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My Friend Irey - The Liberal Lion

My Friend Irey - a poster on "Booker Rising" posted the following links the other day.

I have no interest in defending the "Republican position".
The most obvious rebuttal is to note that it speaks of POPULAR PREFERENCES and CONSUMERISM - but fails to note the evidence of ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT among the people.

One of the founding arguments that I made upon starting this blog is:
"There is a difference between 'Being In Receipt Of A Benefit That Allows You To Live Up To A Certain Standard Of Living" versus "Producing A Certain Standard Of Living As The Institutions That You Control Develop Professional Service Providers Who's Efforts, When Measured In Aggregate Represent A High Standard Of Living - That You Desire".

Take a look at all of the line items below (and I will fill in my "Dark Matter Analysis" later).
Where you can - Translate this into BLACK COMMUNITY STANDING and not just "Stock Market" returns, Jobs programs for all.

The generalized rebuttal to my friend Irey is to mandate that he represent the "Investment Of Valuables" INTO the "development scheme" and the relative reward received.

Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, Memphis  and Newark are perfect examples of how POPULARISM brought forth a certain set of policies that were favorable to the masses - but when we do a dispassionate analysis of the "Return On Investment" AND If it would be the case that Black people would make such investments with an "adversary" but received the same marginal results  - would the same will to "Struggle Forward" with this same "Team"?  Or would they go back and demand "Where Is My Money That I Gave To You"?

I find that many Black Progressives have a tendency to market "marginal Black success" and sell it as "The Standard" - in the very same way that the Republican looks at "The 1%" and uses it as an inference for the general economic health in America.  The main difference is that the former is not called out on it.

Constructive Feedback University 
LA Times: Why the poor favor the Democrats REDIRECTION #1:

After More Than 60 Years Of Handing Over Their Valuables Into The "Bayard Rustin VOTE FOR YOUR COMMUNITY SALVATION SCHEME" Reports Say:  (Washington Post): Scholars Sketch Bleak Economic Picture For 'The Blacks'

The same Black Embedded Confidence Men who acted as "Investment Advisers" to Black people but who "didn't see it coming" in:

  • Detroit
  • Flint
  • Newark
  • Memphis
  • East St Louis
  • North Philly
  • Southside Chicago
  • The "Pittsburgh Community" in Atlanta
  • The "Hill District" In Pittsburgh
Bound by THEIR IDEOLOGICAL ENTRENCHMENT - they felt confident in telling Black people:  "INVEST your BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS" into a particular dogma and from this body of thought hand your EQUAL BLACK BALLOTS over to a particular political machine.   As a result of this "SOCIAL JUSTICE" will blossom in the Black Community and the COMMUNITY WILL THRIVE and our people will be developed.


This Life And Time: Unemployment: Democrat VS Republican Presidents IT IS UNDISPUTED:  Black People LIKE The Democrats More Than The Republicans.
MY ARGUMENT: Are Black People Interested In Putting Forth A Governance Model By Which COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE IS EXPRESSED Per The Effective Outcomes Through The Human Resource Development Institutions That Are In Our Community, Now Run By "Favorable People"?

A Lesson For Irey, Michael Denzel Smith And Keli Goff

Take a look at the chart above that I have altered to highlight THE GAP between Black/White unemployment rates.    We can see that there is indeed a CORRELATION between these rates, based on the underlying economic conditions of the nation.  Both of these rates are seen rising and falling in a synchronized manner.   The Black rate appears to have greater amplitude in its fluctuations.

BUT WAIT!!!  Recent press reports by Goff and Smith say that RACISM is the primary reason why the Black unemployment rate remains stubbornly higher than the "White rate".   Then the ole "A study sent a Black man and a White guy out to a job interview and the White guy got the job despite having a criminal record while the Black guy had a college degree" claim is thrown out, affording "understanding" for those progressive minds who were otherwise curious.

BUT WAIT AGAIN!!  Why are we focusing on "RACISM" rather than the ABILITY TO OPERATE UPON ONE'S "RACIST VIEWPOINT"?   The second unseen variable in this graph is the growth of "Anti-Discrimination regulations" by the government and the promotion of FAVORABLE PEOPLE INTO POWER in the government who are not going to look the other way when it comes to employment discrimination.

I challenge Irey, Goff and Smith - just as I challenged Michelle Alexander - upon reading her book "The New Jim Crow":  IF YOU BELIEVE that ABUNDANT RACISM is still being operated within the SYSTEM - and is being permitted by the GOVERNMENT - WHY AREN'T WE SEEING YOU ATTACKING THOSE GOVERNMENT/REGULATORY FORCES WHO ARE ALLOWING THIS TO DAMAGE YOUR PEOPLE?  Instead you appear to be actively CAMPAIGNING for these people who are now the "Establishment Power".

The truth is - that we should be seeing a narrowing of this gap IF - what the Black community has been sold was working properly.

We know that the "Journal Of Blacks In Higher Education" has told us that income parity can be achieved for Blacks who:

  • Delay Child Birth
  • Advance In Education As Much As Possible
  • Get Married Into A Stable, Committed Relationship
  • Leverage The 3 Points Above Into The Acquisition Of A Good Paying, Fulfilling Job
(continued below)

Addict Info: The Black And White Numbers – Democrats Are Better Than Republicans If we see the prescription above then why isn't the red area in the chart above closing?

ANSWER:  The "Racism Chasers" are more interested in telling us that BLACK PEOPLE LOVE DEMOCRATS than they are in DEFINING A POINT OF CONSCIOUSNESS - BEYOND POLITICS for Black People To Focus On for ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT within our ranks.

Dave Manuel: Which Political Party Has Presided Over the Highest Unemployment Rates Since 1948? Who Are The Black Community's Trusted Advisers?

More important than focusing on Irey's claim that "The Democrats Are Better For Jobs Than Republicans - And I Have The Data To Prove It" IS THE POWER of those who have COMPELLED BLACK PEOPLE TO INVEST THEIR VALUABLES and upon receiving a shortfall on the returns - they have the POWER and INFLUENCE to SELL "THE BLACKS" that the PRESENCE of the "Favorable Person In Power" Is "The Advancement".   The high unemployment rates, the failure to make the schools into high performing institutions is left as an issue in the dark.

More importantly, however, is the one simple truth that Irey can't counter:  WITHIN the "Mission Accomplished Zones" where people's POPULARITY expressed their preference - Irey can't point to a JOBS GROWTH ENGINE - as these theories are road tested.

Instead of talking about "Milwaukee The Crucible For Job Growth" we were told about the RACISM in the White suburbs who were opposed to a "high speed train line" from the city to the suburbs so that Black people can gain access to JOBS.

The crafty embedded confidence men understand that Black people, with a certain consciousness  are prone to never even see that the PROMISE OF THE TAKE OVER OF THE CITY and the abundance that it would bring IF THEY INVESTED THEIR VALUABLES has now been yielded into another "Racism Chasing Struggle" as "The Whites" who left them all alone with their favorable elected officials in the core city - are continuing their racism in their new digs.


Bloombeg: Private Jobs Increase More With Democrats in White House
The Lack Of Institutional Integrity And Discipline Within The "Black Racial Services Machine" will ensure that the Black Rank & File will have their "happiness and contentment and anger" ENGINEERED through well financed media messages.   

Today we hear some irrational claims placed upon President Obama.  He should "Come home" to speak about the "serial murders" of Black people in Chicago.

From this discussion one should hear the PSYCHOSIS AND VOID that is present within the mind of those who believe that ONE MAN showing up on stage will patch things over.

The truth is - that this one visit will make them FEEL like they did when they stood in "Grant Park" upon two successive victories by a Black Progressive Democrat who had "Defeated The Right Wing Racists".

When you deconstruct the entire situation, however, you see that "The Blacks" INVESTED their "Black Community Development Consciousness" in this which was to be the CROWNING ACHIEVEMENT of a 50 year run by which "The Black Community Struggle" was fused into a 100% POLITICAL OPPORTUNITY PLAY.

The "Serial Killing" in Chicago is but one "in your face" attribute and evidence of major trouble.
With Illinios as a "Red State" with regard to its ability to graduate Black males from high school.   And the inability of the ECOSYSTEM within which "The Blacks" have choosen to invest their valuables into "VOTING THEMSELVES A JOB" through politics - are all points of evidence that point to one thing:

  • The erection of a BODY OF THOUGHT that the "Americanized Negro" has been lead to buy into is a FRAUD and a FAILURE when it comes to producing widespread ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT within the masses of Black people
  • IF you operate a massive "intelligence operation" by which you tell the masses of Black people "I KNOW WHO DID THIS TO YOU" and then feed them this "Self-Chum" on a daily basis - as long as you manage to KEEP THEIR CONSCIOUS ATTENTION FOCUSED ON THEIR COMMON "RIGHT-WING ENEMY" - indeed your brand will be popular.
    • Indeed you may neutralize their tendency to demand results THROUGH the scheme that you have set up.  But you can't get past the one irrefutable set of truths: 
    • THE FAILURE TO DEVELOP ORGANIC COMPETENCIES WITHIN THESE MASSES OF "EQUAL PEOPLE" , despite their contentment in your message, will one day come back to imperil THEM, as the very DEMOGRAPHIC CHANGES that YOU lust over in support of YOUR POLITICAL POWER will be the very same changes to the ESTABLISHMENT POWER that is STILL failing to provide the masses with SOCIAL JUSTICE.   The only benefit to YOUR AGENDA is that you conditioned these masses to seek out the RIGHT WING ENEMY who is failing them.   WITH the purge of the RIGHT WING ENEMY - it is quite clear that YOU will one day become "RIGHT ENOUGH" to satisfy what you conditioned in them
    • The LONGITUDINAL DAMAGE that YOU HAVE DONE to Black People's interests is that you took SHORT TERM PROFIT in the American Political domain - AS YOU FAILED to develop a BLACK COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE CULTURE that could endure any changes. 
  • THIS IS THE REASON WHY the red area in the chart above HAS NOT CLOSED.
Princeton University Blog: Why The Economy Fares Much Better Under Democrats

Table Cell
The Pragmatic Pundant: The Arithmetic - Democrats V Republicans
Table Cell

Bloomberg: Democratic Presidents Are Better For The Economy

Table Cell
Bloomberg: Stocks Return More With Democrat in White House: BGOV Barometer
Table Cell
Table Cell
NY Times: Bulls, Bears, Donkeys and Elephants
Table Cell
Democratic Underground: Historical U.S. Job Creation – Under Democratic and Republican Presidents and President Obama Table Cell

The Compromised "Americanized Black" - UNWILLING To Enumerate The Great Losses That He Has Suffered As He "Integrated" HIS CONSCIOUSNESS In With The Team That He Is Conspiring With - Fearful That Normal Governance Processes Might Weaken "The Team" In The Short Run Conquest For Power

The Sufficient Rebuttal To Irey - IS NOT REBUTTAL But A Demand That He Prove That That Which Is Acceptable And Pleasing To Him And Others Who Think Just Like Him IS ABLE TO BREAK THE CYCLE OF RESULTS WITHIN BLACK AMERICA/ IS TRANSFERABLE To Any Other "Black Diasporatic Collection Of People" Around The World

The Two Weakest Parts About The "Black Progressive Fundamentalist Public Policy" Is That It Can't MAKE ORGANIC CHANGE WITHIN The Zone Where It Stands Alone And Must Be The Agent Of "Social Justice AND   OUTSIDE OF America In Other "Black Diasporatic Zones" Where There Are No "Democrats And Republicans" - But The INTRINSIC ABILITY OF 'THE SYSTEM' TO DEVELOP THE PEOPLE - Is The Primary Agent That Produces Results

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