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Irey The Liberal Lion - The "Philly Beat Down" That He Should Have Received As A Youth

"Why don't you just 'play nice', Constructive Feedback?  Your disposition is why 'Black Conservatives get no respect WITHIN the Black Community".

REBUTTAL - The problem with the Black community today is WHAT it seeks affirmation about in exchange for looking the other way on matters that are at the core of our problem - thus INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY.


This is the rod iron fence that encapsulates "Simpon-Fletcher Church" at 61st and Jefferson Street in Philadelphia.    This is the very spot where I first saw a "Ninja Get His Ass Kicked" - receivign a "Philly Beat Down" by 3 other guys who chased him around the corner, caught up to him at that fence and then proceeded to "teach him a lesson".

I did not know who any of these 4 Black teens were at the time but I was certain of ONE THING: The one fellow who received the beat down WAS NEVER GOING TO DO WHAT HE DID TO THEM - AGAIN!!!

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In this environment you learn to mind your own business.
Though there were about 4 of us sitting right across the street - we were not bound by "Stop Snitching" at the time (in the mid-1980's).   We merely understood "the rules of the streets".

I use this story NOT as a threat to my dear friend Irey as a notice to come hunt him down.

Instead I wish to use this as the baseline of how this same community looks like TODAY.

If Google Maps had an "alley view" then I would have you to pan the view across the street and then walk up through the alley-way where I used to play as a child - and see how PROGRESS in the political zone DOES NOT equate to ADVANCEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT FOR BLACK PEOPLE!!!  

The APPEASED NEGRO and the COMPETENT BLACK are two distinct conscious beings.

Is This Community Of West Philly PROGRESSING?  

Beyond the disgusting trash on the ground and the buildings allowed to fall into disrepair - not one of the current residents choosing to plant a vegetable or flower garden that we used to get yelled at as our football or baseball went astray....the ONLY distinction that I see between then and now is the abundant presence of SATELLITE DISHES and CABLE TELEVISION WIRES that pump messages into the households of Black people.  
(Note:  Philly was one of the last large cities to install a cable television distribution network.  The franchise agreements were not released until well into the late 1980's)

In My Estimation There Is A Strong Correlation Between The MESSAGES That Are Allowed To Stream, Unchecked, Into The Black Household And The PRESENT PREVAILING CONSCIOUSNESS That Is Molded And Them Mobilized As They Operate Via The Priorities That Are So Frequently Askew From What They Know Otherwise On Their Local Streets

A City-Wide Project To Enliven The Communities By Placing Murals On The Walls To Trigger "Community Pride".

In Atlanta This Took The Form Of Putting "Civil Rights Heroes" Atop Of Street Signs.

No One In The Black Press Bothers To Return After The "Ribbon Cutting Ceremony" To Affirm That The Intended Results Have Transpired
The Fatal Mural In North Philly Provides ONE YEAR'S Body Count In Philly.

At Least The "Diverse" Editorial Room At The Philadelphia Inquirer Received A Pulitzer Prize For Reporting On The Lack Of Safety For Students In The School System.

Mayor Nutter And DA Seth Williams Hold A Rally In West Philly To Counter A Visit By Republican Mitt Romney.

The Crowd Was More Pleased That The Mayor Told About Romney's Education Failure In Massachusetts After One Term Than They Bothered To Ask The Mayor When The PHILADELPHIA SCHOOL SYSTEM Which Is 72% Black - Would Get Its Act Together LEST HE LOSE HIS JOB.

Instead - That Day He Successfully Shook Off All Past Criticisms From Former Mayor Street Who Said That Nutter Was NOT "A Black Mayor".   Nutter Showed That He Had Learned The "Soul Food Seasoning" That The Crowd Of Mostly Black People In West Philly Liked Upon Their SELF CHUM That They Were Fed.

I Believe That "The Church Of The Holy Ground", Right Around The Corner From That Protest Rally Has More INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY In Its Place On The Side Of A Corner Store - Than That Which Was On Display One Block Down The Street At The Rally In Front Of The "Universal-Blufford Charter School"

In Any Event - On 52nd And Market:

  • The Koreans
  • The Pakistani / Indians
  • The Dominicans
  • The Black American Muslim Converts 
....all have a strong representation in the prime retail shopping area where those who have a "Black Consumer Consciousness" come to exchange what they have in their wallets and purses.


I have no hatred for Irey.
I simply believe that this - educated and articulate Black man ALSO represents the gross intellectual honesty that is present within the "Americanized Black Consciousness".  He understands that in the face of challenge - where the REAL WORLD RESULTS ON THE STREET do not match the mirage that is in the head of he and his fellow Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers - HE ONLY needs to PLAY TO THE CROWD, "self-chumming" them with worn out notions of the attacks by the "Black Conservatives" as he knows that they will always" bite, receiving appeasement for yet another day.

Yet Philly proves to be different.   If there was a greater commitment to intellectual honesty among those who remind us of their status as "Public Intellectuals" - then we would hear them note that the "Mission Accomplished" residential areas of this city - might be a foreshadowing of what we all can expect in America - once the predicted demographic change takes place in this nation.

My bigoted friends over at SBPDL see the change in the Racial Balance Of Power as the primary disruptive force that will imperil the USA.  When people like Irey read their texts - their own position that Black people need to remain unified in our fight against the Right Wing Existential Threat - is affirmed.

I REJECT THIS!!!   The primary force that threatens Black communities, Hispanic communities and White communities - AMERICA AS A WHOLE is FRAUD & HOKUM.

FRAUD - per the molestation of "Institutional Integrity" destroying the relative "Governance Culture" that is applied upon any of the "containers" above (race, city, nation, class, etc)

The HOKUM that is used as the diversionary agent to keep the masses ENTERTAINED and thus lacking the conscious discipline to realize that the water is near boiling.

The words below are taken from my friend Irey's arguments on Booker Rising.  They  need to be separated out and then analyzed - sentence by sentence - so that everyone will have the opportunity to see a clear demarcation of his viewpoints,  particularly WHAT HE LEFTS UNSAID in the "Dark Matter" space - as he understands that similarly minded BLACK PEOPLE will be appeased by his words while never seeing the ASSUMED BLACK INFERIORITY that travel along for the ride.

MY GOAL IS NOT to mock Irey.
It is to get him and others to YIELD TO A MORE TRANSPARENT GOVERNANCE MODEL in the knowledge that what is POPULAR WITH BLACK PEOPLE (as supported by streaming propaganda and targeted hatred) is not always what is BEST FOR BLACK PEOPLE - when the goal of ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT is mandated as the primary residual benefit of our matriculation through any system that we are asked to INVEST OUR VALUABLES WITHIN.

The Context - The Anti-Black On Black Klansman Of Philly

Below are the full text of Irey's post.
Irey The Liberal Lion

Constructive Feedback's Dark Matter Analysis of the ASSUMED BLACK INFERIORITY Presented As Concern

Mr. King’s allegorical KKK attire is a creative attempt to draw attention to the murder rate in black America. But whose attention is he seeking to draw? 

Why is it that Irey is now concerned about protecting the BLACK COMMUNITY CONSCIOUS ATTENTION?

When the FRAUD AND HOKUM was executed during the "Silly Season" of the American Election - did you hear ANY BLACK PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALIST operative display a vision that was broader reaching beyond SELLING BLACK PEOPLE on "The Second Term Of Obama" and how November 6th was of vital importance for them to let their voices be heard?

When Mayor Nutter successfully kept the masses from focusing on the condition of the school system with 72% Black children DID YOU ASK:  "WHO PROFITS from the Distracted Negro?"

The "Negro's Conscious Attention" and related loyalties is the #1 GATEWAY through which you obtain his other VALUABLES.


Is he suggesting that those in the poverty and crime-ridden neighborhoods are unaware of the holocaust taking place around them? 
A non sequitur  statement.  Meant to provide a "high caloric filling" merely for the pleasure of the taste.

The BENEFIT of increased diversity in "Overbrook Park" is that when two Black teens were murdered  - a multi-racial set of "Women Crying On The Television news" was captured.

Though the Black community in Philly was concerned about VOTER SUPPRESSION - these two murdered Black teens were purged from the voter roles because a legitimate death certificate was presented to the registrar.

Or is he calling out to affluent, educated blacks who do little but point their fingers and say somebody needs to something about that? 
(FRAUDULENT Argument!!!!)

IF they merely POINTED FINGERS I would be out of business as a blogger.

They have FUSED THE BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CONSCIOUSNESS into the MALCOLM X POLITICAL FOOTBALL GAME - promising the NEGRO a "Quid Pro Quo" that was too be received.

YET - upon getting the Negro to CHEER when the TEAM SCORED - he did something that no one thought that we'd see.

He made the Negro BELIEVE so much in "The Team" that when it came time to executing the most basic of SELF-INTEREST PROTECTION that is bequeathed to EVERY BLACK PEOPLE - the Americanized Negro could not bring himself to ask:  WHERE IS THE MONEY THAT I GAVE TO YOU FOR MORE THAN 50 YEARS?

He feared that such a class action lawsuit would IMPOVERISH the team, crippling it for the battle against the RIGHT WING ENEMY that it has stood up for "The Black Battle Royale".

Certainly, he isn't calling out to white Second Amendment nuts, who seem content to let completely constitution genocide run its course. 
(Black Conscious Attention Diversion Attempt)

This Was A Bar In West Philly 

When I reported on this experience - I purposely was ambiguous on my location.  This was a neighborhood bar in Philly. (You can read the transcript at the link above)

From this exchange I discovered the "nerve ending", once stimulated, could trigger the "Philadelphia Negro" to kick his leg out.

In the midst of the "Presidential Campaign" - I noticed that every time I noted that in my mind I had a "Snap Shot Of Philly" and upon my return I do not see DEVELOPMENT within the residential areas within the Black community - I was able to get group agreement about the problems.

Now when I then began to ask:  "WHY do you KEEP TRYING HARDER, investing in the very same 'VOTING FOR YOUR SALVATION' SCHEME?" - (Making doubly sure that I was NOT advocating the Republicans as a credible alternative but pushing for a removal of political opportunism as an option for organic growth) I started to see a pattern.

Each time I focused in on tying the results with the community's "investment choices" I began hearing about THE PENNSYLVANIA REPUBLICANS.

It was as if I was talking to "Filled Negro" in the flesh.  (He does the same thing).

  • Schools?  The state Republicans are not providing sufficient funding.  They hate the cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh because this is where the Black people live
  • Homicide?  The Republicans would rather hold on to their guns rather than regulate guns as a means of stopping Black on Black murder in Philadelphia
  • Economic Development In The Communities? The Republicans keep giving businesses tax breaks so they avoid going into the Democratic-run cities like Philly and those who do don't pay a good wage
Read Irey's argument to the left.
He wants you to believe that the WHITE RIGHT WING'S reluctance to USE THE GOVERNMENT to suppress the ease of access to guns is SUPERIOR to the MURDEROUS ACTIONS executed by "would be pillars of the Black community" who received their CONSCIOUSNESS about human life from the ECOSYSTEM that those who want you to focus upon the NRA are responsible for erecting. 

No, they blame Demo-cracks and suggest that salvation lies in Republipilia, where their pleasure parts are massaged by the fantasy that there can be some overnight Romney-ian levered buyout that will inject jobs and industry into communities and cities that capitalism has abandoned for greener pastures. 
THIS IS THE COMMENT THAT (ORIGINALLY) triggered the feeling that "Irey Needed To Get His Ass Kicked In A 'Philly Beat Down' ".  The very thing that he missed upon growing up in Philly.)

Few people could construct a more fraudulent argument if they tried.

We need to itemize the trix used here:

  • The AUDACITY to assume that the Establishment Power - over the "Mission Accomplished Zones" has some culpability in perpetuating the conditions - as they USE the people rather than develop them
  • The selling of the REPUBLICAN FIX for all that ails the "Mission Accomplished Zone"
  • If "Romney wins" and deploys HIS economic theories then a mass turn around would occur
  • Capitalism LEFT the cities that it BUILT UP and thus this "Corporate Abandonment" is the reason for the fall.
Irey has some audacity and some 'Damned Nerve"

  1. Irey - FOR NO OTHER REASON than his desire to protect his IDEOLOGICAL and PARTISAN LOYALTIES - is unable to ascribe a measure of expectation that the FAVORABLE PEOPLE IN POWER - per the preferences of "The Least of These" who VOTED FOR THEM - who now sit in the seats that were once sufficient to SUPPRESS/OPPRESS BLACK PEOPLE - are now able to STUNT THE GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT OF BLACK PEOPLE 
    1. The #1 means by which these institutions are misappropriated from their FUNCTIONAL VALUE to our people - is when they are used as an AGENDA ITEM.
      1. When a school is used as a jobs program for adults, rather than developing academic excellence for the next generation
      2. When a FAVORABLE PERSON IN ELECTIVE OFFICE is allowed to become the VENERATED FIGURE through which the Black Community LIVES VICARIOUSLY THROUGH - and thus when it comes time to enumerate the GOVERNANCE AND DEVELOPMENT that has transpired within the community - his claim that EXTERNAL FORCES either directly molested the "Black Agenda" or BLOCKED "Progressive Social Justice" - allowing it to STARVE from benign neglect
  2. When I tell you the danger of the BLACK REPUBLICAN as interference to a clean appraisal of the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MAN FORCE of the "Progressive Fundamentalist" - look no further than Irey's argument 
    1. In Irey's mind the SELLING OF REPUBLICAN SALVATION is A SUPERIOR FORCE than the thousands of direct audio testaments that I could produce foretelling the GREAT FORTUNE that will be received by "The Negro Community" within the second term of Barack Obama
      1. The LESSON:  
        1. Do NOT look at what OFFENDS the Black Progressive - look at what is pleasing to his ear DURING THE TIME that he should be offended by the results within his community.
        2. Look at what HE IS offended about and then measure the amplitude of the variable for later use when a FAVORABLE PERSON in power registers the very same offense
  3. Jobs & Industry Into The Black CommunityFrom what I understand - the 50th anniversary of the "March On Washington" will be celebrated by A MARCH ON WASHINGTON THIS YEAR.   In the days of the "Occupation" - in which Progressive Fundamentalist grievances remain BUT a "favorable force is in nearly every rung of government" where the Black progressive lives in high concentrations - THIS YEARS MARCH will be AGAINST CORPORATIONS and for MORE PROGRESSIVE PUBLIC POLICY.
    1. I assure you that it will never come to Irey's mind that 50 years ago today - Bayard Rustin gave voice to the "VOTE FOR YOUR COMMUNITY SALVATION" scheme that has given us a bevy of "Black politicians" and a violation of so many Black institutions - the thought that it is time for the Black community to revisit the assumptions - by which the FRONT END ACTIONS by the Black community has been done but the resultant benefits have been sparse. 
    2. The fact that "March On Washington For Jobs And Justice 2013" will be WALK PAST the local conclaves of POWER that now house "favorable people" and instead will merely be a RITUAL executed in Washington DC - careful not to chain anyone to the White House fence - is little different from the Civil Rights Pharisees of Metro Atlanta who drive past various murder scenes on their way to find a RIGHT WING VIOLATION upon which on one's toes are stepped upon.
  4. CAPITALISM has been labeled: "The cardio vascular system for RACISM" by many Black Marxist leaning operatives.  
    1. Capitalism IS ALIVE AND WELL in the Black Community
      1. The Koreans / Dominicans / Muslims have a strong presence in the Black community retail store front - (not including corporate retail chains)
    2. Irey is not able to do a dispassionate analysis of the attributes (real or stereotyped) about the PRODUCTS FROM BLACK MAJORITY SCHOOL SYSTEMS/ECOSYSTEMS - and if these attributes bequeath an image of a HIGH VALUE workforce with whom a CONSUMER OF LABOR would find attractive
    3. In Summary Irey Is More PROUD That He Stands Of "LIVING WAGE AND WORKERS RIGHTS".........................than he is competent to PRODUCE A LIVING WAGE JOB with a HIGH LEVEL OF RIGHTS - which has endurance within today's market place.
      1. INSTEAD - his base of Progressives are enchanted by his WORDS in which he STANDS FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE. 

The intellectually remote black avatars have adopted the difficult logic required to blame the poor and unemployed for their lack of capital investment in job creation, while the investor class circumnavigates the world to find the most exploitable peasants ignorant of the concepts of wage, economic and environmental decency which once were the expected inheritance of even “the least of these” as heirs of the progressive 20th century in the U.S.

Irey will never accept the foundations of my "3 Gold Chalices Of The Black Community" is a means of NULLIFYING his argument.

The DISCONNECTED NEGRO who has no credibility with the Black Community IS FAR FAR FAR LESS DAMAGING than the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN who know Black grievances and USE THEM to direct the "Black Development Consciousness" in a direction that is POPULAR with the masses but not in their long term interests.

The perversion of Irey's position is:  THE "POST RACIAL PROGRESSIVE JOINT VENTURE" understand that even the "Lowliest Negro" HAS A BALLOT THAT IS OF EQUAL WORTH!!!

A Black man who assaulted a Black woman the night before the election has MORE VALUE in the AMERICAN ELECTION in the fight against the RIGHT WING than he has ASSAULTED THE INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY of the BLACK COMMUNITY.

As such - (when you listen to an Mumia Abu Jamal, former officer Christopher Dorner, etc) - it is almost like THE Progressive Fundamentalist MASSES DON'T BELIEVE THEY ARE GUILTY!!!   This shows their content of character and their values.

In their world "Social Justice" is something that you force YOUR ENEMY to yield to.  They are incompetent at generating "Organic Social Justice" by making a class of the "UN-least of these" via the institutions that they control through popular appeal.

Does anyone see Irey carping about the American/NATO imperialism in Africa today?   Is there any other explanation other than OBAMA and Irey's desire to avoid making the "mistake" that Dr King did:  "Going against a progressive US President on an international affair, at the expense of domestic social justice?"

Notice that you will not hear an alternative economic form WITHIN the Black community - from Irey.

Even though we have the Amish and other communal people living among us today and the "Shakers" of the past (who were active in the Abolition movement) - Irey would rather "BOIL THE RIGHT WING STENCH" out of America, its economy and governance  -rather than focusing in on a group of individuals who "circle the wagons" and produce the desired outcomes that he professes within their circle and then repeats this among other souls.

Mr. Enzi’s juxtaposition of the original KKK and something he simplemindedly calls the “chocolate klan” shows what is the most perverse convolution of the black conservative mind. 
This is another "Twinkie Filling" message.  It means nothing, but depends upon the bias of the reader to "understand' what Irey is saying about "The Black Conservative".

I make the case that we should consider the ESSENCE OF WHITE SUPREMACIST TERRORISM:

  • They murdered Black people with violence in order to "Keep Us In Our Places"
  • They raped Black women in order to exert male-dominate power over them
  • They use the vantage point of their power over the school boards to provide inferior education to Black children
  • They attacked Black community commerce - preventing Black people from self-funding its own salvation
WHICH of these "vectors of attack upon Black people" is TODAY reserved for the WHITE SUPREMACIST?

There is a long documented and graphable correlation between
densely populated urban poverty and crime. The ill-informed and snide insinuation that there is some parenthetical symmetry between the raison d’être and activities of the white KKK, whose goal was to keep “uppity” blacks down, and the sociological ethology of crime which does and has manifested very similarly in impoverished urban communities in the Industrial and post-Industrial age irrespective of ethnicity, betrays a wierd but registerable black conservative inclination to ideologically validate the KKK’s execrable racial theorems, which Mr. Enzi apparently, in his rhetoric or his mind, doesn’t realize must eventually include him.

I am listening to Randall Robinson on C-SPAN detailing the UNIQUE HISTORY of the American Negro.

Note Irey's attempt to standardize "inner city poverty" and crime as an intrinsic attribute.

Most people who debate a person like Irey would tend to debate the point of HISTORY and the measure of success that the Black Racial Services have achieved.

It is FAR MORE EFFECTIVE to force Irey to show A RATE OF GROWTH for Black people - commiserate with the INVESTMENTS made by the Black community - seeking evidence of ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT within the Black Community institutions.

If Mr. King wanted to make his costumed allegory a more correctly incisive comment on the murder rate in the black community, he would be displaying a firearm. The overwhelming majority of the murders he decries are committed with firearms. [And Mr. Enzi's KKK didn’t terrorize with unwashed linen, they used guns] I would ask Mr. King’s creative mind to imaginatively narrate his theme without the plague of firearms in the black community. Would it be different? I suspect so.

Now I want to promote THIS COMMENT by Irey as the agent that motivated me to want to lead him down a dark alley in North Philly.

Do you see the MENTAL TRANSFERENCE that he just conducted.

  • The Klan, The Police, George Zimmermen were recognized for their FULL HUMANITY in their RACIST HATRED to kill a Black person
  • When it comes to BLACK ON BLACK VIOLENCE - however - instead of talking about the "KILLER CULTURE" which fails to instill respect about BLACK LIFE into the purveyor of violence - they need to talk about the TOOL OF CHOICE because of the SELF-INDICTMENT that is otherwise produced IF we talk about the murderer.

With the challenge in blue - you must ask yourself about Irey's motives:  WHY does he demand of his debate adversary to imagine A GUN FREE BLACK COMMUNITY?


WOULD IREY'S reaction and set of indictments  be different ?

You can answer your own question

The inconvenient and irreproachable truth is that regardless how the Second Amendment is portrayed or worshipped in the white community, is has been, as is presently, the bane of black society. 
This is an IRRATIONAL statement.


The Second Amendment ONLY sets up a framework for ENGAGEMENT between:
* The American Citizen
* His Firearm
* The GOVERNMENT AUTHORITIES who seek to regulate the CITIZEN per his tool

Irey doesn't want to talk about the MOTIVATIONS that provoke YOUNG NEGROES to take the lives of others -far beyond their population percentages.


The BANE OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY are the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN who have STOLEN our people's CONSCIOUSNESS, misappropriating it elsewhere!!!


I find it unfathomable that black people can survey their own particular stream of history, and give a hoot if the Second Amendment is changed or abolished altogether. It has never meant for black people what it has meant and continues to mean for white people. And it is OK for the black perspective to be different. How could it not be?

As Colin Powell said to Bill O'Reilly:   


I have given the government MY FINGER PRINTS and my biographic information in support of my ability to carry a concealed weapon as I choose.  

Irey is unable to address the NEGRO WHO PURCHASES HIS HARDWARE from the trunk of a vehicle - so he attempts to shame otherwise law abiding Black people who have followed the rules and not shot any Negro in the process.



IF Irey were a more serious minded public intellectual he would place MORE protections around the BLACK COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS, protecting it from molestation and usurpation.
Today the Black Consciousness goes to the MOST POPULAR.

Yes, there will always be crime. But there is a simple mental exercise consisting of two questions that can focus us on the actual pertinent issue – and it’s not race, political ideology, or even economics.  No rational person would establish the PROOF OF SUCCESS of a governing philosophy as "ZERO Murders/ Rapes / Crimes".

Instead a better measure is the RATE OF CHANGE (improvement) indexed by the MAXIMIZATION OF FREEDOM.

What we see is that Irey who gives lip service to "freedoms and justice", when he finds himself in a precarious situation that he is not willing to yield the question of the effectiveness of his dogmatic theories - is given to YIELD MORE OF HIS FREEDOM to the GOVERNMENT in pursuit of SECURITY ---- even when it is security from a being that GOD presented to his people for sculpting into the image of that which he wants Black people 300 years from now to THINK LIKE.

As a civilized development, and far as crime and murder are concerned, do we want a society where every law-biding citizen and every criminal has a gun?  IRRELEVANT challenge!!!!!!

"Do we want a criminal to have a GET AWAY CAR or a HIDE OUT IN THE WOODS???!!!" is an EQUAL question.

Irey's question presupposed that EVERYONE who has a gun has the POTENTIAL of conducting some criminal action.

Since his normal political rhetoric (and hatred) is reserved for his RIGHT WING ENEMIES he creates an INDICTMENT about their unwillingness to "share" - in the sight of "Negroes killing each other with guns" and then synergizes and INDICTMENT against those who are not willing to yield so that "The Negro will no longer have guns to kill each other".

Being that the normal disposition of the Black Progressive Fundamentalist being:

  1. OFFENDED by a right wing insult
  2. RESOLVED to change a right-wing social/governmental norm..... is a new territory for him to trek through as HE is the "Establishment Power" presiding over the institutions (cultural, religious, economic, governmental , law enforcement) by which the young Negro receives his conscious awareness.  

  • HE CAN'T "criminalize" his own seed because this would make him sound RIGHT WING.
  • HE CAN'T produce the "Living Wage Jobs" that he believes is everyone's "God Given Right" - because this economic theory - when all alone - is like attempting to lift one'self up by standing in a bucket and pulling on a rope tied to the handle
  • HE CAN'T attack the MESSAGING MACHINES through which these "would be pillars of the community" receive their consciousness.  The purveyors of these messages use these channels for POLITICAL ADVANCEMENT.  WHY create a 'Civil War' when the BLACK COMMUNITY is not DEMANDING an ORGANIC FIX via referendum and REFORM?

With all of these confinements as they are - in Irey's "IF THEN ELSE" statement of his programming logic - THE ONLY way forward is to fight at the FISSURE with the RIGHT WING in which his STRUGGLE MOTION against the NRA and other Right Wing Forces - yields nothing but PAY DIRT for his movement.

UNTIL Irey recognizes the OPPORTUNITY COST OF EVERY YOUNG NEGRO who's consciousness was not DEPLOYED into something more productive THROUGH THE INSTITUTIONS that he achieved control over by the AMERICAN POLITICAL DOMAIN - then he will one day organize a WIN - in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" but like Detroit, Chicago, Flint, North Philly, Camden, Memphis and other zones his VICTORY will not be a VICTORY for the PERMANENT INTERESTS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY. 

Or would we prefer a society where neither law-biding citizen nor criminal has a gun? We can never "fix" the Second Amendment. It will forever chain us to the 17th century.

The real problem is that Irey knows not how to FIX THE NEGRO'S CONSCIOUSNESS using the AUTHORITY granted to him by the aegis of POWER that he assumed from the Black Community via the IDEOLOGY and ASSUMPTIONS that is now dominate in the institutions of power.

The Flintown Kids

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