Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Over the past 3 days I've listened two to presentations about "America's Debt Crisis" and the impact that it will have on everyone. I have no control over WHAT YOU THINK, BELIEVE AND AFFIRM.

The ONLY issue that is up for debate is "WHO HAS MORE CREDIBILITY"?

NOT based upon their proven ability to motivate you to agree with them and "Their Struggle" - but based upon the trained economic and financial professionals that they have on staff and the 'CHECKS AND BALANCES' system that they have in place to prevent a confidence scheme from taking place.

The Tom Joyner Morning Show Brought In MSNBC's "Minister Al Sharpton" To "Preach" About How All Americans Will Be Negatively Impacted If The Sequestration Cuts Are Made To The Federal Government

The DJ That We've Hired For Our "After-Party Under The Circus Tent" Will Take Your Minds Off Of The Federal Debt And The Asteroid That Is Headed Toward Earth"

"The Republicans have refused to negotiate with President Obama to avoid these spending cuts that are going to hurt all of the cities that chose to abandon their charter goals of being self-sufficient and instead chose to get dependent upon the federal trough.

Now after all of these years of both Republican and Democratic lead cities taking federal debt money - now the GOP wants to 'get new' about the federal debt BECAUSE there is a Black man in the White House.

We ask that you call your elected US Congress people and tell them to put pressure on the Republicans or we'll vote them out.  We ask that you then call the closest Republican Congressman who is outside of  your district - just to show them that the opinions that he hears at his community meetings in his district are not representative of the entire county.   The bigoted lack of diversity in their districts make them believe that what their repetitively hear is the ONLY version of the truth.  "

Travelers Company (Financial Services) Produces A Documentary Detail The Great Threat To Our Standard Of Living That The American Debt Has For This Nation's Future

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