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"Negroes In The Post Office" - How Both Sides Of Bigots At War Are Ultimately Blinded By Their Stereotypes

Tell Me More - The US Postal Service As The Gateway To The Black Middle Class 
IZRAEL: Right. Let's get it started. You know, the postmaster general made an announcement this week. The service is cutting most mail deliveries on Saturday. Now, that's good news for people that are sick of catalogs, but bad news if you were hoping for your weekend Netflix movie. Right, Michel?
MARTIN: Well, you know, I don't know if Netflix is covered because the post office says that they'll still deliver packages on Saturday, so I don't know. Does Netflix count as an envelope...
IZRAEL: I don't know.
MARTIN: ...or is it a package?
IZRAEL: I don't know.
MARTIN: But anyway, I think a lot of people know this by now that the post office has been dealing with a huge debt issue for some time, about $16 billion last year, just about $16 billion, and Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe said that the Saturday changes will take effect in August unless Congress acts to block the move, which could happen because a lot of people are arguing about whether they actually have the authority to do this, so...
IZRAEL: Right. Thanks, Michel. You know, Ken, this is something of a political football. How do you see this playing out?
RUDIN: Well, this has a lot to do with my mail ego, and I think I want to get that right away, but you know something? I know they're talking about politics, but it only makes sense - I mean if they're losing $16 billion a year. I don't know anybody who goes to the post office anymore, anyway, and I don't even remember the last time I anxiously awaited something in my mailbox. I mean, of course, there are a lot of people who rely on these things, but if it'll cut $2 billion - it makes $2 billion in savings, I mean why not? I think making it a political issue doesn't make sense to me.
IZRAEL: Why not? You know, I think there's a good reason. You know, Michel - you know, they're one of the largest employers of people of color in America. You know, it's one of the last places that black people can get a job without having to have a whole lot of - or any - higher...
IFTIKHAR: And brown people.
IZRAEL:, so to me this is going to disproportionately affect people of color, and women, by the way, so I think that's a good reason. You know, I want to see Obama - I want to see the president get involved and do something. I do. Yeah. Right now, because - yeah, I do - because it's disproportionately going to affect people that look like me.COOPER: But, Jimi, this is...
IZRAEL: Go ahead, Coop. Go ahead, Coop.
COOPER: This is bigger than the postal service. This is - we're starting to see the tip of the iceberg on entitlement benefits that are tied to federal service. So DOD, the Department of Defense, is going to be facing this issue. You look at budgets. Budget busters are what - our retirement packages, which everyone's entitled to. People work for those, but you look at benefits for veterans, benefits for civil service, and you know, the postal service is a civil service. That is why they finally had to come and look at the bottom line and say, look, we can't afford seven day - or six day - delivery. We have to do five day because we have to pay out benefits. Those benefits are due to retired postal workers, so...
COOPER: See, what I'm just saying is that...IZRAEL: So hold on, Coop.
COOPER: This is just the beginning of what we're going to see being addressed about services from the federal government, and the states and counties have had to do this already.
IZRAEL: Yeah. I mean, I dig it, you know, but you got - the postal jobs are getting hit. Federal jobs are being hit. Both of these are jobs that a lot of people of color hold, and I don't know, for me it's time for Obama to cape up and do something.
Arsalan, you got it?
IFTIKHAR: Yeah. I mean, I think it's interesting that, you know - you hit the nail right on the head, Jimi. You know, a lot of people of color, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, many people that I know...IZRAEL: Women.
MARTIN: Immigrants too.
MARTIN: I mean in this area, you see that this is a way for people who are relatively recent immigrants who do qualify for the work, I mean obviously, to get a rung into the middle class.
IFTIKHAR: Right.MARTIN: It's steady, consistent work with benefits.
IFTIKHAR: And, you know, I think that, you know, in the last few years, if we have been able to bail out private corporations, you know, the argument could be made that we could bail out something that is a quasi-governmental agency.
RUDIN: But we have been bailing it out. Haven't we been bailing out the post office for years?
IFTIKHAR: Well, but not to the point of solvency. I think that if you're talking about the billions of dollars - you know, they're saying that this would save $2 billion. How about, you know, raising the postage rate?

NOTE: Rob Redding Of The "Redding News Review" in his defense of the USPS against budget cuts - Redding argued on Thursday night that "The USA is the only nation in the world where you can mail a letter with near 100% certainty that it will arrive at its intended destination".

This is a "non-economic" argument.  It is irrelevant to the facts at hand.

I have little doubt that a similarly minded person argued that the civic services provided by the municipal governments of Camden, Newark, Detroit, Flint, Memphis and Birmingham provide "great value" and that "PEOPLE SHOULD BE PLACED OVER PROFITS".

We all see the results of this type of thinking.

Stuff Black People Don't Like - Too Many Negroes In The US Postal Service 

SBPDL Blog: January 23, 2013: United States Postal Service (USPS) Make Money? No-- It's A Job Program For Black People
Constructive Feedback University

The NUMBERS Prove The Bigots On Both Sides Wrong


When the arguments and misrepresentations made by White bigots and Black bigots alike draw upon the same steretypes - it is time to look beyond the latest "self-chummed fisure" that they are fighting over and begin to consider the psychological underpinnings that they both operate upon.

I HAVE ALREADY PROVEN to SBPDL's Paul Kersey that his assumptions of the 'Blackness' of the USPS are mistaken.

My Rebuttal To SBPDL's Foolishness
My Dear Friend Paul Kersey - VDare Rock Star:
You are a necessary presence for me - in the universe.
While "lesser Negroes" would read your writings and RECOIL - tucking in their honesty about the problems with the Black community (because of the messenger and his agenda)- BUT NOT I!!!
I LOVE your hard research on "The Mission Accomplished Zones" but then I marvel at your ANALYSIS of the data.
Both ME - a Negro - and every other "Honorable White Person" on this board know where your story is going - right before you put the opening word on the web site. The story is going to impale the NEGRO in some form, some way.
BUT WAIT A MINUTE - VDare Dude!!!The story said that the US Postal Service is only 20% NEGRO!!!!
What about "The Black" is so SUPERIOR to you that you looked past the other 80% of the workers?
* Are THEY not concerned about their GOVERNMENT JOBS?
* Are THEY not in the same union as the Negroes that you speak of?
* Are THEY going to receive their pink slip and say - "Hey - with all of this automation and with so many of us just sitting around with our ear plugs inserted so the automated sorting machines do not harm our ear drums - I have to accept that this layoff is JUSTICE?

** OR will the "SBPDL members" of the USPS inclined to look at that "Ninja Loving" - Emancipation Proclamation stamp that was released a few months ago and BLAME IT ON THE BLACKS!!!
*** Had they never produced the "Snap /EBT" card and those Negroes STILL received their printed checks in the mail - our postal volume would have retained this traffic which was 5% of our volume
*** Had the jails not allowed computer/Internet access and the Negro was not allowed to e-mail his loved one's from Jail - this would have retained 0.25% of our volume
*** Had the Confederate South remained a hostile place for any Negro that DARED apply his strange scent to any "Interstate bus terminal" - he would have sent MAIL MESSAGES and Christmas cards to his Southern relatives. Today he flies AirTran, Delta and Southwest - forcing VDare members to set right next to them - knowing that the flight attendant is trained to SIDE WITH THE NEGRO - when disputes come up with regards to the Negro to sit in the seat that he PURCHASED rather than the seats that they SHOULD BE SITTING IN.
(Hey Kersey - do you have cable television? Tune into CNBC - "American Greed" The Fugitives".
This White fellow is stealing $195,000 at a time from his company after setting up a fake company and bank account and producing fake invoices to his company.
You get worked up over a Negro that knocks over a "Quik Trip" for $150.42. This many got several millions of dollars over several years.
He dumped off his wallet and cellphone in a "high crime area" in order to throw the feds off of his trail.
Send us your picture. Do you know Jim Hammes?

Black Labor Participation 

Black Labor Force = 18, 641,000
United States Postal Service Black Employee Count = 109,200
Percentage Of Black Labor Force Represented By USPS =   0.6%

The voices of NPR's "Tell Me More" OVERREPRESENT the scale of Black employment in the USPS to make what is a COUNTER-ECONOMIC argument, no different than SBPDL's overrepresentation in order to SLANDER Black people.

Their common offense is their MISREPRESENTATION of the facts.

Repositioning The Argument

The Endorphins That Are Produced You Mistake As PROGRESS?

If we take 'your battle' to another Black Diasporatic locale and had you to 'carry on' - would the aggregate consciousness and repetitive behaviors be able to sustain your desired standard of living?

(Again) One of the founding arguments of this blog over the years has been the need to define the PROPER FUNCTION of "the government".

A municipal government received its charter from the state because the "founding fathers and mothers" who petitioned the state argued:

  • IF they are permitted to have "taxing and regulation" powers at the local level
  • They could provide a higher standard of living for the constituents living and working within the incorporated zone
The state does not yield its constitutionally managed obligations to provide certain civic services (education, police protection, etc).  They have franchised it to the municipal entity in question.

TODAY when I hear - as I heard the character played by Ruby Dee in the biographical flick "Betty And Coretta" - arguing that the evidence of "Black progress" can be found in the growth in BLACK ELECTED OFFICIALS - I scoffed at the association.  

The truth is - the "Black Institutional Integrity" is more likely compromised in PROTECTION of "a favorable Black politician" than the Black rank & file would otherwise allow someone to short them on their "civic services".  This is not a blanket condemnation or a suggestion that there are no "Black officials" who are falling short.  I am focusing on the "OVERLAY FORCE" that runs the protection racket:  "The Black Racial Services Machine" - the Black Media being the #1 culprit .

We are told that Black people seek out government jobs because of continued RACISM in the private sector.    Like clockwork - we are told about the "Black/White taste test" in which a Black job seeker with a college degree was sent for an interview, followed by the White guy with a criminal record.   

There is no need to assign a particular measure of intensity or proportionality to this RACISM.  The fact that there is RACISM is sufficient to draw the Black rank & file off of the scent that it should be following.

Their goal is not to make an accurate representation   Their goal is to provide cover for the "Favorable People In Power" that now control the HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS within the Black community.  

Having been elected into office because of their alignment with the Prevailing Sentiment within their community - they understand that they only need to stoke what the community already believes to be the reasons for their present conditions.   The rank & file will soon begin to live vicariously through this person who now sits inside of the buildings that their ancestors got bitten  outside of, their blood washed away from fire hoses trained upon their bodies.  

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