hope we can segregate soon. You guys invented all the peanut butter and space ships.You don't need us whites anymore.We're not strong and intelligent enough for you.

BTW,your question is in regards to a comment on another post of yours,not this one.

Anonymous said...

Sorry,I erased a few words when cutting something out-
The 5 men dragged the first white person off and beat the shit out of him until he nearly died. FOR NO REASON. Reverse reparations,I guess.

Constructive Feedback said...


Paul Kersey has in his brand new book about "Black Run Atlanta" the story of the beat down on the MARTA train from about 8 years ago.

Your statement was about the FREQUENCY of the occurrence of "Black Public Attacks On Whites". I asked you for specifics and you gave me a "Retweet" of second hand information. Is there a news story that you can point to that affirms what your bus driver friend told you?

Anonymous said...

No, but youtube is full of video from as recently as a few days back containing footage of black on white beat downs for fun. It's funny that you're in denial about the most obvious of things.