Saturday, February 16, 2013

More Black People Today Are Waiting For The "Social Justice Payoff" To Clear In Their Commuity Bank's Savings Account In Exchange For Their Consciousness & Vote Than There Are Blacks Who Have Their Voter Suppresed - With No Legal Recourse As Wating In Line Is "Vote Suppression" And Thus A Civil Rights Violation

New York Times: A 102-Year-Old Face of Voting Delays at the State of the Union

In the first lady’s box at the State of the Union address on Tuesday night, Desiline Victor, 102, will be seated among Michelle Obama’s guests as a symbol of voters who faced long delays as they tried to cast ballots in last year’s elections.
Ms. Victor, a Haitian immigrant, went to vote to re-elect President Obama on Oct. 28, the first day of early voting in Florida. On that hot Sunday, she stood in line for three hours at her local library in North Miami, before a poll worker advised her to return later when lines would be shorter and she could get assistance in her native Haitian Creole language, which she did.
“No one should have to wait in line that long,” Ms. Victor said on Tuesday through an interpreter, Dabie Pierre-Louis, her godson’s wife, in a telephone interview from her hotel room in Washington. “But I was going to persist because I really wanted to vote.”


 Many of you who have first hand knowledge of the truth were forced to look past a glaring lie in the entire setup of this latest claim of "Voter Suppression".

(Speaking from the vantage point of Georgia and making the assumption that Florida and elsewhere are the same) - Early voting takes place at a limited number of government offices.  "Election Day" is when the great expanse of polling locations and voting machines are dispensed.

Using the argument thrown out by the Obama Administration and then affirmed by the NY Times and NAACP (I just had to turn off Ben Jealous on "Democracy Now" because I could not take to listening to him any longer) then I was a VICTIM OF VOTER SUPPRESSION.

During the "2012 Presidential Election" as I drove out to get something to eat for lunch - upon driving past my county office were the early voting was taking place and seeing long lines - my statement "You all must be crazy for standing in these long lines, weeks prior to  the elections" makes me an agent of "Voting Suppression".

Though I did not register a vote for the US President in 2012 - I did note the sign on the door which told of a second location across town where there are no lines.  This is the location that I went to to choose my local government representatives.
I Am Going To Replace All Of The Plates That Are Hanging On My Wall With "Obama Plates", Once I Receive My Shipment

Ben Jealous of the NAACP in his recent "friendly visit" to "Democracy Now" came out of the gates affirming that Ms. Victor - aged 102 - was a victim of "Voter Suppression" and that the right-wing continues to use these tactics to silence the voice of the Black community.

Since the currency of the Black Progressive Fundamentalist Bigot is the number of indictments that he can render against his right wing adversary in order to justify his existence - no one in his company bothered to challenge Mr Jealous (or Obama) on his new self-chumped crisis.

Is it reasonable to expect that the local government will provide the full compliment of voter locations, machines and support staff 4 weeks (or more) out from an election?
As with "Tax Increases" - the successful expansion of the voting window is a hallmark of "progressive advancement".  If someone dares shave 6 weeks down to 3 weeks in advance then they have committed "Voter Suppression".

The key distinction is - while the "Gun Advocate" who talks about the "slippery slope" of limits on the size of magazines as a prelude to "gun confiscation" is outed as a "nut job" the Civil Rights Pharisees who makes the case that reducing advanced voting to two weeks prior is honor to those buried in the Confederate cemetery.

To Counter Ben Jealous And Fellow Bigots - The Black Community MUST MANAGE ITS VALUABLES - Demanding Appreciation

If I pulled out a Cook Partisan Index of North Miami to show its strength as a Democratic bastion, complimented by Democrats who run the county voting apparatus would this be sufficient in turning back the rantings of Ben Jealous?


He wants to have a "Black Conscious Attention Filibuster" on voting administration and the AGENDA that is always present in the right-wing adversary asking them to "Prove that you are not racist against the Black president per the single digit support that he received in your district!".   Upon looking at the "Obama Community" districts and their single digit support for the Republican alternative - Mr Jealous would say - "Pssss, that's easy.  Black people don't vote for racists who they understand don't care about Black people".

Mr Jealous and fellow bigots understand that he must keep the conversation upon WHAT BLACK PEOPLE PREFER - per the present prevailing consciousness within the Black community.

As such - since the counter narrative is "So you think that Black people are too stupid to know what is in their best interests as a community?" - the heavy investments - per the messages of the 'Black Racial Services Machine' but the shortfalls in results on the ground MUST BE the evidence of MORE RACISM that PROGRESSIVISM must be strengthened to combat before the fruits of "Social Justice" will come rolling down the hills like refreshing spring water - free of any "fracking fluid".

The most effective block of Mr Jealous - is to measure the GAP that exists within the communities where he has harvested the "valuables of the Least Of These" between their "Investment Portfolio" and the reference model of what they SHOULD HAVE become.

Please note - this reference model is not the 'Perfect 1.0 White People' that the National Urban League publishes on a continuing basis.   The disciplined analysis in which a "people" who have invested their CONSCIOUSNESS into a particular course of action that promised them "salvation" IF they also donate the tokens that they were afforded as US Citizens - is there evidence of ORGANIC GROWTH within their midst as proof of a "Return On Investment".

From this - the line of inquisition must focus on who the "Investment Advisers" were during this interval in time in which they " Black Community Struggle" changed from one of "Civil Rights" to "partisan political conquest".  After they got "favorable people in power" in the government  facilities that used to be the focal point of their "fire house and police beatings" - WHY have they not asked the new "Consumer Protection Agency" that they lobbied for to have a branch on "Negro Ballot Protection"?

Beyond the administrative processing of "The Black Ballot" which is an issue of logistics and security - the real question that must be asked and answered is - "After the Negro has given so much of himself within the grand promise - TODAY - why is he loathed to ask 'WHERE ARE MY VALUABLES?' "

How peculiar it is to see that Mr Jealous is more interested in noting THAT a Black person voted rather than WHAT THEY GOT for their investment.
We all know that "The NAACP is a non partisan organization".
We should also note that the banking companies that issued "Subprime Loans" are also "non-partisan".

What about the prevailing Black Political Consciousness today presses it to make QUALITATIVE analysis of the various loan products, retail items purchased by geography, freshness of produce and insurance rates - BUT when it comes to the "valuables" invested in the American election - they appear suspiciously content that the CHOICE that was made was that of the "Negro's own choosing".

I counter that - few people stood up from the table in which they received their "sub prime 30 year mortgage" - angry that they had just been had.

The NEGRO'S SENTIMENT is not the "actionable item" under discussion.
It IS the "Grand Sales Scheme" that is erected per the periodicity of the American election cycle - in which the Black community "grand hopes and dreams" are channeled into a particular investment vehicle - in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".   Yet when we see the toxic residue of a Camden, Newark, North Philly, Detroit, Memphis, "Pittsburgh Community" in Atlanta or "Pork & Beans" section of Miami - the demand for QUALITATIVE analysis of what was "GOT FROM the Negro" and WHO GOT OVER - never seems to be asked.  Most certainly not on the pages of The Root, The Grio, Politic365 or any other of the "Progressive Mainstream" sites that many of these same Black progressive "defenders of the community" are cross-syndicated upon.

When I see Ben Jealous or any other force of influence within the Black community have a hostile interview with Amy Goodman as SHE engages them with the notion that THEY HARVESTED THE VALUABLES FROM 'THE LEAST OF THESE' and now THEY are the "Establishment Power" that is failing to provide Social Justice - then I will believe that the American structure is something more than a scaffolding within which "your choice" of confidence men are perched - having ran the other sides' "confidence men" out as squatters.

In The "Malcolm X Political Football Game" - When The Negro Learns That He Can Throw Himself Down The Field In Order To Score For His Team - Despite The Concussion That He Receives Upon Impact With The Artificial Grass - His Days Of Consciousness Are Numbered - As He Finds More Pleasure In "Running Up The Score" Against His Long Time Rival

Until he THINKS to ask himself "WHO will gain possession of my Nike cleats once I render myself inoperable via my own actions in benefit to my team" there is just no use in talking to him.

WHOMEVER is the de facto recipient of the proceeds of his GRIEVANCES will soon learn that they don't need to PROVIDE HIM WITH ANYTHING but the feeling of BELONGING guised as "dignity and respect". 

You can have visceral contempt for him - just don't show it to him.