Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Is The Black American Consumer Ego Willing To NATIONALIZE Its Outrage When "One Of Its Own" Is In The Defendants Chair?

EQUALITY Is A "Consumer" Attribute In Which "The Society" Must Express This Sentiment TO You
EQUALITY Is A "Producer" Attribute In Which You Accept Your Responsibility To Govern The "Human Resource" From Your "Natural Tribe", Ensuring To The Best Of Your God Given Ability That, When Released Into The Broader World - That Which YOU Had The Strongest Bearing Upon Its Conscoiusness And Character Is A "Good Corporate Citizen"

IF You Can't Agree With The Closed Loop Transaction Then You Will Never Reach A Real State Of "Equality".  Your Soul Will Always Shake Its Chains Around The Globe - Demanding To Be Treated With "Justice" To Your Satisfaction Only.


This post is NOT targeted toward the satisfaction of "Stuff Black People Don't Like".   They are well versed at pointing out the asymmetry today between the commission of "Black On White assaults" versus the news coverage of "White on Black assaults" (see Trayvon Martin).

My rebuttal to SBPDL is the very same rebuttal that I use against "The Civil Rights Pharisees" (You would be surprised at how much so many of their debate techniques parallel each other) :  From a PROPORTIONAL standpoint you can't substantiate your focus on INTER-racial assaults/homicides based on the entire universe of assaults that "your people" suffer - from INTRA-racial sources.

You ONLY are making use of "Racial Tribalism" with the goal of projecting "Outrage For The Purpose Of Congregational Unity".  Period.

The Black Man Who Was "Lynched" In Mississippi 2010 Produced "Creecy's Cadence" While The 80 Year Old White Woman's Recent Murder By A "Street Pirate Who Was Black" Produced A Wimper

(Note:  There is attribute to the term "Street Pirate".  It is only the description of a person who terrorizes his own community after they failed to "finish" him properly, teaching him proper values - but ultimately showing that his community has THEIR values misappropriated.)

No disrespect to the family of the victim Frederick Jermaine Carter.  He has been USED enough.

 This is the picture of Frederick Jermaine Carter - found dead in December 2010 in Missisppi.

This post IS NOT ABOUT Mr Carter.

This post is NOT a "Tit For Tat"/ "Gotcha".

This is a documentation of the forces with fraudulent intent.

The news of Mr Carter's "lynching" but which was ruled a homicide by the local sheriff was called a miscarriage of justice.  News out of Mississippi spread throughtout the nation as the words "Nothing Has Changed, For Those Of You Who THOUGHT That We Were Living In A Post Racial Society - Despite Having  A Black President".

The late Rev Creesy - who was the head of the SCLC - during a radio interview was heard levitating past many "Warm Case Civil Rights Murders In Atlanta" - that were not called 'Civil Rights Murders' as his narrative took the Black listeners down I85 / I65 / I10 into Mississippi to focus us on the OFFENSE that a Black man was lynched in Mississippi - in a "White community" but the sheriff had labeled it a suicide.

The call was for "Justice".

Today The Call For Justice On Behalf Of Janis Fullilove Is A Localized Affair That Didn't Cross The Mississippi State Line

Jackson MS Woman, 80 Years Old, Teen Charged With Capital Murder

JACKSON — Authorities say an 80-year-old woman found dead in a shed Saturday afternoon was shot, and her alleged killer is charged with capital murder.
Hinds County Coroner Sharon Grisham-Stewart said Janie Fullilove, found in a shed behind her home in the 500 block of Merigold Drive, was shot once in the head and once in the abdomen.
“She was also struck in the head with an object,” Grisham-Stewart said.
Fullilove’s 2010 Volvo S80 was missing, Jackson Police Department spokeswoman Colendula Green said but was recovered Sunday morning at Westwick Apartments on Flag Chapel Road.
Kahlil Kennedy, 17, has been taken into custody and charged in Fullilove’s death, Green said.

IF my agenda was "Gotcha" - I would stop right here - having received some perverted pleasure by posting another "Black Face" from the criminal line up on my blog.  
I will leave this for SBPDL to handle.

The point communicated above in which I noted that the "voices of the Black community" are not willing to show reciprocity in outrage over this killing of an 80 year old White woman.  Instead they are watching "V-Dare" (or outsourcing this to "Media Matters"), having assumed a defensive posture - waiting for one of their Right Wing Enemies to talk about a "reciprocal lynching" in order to teach a lesson.

The tribal volleys continue from this point.
While there appears to be a "Post-Racial Alliance" among progressives - the truth is that  this is merely a "Non-Offend Agreement" - so that neither side will let such factionalism "Remove Their Eye Off Of The Prize" - The political seats of power acquired after defeating the White right wing.

The real problem is that few people are able to construct and qualify the OPPORTUNITY COSTS suffered by the Black Community from this ideologically incestuous affair.
Each passing day that the Black community agrees that this political opportunism is worth the COMPROMISE of our "Community Governance Culture" - another "Would Be Pillar Of Our Community" gets his wings as a "Street Pirate".     The claims of "Dr King's greatness" as a means of inducement for him - absent STRUCTURE that must be erected and maintained by the adults in his community - no longer works to stop him from assaulting a person on "Rev Joseph E Boone Blvd" or any other "Civil Rights Hero" who's name upon a pole was supposed to bring "Black Community Pride".

Maybe you need more than just PRIDEFULNESS to actually DEVELOP a human being.
When this pride is coupled with fundamental dishonesty as we hear "I know who made us this way and THEY are going to pay for this" - such a statement should be sufficient warning that the "Embedded Confidence Man" has no interest in MANAGING the people.  He wants to LEAD them.  With sufficient time that next generation will be echoing their knowledge of "Who Did This To Us" - but the co-conspirator will have by then made it into the "Civil Rights Hall of Fame" - per his narration of the "history".

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