Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mychal Denzel Smith's Insular World That Is Attractive To His White Progerssive Fundamental Syndicators

The Lineup Of Public Intellectuals At The Nation Magazine
White People Have to Give Up Racism By Mychal Denzel Smith

Dutifully happy that his employers at "The Nation" magazine did not see his name and toss his employment application in the trash - it seems that Mychal Denzel Smith is intent on expressing his permanent loyalty to the group that has accepted him in - without giving any hint that it was "despite" of his skin color - as their competition in other magazines with a right-wing racist strip remaining within them.

My goal is not to poke a finger in the eye of Mr Smith - attempting to refute his arguments.

Instead it is more important that I TAKE HIS ARGUMENTS and then apply them to the REAL WORLD.   Not just the experiences of "Today's Negro In America" but in the larger world.

After reading his article I wondered "Why Didn't He Just Ask The White Racists To Hold Their Own Breath And Agree To 'Self-Asphyxiate? "  This would have been a more credible request than the one that he has penned.

Again -  With the blessed assurance that none of his White Progressive Co-Workers at "The Nation" would see Smith's article as forcing them to "give up anything" - they agreed to publish it - sanctimoniously assured that Mychal Denzel Smith was a "good hire".

The last time I ran across one of Mr Smith's articles was in a UK based newspaper as he talked about "Black American unemployment".   As if he shares a "Twitter account" with Black progressive journalist Keli Goff - he too told his international audience that the gap between Black and White American unemployment is due to RACISM against Black people.   He then cut and pasted the story of the "Black male college graduate" and the "White criminal" who went looking for employment - as the White racist employers valued the skills that the White guy learned during "kitchen detail" in prison.  After he assured them that he would not steal any kitchen knives per their lack of a "check in/check out" process - he got the job over the "Black guy' - as he thus far only STUDIED "culinary arts" at Harvard - while the White guy could claim to have fed 2,000 souls, thanks to the over croweded prison that was constructed to house only 800 - mostly Blacks and Hispanics.

And Mr Smith and Ms Goff only thought that the White Republican prison guards at "for profit" prisons benefited from the "Prison Industrial Complex" built in rural settings that steal "Black and Brown" head count for the US Census.   We now see that the residual effect of prison employment by the criminals advantages White people upon their release.   How cruel of a world do we live within?

None Of The White Progressive Editors Asked Mychal Denzel Smith "How Many Negroes Were Murdered In The Year Of Our Lord 2013 For You To Promote JUST ONE?".  They Were Afraid To Offend Him As He Retorts - "Is It Because I'm Black?   I Never Heard You Ask Any Of Our Coworkers To 'Source' A Story About George W. Bush!!"

Had "The Nation" published a picture of all of the "Trayvon Martin Skittles Rallies" that too placed throughout "Negrodom" last year and then had a body count of the "Black people not named Trayvon" and not killed by a "White Hispanic" I would not have wrote this blog post.

The body of thought that is encapsulated at "The Nation Magazine" is not INTERESTED in producing fewer Black murdered bodies.  It would prefer to wage a protest against A&E Television to get "The First 48 Hours" off of television - emboldened by what they saw "The Blacks" successfully achieve  as the crisis with "Shawty Lo" threatened to sully the character and honor of the Black community.