Friday, February 22, 2013

Illegal Ammunition Laws Has Done Nothing To Bring The Murder Rate In South Africa Down To That Of A Perfect Reference "Industrialized Nation"

The Illegal Ammunition Law In South Africa ...... 
  1. Hindus Times: Oscar Pistorius Faces Illegal Ammunition Charge
The Illegal Ammunition Law In South Africa Is INEFFECTIVE
WHITE PARANOIA Is Said To Be The Reason For Pistorius Shooting His White Girlfriend by An UK Based Journalist In The Model Of MSNBC Toure'

While This Might Satisfy The Progressive Intellectuals Who Are Looking IN -  THAT CAN'T EXPLAIN The Large Truth About This Nation - BEYOND THE WHITE FOLKS

Wikipedia: Crime In South Africa
Crime is a prominent issue in South Africa. South Africa has a very high rate of murders, assaults, rapes (adult, child and infant), and other crimes compared to most countries. Most emigrants from South Africa state that crime was a big factor in their decision to leave.

The USA's Progressive Fundamentalists Should Begin A MISSIONARY CAMPAIGN

Per Capita Murder Rates Per Country

The "We Say Enough" To Violent Crime Campaign In South Africa - After The Gun Control Laws Didn't Do The Trick

The consequences of years of pointing to "Industrialized Nations" as a "Perfect 1.0 Reference" to what the United States should do AND applying the the label "Developing Nations" - a term that assigns the  "Least Of These" label to a group of people.

FAR LONGER than the damage from "Apartheid" there and "Slavery" in the USA will be the impact of those who promote these chants to the pleasure of the citizenry as a cover for their failure at "Human Resource Management".

They don't need it when they have POPULARISM at their disposal - at least in the short term.


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