Wednesday, February 13, 2013

In The "Must Record" Week For "Black Wing Grievance & Political Opportunism Talk Radio" - WURD Philadelphia Has Been Added To My Recording List

WAOK - Atlanta - Recordings Of The Entire Line Up
WVON - Chicago - The Cliff Kelly Show & The Evening Shows
WURD - Philadelphia - The Morning Show

The evaluation for this week:

"Did President Obama's State Of The Union Speech Successfully Wipe Out The 'We Need To Take Back The Black Community' Focus That Was Established Over The Past 2 Weeks In The Wake Of The Murder Of Hadiya Pendelton In Chicago?"

The early sampling of the radio says:  "Mission Accomplished".

Dr White - Question: 

Fayette County Georgia NAACP says:  We need a BLACK DISTRICT that is a crescent shape - encapsulating the northern border with Clayton and Fulton County and then along the western boarder of the county - to allow a BLACK (Progressive) person of our choosing to get onto the county board and school board and REPRESENT THE INTERESTS OF THE BLACK CONSTITUENTS

Fulton County Georgia:   Fulton County Board member Bill Edwards to "Dr White":   "We need to step those White Republicans in the Georgia Legislature from redrawing the district lines in Fulton County by which BLACK PEOPLE will be packed into districts on the southside and WHITE FOLKS will be on the north.    They want to have 2 Black members running against each other.  (Pitting Edwards against Emma Darnell)

QUESTION:  Can The Black Progressive Struggle Remain CONSISTENT Or Is It All About Opportunism - Relevative To The Position of The RIGHT WING ENEMY.

You All WOULD NOT CARE How They Draw The Atlanta Districts Because Everyone Is A Democrat

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