Tuesday, February 12, 2013

NRP's Radio Times Hosts "The Black Press" But Fails To Link It To The Present Condition Of Philadelphia And Other "Mission Accomplished Zones"

If WHYY's "Radio Times" was not broadcast from the city of Philadelphia then the failure of this particular episode to setup an appropriate backdrop of the truth would not have been so troubling.

Just as I opined a few weeks ago after watching Fox New's Bill O'Reilly interview General Colin Powell that "A White Conservative is not qualified to interview a Black political figure - as (the interviewer) attempts to link the subject to the present condition of the Black community" - the same holds true for Marty Moss-Coane - a White progressive - as she interviewed a cast of Black media operatives about the function and purpose of the Black press in today's world.

Mind you - I listen to "Radio Times" every day (or at least look at the subject matter every day and do streaming audio of the majority of episodes of interest).  I will even say that this show is only trumped by "Philly.com" and "MyFoxPhilly.com" as my source of information about my hometown of Philadelphia PA.

To understand the proper context of "Radio Time's" relationship to the Black community in Philadelphia - we must understand the topics that are typically discussed in that particular context:

  • Crime and Violence - from a social dysfunction and a law and criminal justice perspective
  • Education - from an academic perspective, often debating the issues of charter schools and the "lack of resources" for the school system
  • Economics - This is the show that I heard a professor from PENN say that despite the fact that Philly is a majority Black city --- most Black people feel "Economically Disenfrachised" 
  • Revitalization Efforts - The news that White progressive intervention and/or foreign born immigrants are breathing new life into the city's neighborhoods.  "The Blacks" that are mentioned in these type of stories typically are engaged by some government program by comparison

The flaw of Mrs Coane is not that she is a "Progressive".  Her flaw is that she is unable to do a review of the rhetoric and "political / ideological HOPES" that have been mouthed in the city of Philadelphia BY the "Black Leadership" for the past 40 years - regarding how their rise to power would set for a "public policy revolution" and transform the city of Philadelphia into a prosperous place for all of its inhabitants.  

While this scheme successfully compelled "The Least Of These" to invest their emotional valuables and in turn their ballots - journalists like Mrs Coane seem loathed to hold up these grand promises to the faces in the machine that dominates Philadelphia and stand in DEFENSE OF THE LEAST OF THESE................even though THE LEAST OF THESE ARE HAPPY with the sight of the LEADERSHIP IN POWER but are too prone to go along with placing blame on the forces that reside outside of the city.

Mrs Coane was given some powerful queues in the dialogue that was provided by the Black media operatives before her:
  • Our job is to "celebrate Black success"
  • We need to lift up Black people - especially Black women who have told that they are not beautiful
  • We stood up against Mayor Nutter when he initiated an anti-crime program that we thought would generate distrust in the community and send too many people to jail
  • Ebony magazine remade itself and is now thriving
  • "This Week And Blackness" and "Jack And Jill Politics" are new Black NEWS sources
  • When Trayvon Martin's tragedy came up through "The Black Press" - the national media was forced to give it the coverage that it deserved
EVERY ONE of these points is a "loaded term".   
I was able to assign a particular agenda and ideology to every speaker making such a pronouncement.

I believe that "the Black Press" has a mission of PLEASING and APPEASING the present appetite and associated preferences of the "Prevailing Black American Consumerized Consciousness".

In as much as "the Black Consciousness" of today is nearly a 100% consumer constituency of the "American Political Domain" - the notion that the "favorable Black elected official" as a TROPHY and a sense of pride for Black people to live vicariously through as he engaged in various struggles against the "Right Wing" adversary - is promoted as the key narrative for the progressive biased Black press to take up as their calling.

They receive cover by the circular reference of:  "The Black masses agree with what we are publishing and if we go off track.....they'll let us know".  

The flaw (and fraud) of this stance is that they use POPULARISM as the evidence of correction.  The size of the congregation that consumes their propaganda stream is evidence that they should carry forth.

The truth is - the Black politician is a MANAGER of the INSTITUTIONS through which our national resources are governed.  Those who have the "trophy mentality" are loathed to use THE CONDITION of Black people - and more to the case the ORGANIC CHANGE IN THE CONDITION OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY OVER TIME as the index of the EFFECTIVENESS of the scheme that the politician and the press are working in cahoots to achieve. 

Ultimately "The Black Press" and its ability to provide the narrative of the "Black Racial Services Machine" and the "Post-Racial Progressive Fundamentalist Joint Venture" - counts upon the "Black Rank & File" to feel a sense of TEAM MEMBERSHIP as it agrees to look past the previous "line in the sand" that it drew - demanding that "OK THIS ELECTION had better bring forth the promised goods or we are not going to go along the next time".   

The "LampBlacked Yellow Journalist" agents understand the biorhythm of "Black grievance and frustration".  Today, in the light of the murder of Hadiya Pendleton in Chicago and the resulting chatter on WVON last night which told of "A Grave Problem Within Our Community" and "We Must Take Back Our Community" - there is a measure of focus.

This attention span will be broken shortly as various national points of fissure with the right wing will slowly draw "Black-Wing Grievance & Political Opportunism Talk Radio" back into the rut that it naturally operates in as Black people prefer to have an "outward struggle of the ages" against an EXISTENTIAL THREAT TO BLACKNESS (from the Right Wing) - more than it has the present infrastructure and checks and balances to RESIST the usurpation of our community attention span for investment into these national matters.

It is clear that WHYY's Marty Moss-Coane gathered these "Black press operatives" together to allow them to "tell their version" of their importance to the Black community.

I recall several years ago Mrs Coane - in a fit of desperation during an interview with a political correspondent with the Philadelphia Daily News - opined about the unchecked corruption in Philadelphia politics by saying:  "If someone held up a mirror under the nose of the Republican Party of Philadelphia it would not 'fog the mirror up'.  (Its all but dead).   We need a two party system in the city for checks and balances against corruption.  While there are fellow Democrats who form factions against each other, the truth is that since both factions have the goal of retaining party power they do not go after each other in order to enforce integrity and transparency - as would be the case with an opposition party".

Mrs Coane - I agree with your assessment BUT I disagree with your framing of the context.
For the Black community of Philadelphia - there is no need for a resurection of the Republican Party.  In fact - for MY purposes - I need a "Weak and Reviled Republican Party" within the Black Community in order to have less contamination of the "finger prints on the steering wheel".   

The Black Community needs strong INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY.  After yielding all of our "valuables" into the notion of VOTING FOR OUR SALVATION - we have Philadelphia, Camden, Newark, Baltimore, DC, Atlanta, Memphis, St Louis, Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, Oakland and others.

As you look at the grand promise that was built up regarding the hopes for Black Political Power and then "Compromised Black Media" who acted as their press agents - there remains NO STRONG VOICE WITH SCALE that has the audacity to stand up for the BLACK RANK & FILE - despite their PREFERENCES - and protect them from being USED.   In fact some of them would sign the paperwork for a "Subprime Loan" if presented before them against today.

You can't review the video tape of Mayor Nutter's stunt in West Philly back in April 2012 when Mitt Romney came to today in which the large crowd of (mostly) Blacks shouted "This is Obama's Neighborhood - come out of that school Mitt Romney and take a walk with me and I will show you poverty like you never seen it before".  The IRONY of these words were lost on the BLACK PRESS who were happy to see Black people REJECT MITT ROMNEY as their (the Press') primary mission of affirmation that their previous articles have taken root.

Then Mayor Nutter got on stage, Mrs Coane and then pleased the congregation by telling them about Mitt Romney's negative track record on education as a one term governor in the state with the #1 state educational system in the nation. 

Worse than the fact that no one in the congregation of Obama supporters before him not booing Nutter and demanding that HE TELL THEM his plans to FIX THE PHILADELPHIA PUBLIC SCHOOLS...............such a thought never came to the minds of the "Black Stenographers" in the Press Pool.


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