Friday, February 15, 2013

"Racial" Tensions Among Black And Somali Teens In Minneapolis

(Note: This was obtained off of the SBPDL blog - They are happy to see the 'Black factionalism' BUT their "joy" is not what the community in Minneapolis needs to base their motivation to manage their young people upon)

What started out as a lunchtime food fight in a Minneapolis high school ended in a massive brawl involving hundreds of students and police officers wielding canisters of Mace. 
Minneapolis South High School was placed on lockdown shortly before 1pm Thursday after violence broke out during third-period lunch inside the cafeteria between Muslim and black students.
The fight involved 200-300 students and lasted about 15 minutes, leaving four people injured. Teaching continued as usual during the lockdown, but students had to remain in their classrooms.


Inter-group relationships in America are getting far more complex as time goes on.
Many of the old (and tired) groupings that had been used for advantage or suppression are effectively regulated as legal recourse is available as those with a legitimate grievance are able to receive due consideration via the legal process.

As we look at the problems with "intra-racial" street gangs, however, it is also true that those who seek political advantage by retaining their misaligned sine wave of "oppression" that brings them the temporary benefit of "congregational unity" among their interested party - also should be noted for their incompetence at providing sufficient leadership and molding of the individuals within their own ranks - instilling within them a sufficient level of respect, conflict resolution and ultimately a "a larger purpose", within the "institutional ecosystem" within which they operate.   A healthy bit of fear of falling short of the expectations to live up to in support of doing one's "societal part" should be exercised.

What should happen to those who seek power by retaining a narrative that does not match what is going on within the "streets" of the areas that they already have control over?

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