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Jesse Jackson Jr's Preference For "Lavish Material Items" Impressed Some Who Saw These Items As The "Accoutrements Of Success" But Never Raised Suspicious Among The Black Press To Prompt Them To Ask "Where Are The People's Money"?

NY Times: Lavish Lifestyle of a Lawmaker Yields Federal Charges

Though this story is from the New York Times - please note that it is not in the archives of New York Times employee Charles Blow.

The story talks about how the disgraced former US Representative Jesse Jackson Jr had an affinity for "bling" and that this is what ultimately did him in as he failed to maintain a sufficient firewall between his use of the "people's money" - that he received in his campaign finance war chest and the personal funds that he could use for anything that he wanted to do with it.

The balance of these campaign funds were likely contributed from sources outside of Jackson's 2nd district.  They contributed to his campaign with the hopes that he would remember their support when certain legislation came up for consideration.

Nothing in the above paragraph is out of line with any other elected official in Washington DC so far.

The next subset of individuals in Washington DC are those who have used their campaign funds for personal benefit.   This group should be partitioned into two groups:  Those who have been caught and prosecuted and then those who have not been caught.

This post is not a focus on either of these above two groups of individuals that have misused campaign funds.

I want to turn around and make an inspection of the Black Media to ask "DO THEY see and believe that Jesse Jackson Jr - A key strategic player in their agenda - has VIOLATED THE COMMUNITY TRUST - or did an 'Unjust System' catch him - while others who are guilty remain free AND Jackson's 'violation' is not worthy to cause his removal because of his greater importance'?"

"Great Another Hit Piece On The Black Press"


When you listen to the people who make up "The Black Press" - a main theme on their docket is "injustice" and how "racism" foments much of the "targeting" of Black people.

The faceless Black man on the street is a target. 

The Black man who is "important" but on the street, who is "just Black" can't escape this racism.  Forrest Whitaker in New York City got frisked by a NY Deli.  Radio host Rob Redding used this as "the last straw" and wondered if it is time to "boycott New York"

The Black man who with power who is a public official is a victim of racism.  The historical will to "purge Black people with power" out of office - as seen in "The Post Reconstruction South" is the assumption that is applied today in defense of President Obama and even the chief law enforcement officer - Attorney General Eric Holder.   "Prove that this is NOT racially motivated attacks against them by the Right Wing" - say the same people who are known for initiating attacks against occupants of the same seats of power - when "The Enemy" is in place.

The very notions of "racism" has changed.  Previously "RACISM" was the conjunction of "hatred against one's race" AND THE POWER to impose this sentiment to produce injury upon the subject.
Yet we see - that even beyond the general notions of POWER - but the position in which the RULES OF ENFORCEMENT of THIS POWER (via the government) is not enough to dislodge the word "Racism" as the most appropriate word for use in describing this phenomenon.

Let the words BE.    Let the scribes chose which ever words they want to use to emote the messages to their congregation.
The solution is to focus on the construction of an accurate model of FORCES that bear down upon "our vehicle".

For example - those who are "self-convinced" that "President Obama is a VICTIM OF RACISM" have little interest in finding any White drone pilot in the American military who REFUSED the orders of a BLACK MAN.

Oh you wish that I had left my argument right there, for it gets worse!

Instead of gauging this WHITE soldier's racism based on his disrespect for the "Commander In Chief's RACE" the Black Press is too corrupt to flip the inspection around.    This "White Right Wing" military resource might indeed by happy that their Commander In Chief has continued the American foreign policy that has waged war for more than 20 years in "Nations of Color" than otherwise.  (Note:  Please accept this as a "neutral" statement on my part as I express the voice of those who would promote this notion but for the "Protected Man in Power.   I am also watching C-SPAN as I type this as Akbar Ahmed author of "The Thistle And The Drone" talks about the ramped up use of drones by the US)

The notion that "Obama the Black President" would use his BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS to STOP the "Shadow Right Wing government forces" - the construct that has been created by some to appease the notion in their mind that Obama is not "OF the system" but is "FIGHTING the system" - from waging these attacks upon "The International Least Of These"  is never going to be the disposition from which the Black Press makes their argument.

The average American media operative - right or left - has a containerized view in the context of the American political culture.   As a result they feel perfectly comfortable to avoid expanding the American-centric notions of "race and class" struggle OUTWARD to see the fraud and irony which makes them believe that A BLACK AMERICAN ELECTED OFFICIAL IS NOT ABLE TO EXECUTE "STANDARD AMERICAN IMPERIALISM" because he represents the PROGRESSION FROM "RACISM" in America.

(NO I did not stray off course from Jesse Jackson Jr.  This post was USING JJJ to get to my ultimate point:  HOW "AMERICAN RACE/RACISM CONSTRUCTS" are as fraudulent and contextual as is claims of "patriotism" and "racism" have come to be.  IN BOTH CASES - it all depends on THE TEAM of the OFFENDER)

The Black Media Is Merely The Most Blatant Example Of The Lagging Indicator Of Skin Color And Tribalism That Is IDEOLOGICAL As RACE Has Become A "Beating Stick"

The truth is clear.
The "{Fill In The Blank} Black Progressive Politician" is today a JUSTIFICATION to compromise Black Community Institutional Integrity BECAUSE "WE" must defend him from WHITE RIGHT WING ATTACK - than anyone with a serious interest in managing these institutions can point to incontrovertible ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT received in sufficient and comprehensive measure by the Black people that matriculate through these institutions that have been "WON OVER" in the political process.

Having just watched:

  • C-SPAN - Prof Marc Lamont Hill interview the author of a book on Desegregation
  • PBS - A Black history special that started with "Obama's election", went back to Jim Crow up through to the Great Migration and the Civil Rights Movement - and then ended with Obama's election at its closing

I noticed that the very same basic arguments about "education", "economic stagnation" and "power imbalance" (discrimination) took place in EVERY interval of time.

It is a given to hear "WHITE FOLKS HAVE NOT CHANGED, don't be fooled".

What you never hear - from the people who celebrate the POLITICAL SUCCESS that is produced after compelling the "Negro to retain his Political Investment Club loyalties" - is a demand that we be shown evidence of a RETURN ON OUR INVESTMENTS - as the institutions that these Favorable People now control in our communities - lest a "Don't Buy Again What Has Failed To Develop You" protest sign is marched out against the "Black Racial Services Machine".

The Black Racial Services Machine is ONLY a fortification against perceived "White Right Wing Threats".  There is no "Black Institutional Mandate" which would today demand that the Black community's interests not be diluted in support of some larger progressive goal - that never seems to "cross the rail road tracks" BUT which makes the Negro happy by the prospects.

You only need to look at WHO OWNS THE BLACK MEDIA today to understand that - this is because Black people have been conditioned to fight against the right-wing more than there is any evidence left of a propensity to "hold out" for a better deal.

This is what happens when you can't define "borders" and protect your institutions from INSIDE INSURGENTS with an agenda.  You don't need to worry about external threats piercing your fortifications.

Go ask your Black Press co-worker if THEY FEEL that Jesse Jackson Jr "stole" anything from them.
Now go ask them if they believe that they STOLE from the "Black Community Consciousness" with the product of their work which is mostly filibuster foolishness worthy of "Bossip".

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