Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jamie Foxx & The Contradictions Of Black Progressive Fundamentalism: From Bringing Crip Leader "Tookie Williams" Back To Life Over To The "Justice For Trayvon" Anniversary As Gang Members Hand Over Hadiya Pendelton Over To The Undertakers

Anniversary Of Trayvon Martin's Murder Draws Hundreds, Including Jamie Foxx

Let me be 100% clear!!  I support Jamie Foxx and anyone else gathering together for ANY reason they choose to.

It is when the people who claim to project a narrative that purports to capture the "prevailing forces" that threaten and suppress Black people today that I am motivated to appraise the veracity of their model.
Chicago News and Weather | FOX 32 News

As the 2 Street Pirate murder suspects who are accused of killing Chicago's Hadiya Pendelton make their way through the criminal justice system - the confidence men who seek to propagate a particular narrative have to necessarily inferiorize an important fact:   Hydia Pendelton was murdered BECAUSE one gang member assumed that he was firing his weapon into a crowd of AN OPPOSITION GANG.

Now stop right there.

The TOOL - The Gun
The M.O. - Registering Death And Vengeance Upon A Rival Gang

It is clear that this M.O. happens more than most people who are attached to the situation want to admit.  But for who the murder victim was - Chicago and the nation would likely not be talking about this with such intensity.

The Black Racial Services Machine Was Given A "Fork In The Road" And It Chose "The Guns"As The Problem Over "The Gangs As The Problem"

What force, other than corruption can we attribute to the present set of affairs?

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