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Philly Under The Watchful Eye's Of Filled Negro: It Pays To Be A 6-Figure Government Official In Philly - The Golden Parachute Off Of "William Penn's Hat"

The Present Citizens Of Philadelphia Sleep Well At Night As They Believe That William Penn Has His Eye On All Of The Hateful People Who Have Moved Outside Of The City And Think That They Are Going To Come Back Inside And Be Handed Power By A "Thankful" Set Of Constituents Who Never Left Their Beloved City, Bound By Their "Brotherly Love"

I Am Carl Greene - Former Head Of The Problem Plagued Philadelphia Housing Authority.  I Just Got A $625,000 Severance Check From The Authority - This After The Majority Of My Tennant, Who Are Black, Said They Feel "Economic Disenfranchised In The City Of Philadelphia" - Despite Having Invested Their Valuables For The Last 50 Years To Get "Favorable People Into Power" - Running The "Rizzo Machine" Out Of Power.

They Achieved That Goal That They Were Rilled Up To Achieve But Thus Far Are Not Able To Connect The Dot As To "WHOSE VICTORY" They Assure With Their Antics

Philadelphia Inquirer Articles -

The Long Running Saga At PHA

(With All Due Respect To The Late Dr Ackerman - Who Recently Passed Away)

I Am Dr Arlene Ackerman - Former Superintendent Of The "School District Of Philadelphia".   I Was Able To Negotiate A $905,000 Severance Package Thanks To The Contract That The System Agreed To.

Even Though The School District Has Been Problem Plagued And Lost Its Governance To A State Emergency Control Board - The Black Racial  Services Machine Are More Committed To Ensuring That "Outsiders To Philadelphia" Do Not Come In And Make Money Off Of The 210,000 Students - 65% Of Them Black School System.

They Had Their Eyes On The "State Republicans" Rather Than The Fine Print On My Contract.

And I Assure You That I Had Nothing To Do With The Scandal Involving The School Reform Contract At The "Martin Luther King Jr High School".  That Was All Senator Dwight Evans' Doing.  Since He Got Reelected His Constituents Didn't Mind His Antics.

Here Are Marty Moss Coane And Amy Gross Of WHYY

I browse the show archives of   "Radio Times" on a daily basis to check out the subject and to keep abreast of what is going on in Philly.

The two most dramatic shows that I recall over the years - as it relates to the Black community in Philly were:

  1. An Interview that Mrs Coane had with a journalist from the Philadelphia Daily News as they talked about the views that many Blacks had about corruption among Black officials.  (I am not accusing the two former officials in the story above of corruption).  In the context of the Ron White corruption scandal - the Daily News reporter told of the sentiment in which many Blacks say:  "Why are you all NOW so concerned about public corruption?  You all have been doing it for centuries but only NOW it is a problem when Black people are in power.  The Reporter promised to write a book on the fact that the amount of the contract kickback scandals which had Black officials driving around in luxury cars and big homes as a source of pride for the Black community is money that COULD HAVE BEEN USED to keep the community centers that had been recently shuttered - open for two more summers.  He opined that until "The Blacks" see the COST of their vengeful disposition they will continue to live vicariously through elected leaders who ultimately don't care about their common fate
  2. A sociologist from the University Of Pennsylvania reported that MOST BLACKS IN PHILADELPHIA FEEL "ECONOMICALLY DISENFRANCHISED" despite the fact that Philadelphia is a majority Black city now - with favorable people in power.

My problem with Mrs Coane (and Ms Gross) is that they seem unwilling to connect the dots and make an indictment against the resident "Black Racial Services Machine".

 This bar room discussion with 3 Black males from Philly proved eye opening for me.

As I applied years of debate and observation skills gained from continuous debate on the Internet - I learned that whenever I got them to agree that "the NEIGHBORHOODS in Philly are not in the condition that the Black community was made to believe when they invested their valuables into POLITICS and I suggested a change that amounted to a DISCONNECTION OF THEIR EMOTIONAL LOYALTIES TO POLITICS - they showed the greater desire to talk about "The State Republicans" and "Mitt Romney".   I was talking to people who had been conditioned.

In their peer group it is 1000% acceptable to assume that the bashing of their political enemy EQUALS a "solution".   In truth it merely provides the cover to allow the establishment power to continue to grow in power without a need to DEVELOP the community.

The political shows on WHYY watched the hokum that the Mayor and the District Attorney did outside of the "Anti-Romeny - This Is Obama's Community" political rally.  They did not express the irony that the same people who demanded that "Romney come out of that school and see REAL poverty" had no intention of rationalizing their "This Is Obama's Community" statements.  The Mayor did not need to talk about his plan to develop the schools.  He had the people right where he needed them to be.

Philadelphia - The City Of Murals And Mirages Because They Are A Cheaper Way To Retain The Congregation Of Black People Than Is The Provision Of A Quality Education - After Which They Move To South Jersey

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