Saturday, February 23, 2013

Obama: "These Are The Best & Worst Of Times For Blacks" - The Grio To Obama: "We Are Pleased With You But We Are Angered That You Just Gave The GOP An Opening To Criticize You About The Condition Of Black People. Get Back On Your Script That You Gave Us"

Diversity Inc Gives Consulting Advice To Corporate Employers On How To Be "Good Diverse Corporate Citizens"

5 Things Never To Say To 'The Blacks':

"You Must Have Voted For Obama"

The Reason Why This Might Be Offensive IS That You Might Happen To Work In The Handful Of Corporations That Hired The "Black Guy With The College Degree" INSTEAD OF The "White Criminal" And The Black Employee Might Think That It Is A Trick To Expose Himself As Being Outside Of "The Republican Corporate 4%"

As You Can Tell - We Have No Plans To PREPARE Our "Negro Paid Members" To Focus On COMPETENCY BUILDING Exercises In Case THEY Want To "Got To Africa" To Take The Place Of The "White African-American" Who We Are Debating The Formal Way To Address Him Here In America

Clearly DiversityInc Allowed Too Many People To Develop Their "Corporate Mission Statement" Below

Blax Consulting Services -

Post-Racial Progressive Coalition Management

It Is NOT "How You Say It.  It Is WHAT YOU DON'T SAY As You Tell Your Diverse Coalition Partner What YOU Heard The Right Wing Say About His People"

5 Things You Must Say To Blacks Who Have Dared To Remain Outside Of Your Post-Racial Progressive Coalition - BEFORE They Start To Ask "Where Are All Of The Valuables That You've Collected From The Black Community For Over 50 Years?"

"You Must Vote For Obama Or We Are Going To Treat You Like A 'The Free-Range Negro 5%' That Is Open For Attack By Chris Matthews Of MSNBC."

I Can Tell That You Are A BLACK REPUBLICAN!!!   I Went Out To The Parking Lot During My Break And Put A "Not A Republican" Sticker On The Back Of Your Car - And You Removed It With "Goo Gone"

The Joint Forces Of The Grio/The Root/AOL Blax/Politc365/Black America Web/AfroSpear/ NABJ / NNPA/  BET Message Boards Present:  Why President Obama Is In Error About This Being "The Worst Of Times For Us "In The White House Negroes" "

Mid-Term Election Slogan In The Black Community Near "Camp Creek Marketplace" East Point Georgia 

Standing In Line Due To Failed Black Community Development At The Congressional Black Caucus Jobs Fair - Atlanta

The People Were Happy That The Event Organizers Cared So Much About Them That They Handed Out Bottled Water So That No One Would Get Heat Stroke In The Hot Sun - Like The Tea Party Was Hoping That They Would.

John Lewis - "Servant Of The People"
They Will Remember This Kind Gesture And In Return Will Fill Up His Collection Plate With Their "Equal Black Ballots" As The Community Is Made To Carry The "Civil Rights Movement's Water" Today

The First Ever Black PROTEST AGAINST An Anti-Poverty Bus Tour BECAUSE "The Least Of These" Thought That It Was An Attack On Obama

You All Know That I Am Down For Civil Disobedience In Order To Make A Statement Against The Establishment Power - But You Took It Too Far When You Slashed The Tires Of My "Poverty Tour Bus" When It Pulled Into The 'Interstate Transportation Terminal' At The Bus Station In East St Louis IL.

Despite All That I Did To Get Mumia Off Of Death Row And Into The General Prison Population - You All STILL Don't Trust Me As Being Down For "Political Social Justice Through Progressive Public Policy".  I See That You All Just Want Me To Support Obama And Hit The Right Wing With The Progressive Wiffle Ball Bat".

Keep 'The Blacks' Focused On "BACK IN THE DAY" With References Of "Turning Back The Clock" And The Majority Of Them Will Never Ask You "Where Did You Get The Money For Your Rolex"?

Jesse Jackson Jr Forced To TURN HIS WATCH BACK IN - As Part Of His Plea Agreement.

Barack Obama's "Dreams From My Father" - the book that introduced the thoughts of a State Senator from Illinois to his constituent base.
Keli Goff's - "Letters To Obama"

"If I Was The Lead In ABC's "Scandal" I Would Have Insisted That The "Senate Majority Leader" Be Made The President - BECAUSE I Would Never Kiss A Republican President Until The Party Becomes More Ideologically Diverse And Thus I Would No Longer Have To Write Columns To  Black Progressives Telling Them About What The Right Wing Has Done To Offend Them. "

The Root: Vice President Joe Biden To Lead The Annual Ritual To Selma And The "Edmund Petus Bridge"  To "Speak Truth To Power"

AT&T Offers Free 4G LTE Data Service For All Of The "Marchers For Justice" To Stream The Event Live To Social Media IF They Agree To Turn On Their "GPS Tracking" On Their iPhone 5 Or Samsung Galaxy III.

The Contract With The Civil Rights Pharisees States That AT&T Has An Exclusive Contract To Host Their Sales Agents At The Voter Registration Booths In Every Red State In The South On That Day.

Verizon Wireless Plans To Host A Far Larger Crowd In Washington DC Later This Year In The "Call Out The House Republicans For Jobs & Social Justice Rally - 50th Anniversary"

Georgia Senator Tyrone Brooks Has Petitioned The Office Of US Attorney General Eric Holder For The Arrest Of All Alabama State Patrol Men That Beat The Original Marchers Across The "Edmund Petus Bridge".   If Eric Holder Fails To Comply With This Demand Then "Selma Alabama" Will Be Added To His "Social Justice Grievance" Lawsuit That He Plans To File Against The Racist FBI Agents Who Don't Want The Killers At The "Moore's Ford Bridge Lyncing Of 1946 Exumed And Then Charged With Murder As They Should Have Been Had The Dixiecrats Not Blocked The Proceedings IN 1946".

"D.K.W.T.O.D.S.B.S.I.H.N." = "Dr King Wouldn't Think Of Supporting This B.S. In His Name"
"These Right Wing Tea Party Racists are stirring up things that I remember in Baltimore that turned into race riots. This lead to the desolate environment that you saw in 'The Wire' after all of the White people left and moved to the suburbs. My family moved to San Francisco where there was a body of water between where we lived and Oakland. We only needed to defend two bridges in order to cut off any armed conflict with Huey P. Newton and those other Blacks who carried guns in public." "Hell NO I am not going on a foreign policy mission trip to Kenya to avert the election. When I went to Syria there was a President who was a lying serial killer in office. Today we have a Kenyan. Let's work through the formal channels of the State Department in order to have all US Diplomats removed from Kenya before the election violence gets out of hand like Chicago and Detroit. Make that orange skinned guy who is the current "Speaker Of The House" go to Kenya if the Republicans want the Black American vote so bad. Let's see if J.C.Watts will go with him in order to troll for the Black Vote."
This Sh&# Is Racist. This Is Why We Will Never Vote For The Republicans.
This SH&* Is Funny As Hell. No Black Republican will EVER get any respect from the Black community to get elected into office within the Black community. KENYA: "The War On Women - And Everyone Else Who DARES To Vote For The Opposition"

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