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Rev Joseph Lowery And The GA NAACP Are Responsible For At Least 5 Voting Rights Act Challenges As They Attempted To Block The Creation Of "Super White Cities" In Metro-Atlanta

Lifted From Booker Rising

Does Anyone Really Believe That The QUANTITY Of "Voting Rights Act" Challenges AND/OR The AGREEMENT To The Claims By The Holder Justice Department TRANSLATES Into ACTUAL Benefit For THE LEAST OF THESE - But ONLY For The PARTY AND IDEOLOGY That They Invest Their Valuables Into?

The Detroit NAACP Was Pleased Enough To Give Me An Award Because Of My Work In Blocking Photo Voter ID Laws Around The Nation

But Only Because Of Their "Black Eagle Vision" Binoculars That Has Taken Ther Eyes Off Of The Prize

From Barack & Michelle Politics
Let me begin by giving you the layman’s reading of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act so that we can proceed with a shared understanding of the term. Section 5 states that in the former Jim Crow States where there was systemic century-long discrimination and suppression, the States cannot alter their districts to disenfranchise minorities without prior approval of the federal government or a federal judge. It is a protection against the all-white good ole boy madness of which the GOP is completely and awfully capable. The GOP argues that the provision is no longer needed. All evidence to the contrary.

I Must Admit - I Was Not Prepared To Expect That Last Line Above.  Who Would Have Ever Thought?

You see Rikyrah and Friends ONLY need to prove that the "Tea Party Republicans" will stop at nothing to "Roll The Clock Back" to a time when a person who looks like Jesse Jackson Jr would not be allowed into the US Congress.

They need to have you focused on the "Malcolm X Political Football Game' because just a small portion of you all might look at the problems that remain in the "Mission Accomplished Zone" - like Chicago - and then make a prediction that the final victory over the right wing at the national level is gonna like eerily similar to the results had in the places where the Republicans don't waste their time to run a candidate - to the chagrin of Black Progressive who love nothing more than to vote against them when they offer themselves up.

WHY doesn't J. Christian Watts go beyond the political machinations and latch his/her story to the present condition of the Black community - asking the question that I keep asking:  WHY DO YOU KEEP VOTING FOR YOUR SALVATION - rather than enumerating what is possible via voting and then fighting doggedly to keep the Negro community from fantasizing about these other unmet needs and the confidence men who tell them that victory is but ONE ELECTION AWAY"?

The truth is, Mr/Ms Watts - there is greater USUPRATION of the "Black Conscious Development Energy" by the UNCHECKED FLOW of Political Confidence Men INTO our "Racial Existentialism" than there are ANY attacks upon the voting rights of Black Americans - left unchecked by judicial oversight.  

In your slight of hand - you argue for the continued ADMINISTRATIVE oversight of elections changes requested by the state - but the truth is that any American who believes that he has been injured by an administrative change in the voting process STILL will have access to the court system to prove his case.

Methinks that your real agenda is that you understand that without the thumb on the scale that the VRA provides you - you are not going to be able to prove your case in court.

One day - you will be forced to prove to Black people that the grand diversion that you took the community on had no impact on the failure to secure "Social Justice" - as many will be suspicious of the wrong left turn that you had signaled that they take.

If One Of The Child-Rearing Aged Black Female Or Male Progressive Journalists Ever Loses Their Job After Filing A Lawsuit Against The Holding Company Of The "Paid Black Media" After  Claiming Employment Discrimination For Taking Pregnancy Leave -  I Believe That J. Christian Watts Would Be A Perfect Replacement

(Pssst - Do You See The Progressive Fundamentalism That Black Progressives PREFER TO READ Or 'Discussions ABOUT THE BLACK COMMUNITY'S CONDITION" That People NEED To Be Reading?)

Dear Schott Foundation/George Soros - I Predict That More States In Your "Black Male Graduation Map" Will Say More "Red" Longer Than Than The "Confederate Southern States' Will  - All Based Upon What The "Americanized Negro VALUES" The Most

The number of Voting Rights Act Challenges that MSNBC Chris Hayes drops seems impressive.  Indeed there must be a force operating to STEAL the votes of Black people.  Or at least that what we were lead to believe during the presidential campaign.   Now that "Silly Season" is over, during a wane in legislative activity - the Black community is now freed up to have some discussion about "Black on Black Homicide", "Educational Challenges" and other things that must be fixed - BEFORE the US Congress gets back down to business and the "Black Community Conscious Attention Filibuster" returns into action.

The show guests USE the TEXAS PHOTO VOTER ID case as EVIDENCE of a "Voting Rights Violation".  YET they acknowledge that the LEGAL SYSTEM overturned the ruling from the "Eric Holder Justice Department".

We must conclude then that this is about jousting about POPULAR WILL over MARGINAL ISSUES but NOT about the BOTTOM LINE ISSUES WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

If you notice - per our "American Political Domain" the "Voting Rights Act Violations" (including Photo Voter ID) is the #1 THREAT to the Black Racial Services Machine.

Yet as we look at the "Mission Accomplished Zones - where favorable people are in power - the fact that the "Black Community" with the "Present Prevailing Political Consciousness" registered their votes in an unmolested manner BUT STILL - after investing their valuables into the machines that dominate Chicago, Oakland, Houston, Memphis, Detroit, Buffalo, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Newark, Camden, Philly, Baltimore, Atlanta and Birmingham - The Civil Rights Pharisees show that they are not interested in connecting the INVESTMENTS with the RESULTS.  They are merely happy that they are retained as "Investment Brokers" - the results be damned.

This is 100% legal in the "American Political Domain".

In the "Black Community Consciousness Development Domain" - however, such open molestation of the "Black Community Development Consciousness" MUST BE HALTED prior to any substantive change will ever take place.

When you listen to the redistricting debate over Fulton County Georgia - you begin to understand the workings of the minds of the Embedded Confidence Men politicians and civil rights pharisees.  Since they believe that any "resource imbalance" between a "Black geographic region" and a "White geographic region" - encamped in the same political boundary is proof of INEQUALITY and at worst RACISM - they take to the POLITICAL PROCESS as a means of producing "Fairness and Equality".

Yet as we take them at their word that they believe that "Education Is The Great Equalizer" - EVEN THOUGH the Fulton County Schools receive the exact same "per pupil spending" the performance gap that remains gets blamed upon some "extra-administrative" force that is beyond the ability of the "favorable people in power" to correct via the schools.  Thus they need to take over a larger footprint of the provisions of social services.

"What is there to lose?" - is the thought of average the Black rank & file member.  They get to battle their right wing enemy - and if some small measure of resource flow is increased - their vote was a worthy investment.

The fear of GOD is placed within them IF they see their White Right Wing enemy seeking to erect a legal political barrier between them.  This is considered "Racist".

 When "The Black Flight Progressive" is ALSO moves away from this corrupt diversionary machine - instead of being attacked - they retain their "Street Cred" as long as they VOTE in a favorable manner as they settle into the formerly "Lily White Enclave".

The Black Flight Progressives In The Border Area Of A White Republican Enclave In South Metro-Atlanta Demand Their Own "Black Voting District" - JUST LIKE THE WHITE FOLKS IN DEKALB AND NORTH FULTON - Except This Is For "Voting Rights Support" For Minority Representation And NOT RACIST - Like The White Folks Are.

All of this CHASING in pursuit of "Justice" - yet few in the congregation bother to turn around and ask "Where Is The Money That We Gave To You?"

Fear Not - The Congressional Black Caucus Is PLEASED that they were able to push President Obama to speak to their priorities in his State Of The Union Speech!!!
CBC Members Push President to Embrace Causes
John Lewis Embraces Obama, Reminding Him That He Has Not Yet Come Down To Selma Alabama To Participate In The "Bridge Ritual" 

CBC's Priorities Per Rep Marcia Fudge

  1. Voting Rights
  2. Poverty
  3. Immigration
Are you starting to get a picture - people????

With President Obama having signed the "White House Initiative On African-American Education" - EDUCATION for Black Americans is now so successful that the CBC struck it off of their list.
If The Black Progressive Fundamentalist Leadership Gets Any More "Happy" They Might Be Forced To Share Their Contentment With The Hispanics As Their Poll Numbers For Obama Lag 'The Blacks'  By 10 Percentage Points 

When The Schemes And Rituals Done By The "Black Racial Services Machine" Are Pleasing To "The Negro" But Become Totally Disconnected With The Truth On The Streets

After The City Of Brookhaven Is Given A Charter - The Civil Rights Pharisees SUE - Demanding That The BLACK CITIZENS Of Dekalb County Who Don't Live Inside Of The City BE GIVEN THE RIGHT TO VOTE In Brookhaven City Elections.

CLEARLY They Have Too Much Time On Their Hands Today And Have No Interest In Policing The Dekalb County School Board - In Protection Of Their Children's Education
Despite The Claims That "Super Black Cities" In Michigan Are Being Targeted For Take-Over The Cities That Are "Super Black" BUT HAVE NOT Been Taken Over Is Not Evidence Enough For The Civil Rights Pharisees To Read The Small Print To Their Congregation
The Georgia NAACP Lawsuit Targets The SUPER WHITE CITIES - Because They Don't Have Enough BLACK FOLKS To Form A "Social Justice Quorum" 
Rev Joseph Lowery Spells It Out - Today's Civil Rights Violators Want To KEEP THEIR TAX MONEY TO THEMSELVES So They Form Cities To Keep This Money Out Of The Hands Of "The Blacks"

The NAACP Said They Will NOT Sit Idly By As "The Super White Cities" Put Up Political Boundaries And Are Forced To Assemble A Functional City Government That Provides Them With Only The Services That They Can Afford To Pay For.

They Demand That The Judges Rule These Cities Illegal So The County Can "Help" The Super White Population Once Again
After A Victory In School Funding More Than 10 Years Ago - The Kansas City MO School System Lost Its Accreditation And Was Forced To Scale Down The Number Of School Buildings That It Serves

I ultimately yield that all is "Legal" in the American Political Domain - if you have the right judges in place.

What we have today, are EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN who DON'T GIVE A DAMN about the development state of the Black Community after they took the valuables.

AS LONG AS THE NEGRO IS MADE HAPPY - IN THE MALCOLM X POLITICAL FOOTBALL GAME - any "Black Progressive Leader" that fails to keep THE BLACKS sufficiently engaged in the game against the "Right Wing" will be called a WEAK LEADER for he has not gotten enough Negroes engaged into the battle.

If These African Boys Are Expecting That The "Americanized Negro" Is Preparing Himself To Offer Structural Assistance To Their Cause In The Diaspora - They Have No Idea How Fatally Mistaken They Are - They Had Better Duck When They Hear The Buzz From The Drones From The "Humanitarian Mission"

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