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If Only The "Social Justice Jesus" Would Show Minister Al Sharpton The Future When The Debt That Obama Says Is A "Mid-To-Long Term Problem" Becomes "The Present" Problem For "The Least Of These" Who Failed To Get Developed

How do you out hustle a hustler who has an open mic in his pulpit

Show Guest
"As these cuts are being felt by real people they will contact their Congressman and the Republicans will back down"

ANSWER - You Take The Words Said From The Person That He Is An Agent Of And Then FORCE HIM To Either Refute These Words, Saying "He Doesn't Know What He Is Talking About"  Or Realign His "False Religion" With What Was Said As A Constraint To The "Fraud And Hokum"

President Obama To David Letterman
"But we don't have to worry about it short term. Right now interest rates are low because people still consider the United States the safest and greatest country on Earth, rightfully so. But it is a problem long term and even medium term. We're going to have to take care of this debt, this deficit, but we've got to do it in a balanced way," Obama said.

I record the "Minister Al Sharpton Sermon" every day.
I am not able to sit - end to end - and listen to the show with my level of sanity remaining at a healthy baseline.   So I start the program looking for his slant on a popular story and then I move on to watch a documentary or some "real news".    (By the way - the only Fox News show that I record and watch today is "The O'Reilly Factor".   Watching the "financial news" and then listening to "slanted opinion" shows the depth of the problems that we have and how certain propaganda sources were engineered to pacify their base).

After plotting out some of the opinions that are chummed out for the people with coordinates upon a larger universe - I think to myself "There are people who are pleased with this viewpoint and believe it as an accurate representation of the world".

The point that is missed is that: What is PLEASING to your present viewpoint as "The Enemy" that you prefer is focused upon - sometimes has NOTHING to do with the future that is forming that your propaganda messaging is not going to cure.

Dr James Peterson - The Hip Hop Professor 
Some People Don't Appreciate How Their "Referential Integrity
Is Damaged NOT By Whom They Associate With But By
The Fact That They Listen In To Fraud And Go Along With The Scheme

{/blax} News Fake Quoting Service
"Yes it is true that for years I was advocating for DEFENSE DEPARTMENT CUTS so that we could spend more money on 'butter' rather than 'guns'.

What you have to understand is that the REPUBLICANS are cutting contract workers at the Pentagon, throwing thousands and thousands of workers onto the unemployment roles to make the Black President look bad.

We were talking about cuts in DEFENSE SYSTEMS.  

If the big defense contractors are forced to lay off people as a result of the type of defense cuts that we Progressives like - then it won't be as big of a problem as with losing people who are directly contracted with the federal government.

You see - when I played the "Black Guy With The College Degree" along with the "White Guy with the Criminal Record" - as part of the "Economic Policy Institute  / NAACP investigative report on RACIST HIRING PRACTICES - all of the companies that hired the White criminal were Defense Contractors.

By getting these Whites with criminal records laid off - this is the most efficient means of making the 'White Recidivism Rate" EQUAL to that of Black people.

We want EQUALITY, not IMPROVEMENT  so this works for me.


Many of you are pleased with the "Keep Your Enemy On Trial" scheme that is run by Minister Sharpton.   His "Social Justice Jesus" has shown him EVIL and it just so happens that they all are Right Wing.

On the one hand it is as entertaining as is reading "Stuff Black People Don't Like".  You know going into the fray "WHO DID IT", regardless of the transaction of the day.   The only interesting part is how they logically argue their point.

What is disturbing - with both sets of bigots, however, is the growing tumor that they must leave out of their discussion because it would force them to focus upon "their friends" and "The System" itself.  Since they receive no push back from their congregation as they are unaware of a larger storm cell that is converging around them - both groups of bigots are sufficiently pacified with the taste of their seasoned chum that they pass between each other to show brotherly love.

If "The Least Of These" Will Suffer From $100 Billion In Cuts - What Happens When The Trillions That Are Amassing Deter The Investors From Keeping The Federal Confidence Scheme Going?

Somewhere in an alternate universe - someone is enumerating the harm that the "service cuts" that will be felt by the people IF the Federal Budget Sequester is enacted but these people in the alternate universe have a different take.

  • If $100 billion in cuts can trigger a tsunami of pain as is being enumerated during the political blame game
  • THEN what happens when mere POLITICS and LEGISLATION no longer provides the stimulative effects due to drug resistance that the financial ecosystem has built up?

The fact that Minister Sharpton and other Progressive Fundamentalist Bigots can define the harm that "The Least Of These" will suffer at the hands of a disruption to the financing from the government - is a start.

For those of you who are honest - the challenge is to move to the next step - beyond the TRANSACTIONAL indictment against your political enemy.

From Obama's words above there are a few key takeaways that MUST be used as a container against all Confidence Men - LEFT AND RIGHT.

  1. The Interest Rates have an impact on  the government's ability at "Debt Servicing"
    1. Interest Rates are low because of the investors in treasury bonds have confidence in America
    2. It is also true that the Federal Reserve is purchasing the balance of the new debt generated by the US Treasury.   Even as Paul Krugman argues - this fact removes the "Market's" ability to demand higher interest rates - thus injuring the ability to finance the growing debt.
    3. WHAT HAPPENS when the amount of "Funny Money" generated by the Federal Reserve - reaches a point where the financial markets no longer believes that the US economic system is credible?   Since THERE IS NO REAL "VALUE" behind the Federal Reserve purchases - YOUR LEVEL OF COMFORT (jobs, services, etc) is ONLY based on a "Confidence Scheme)
  2. The "Long Term" and "Mid-To Long Term" Problem with The Debt
    1. Who will force President Obama, the House and the Senate to PUT AN ACTUAL DATE RANGE on what "Mid-To Long Term" and "Long Term" is?   
      1. Is It 10 years out?
      2. Is it 20?
      3. What significance does the year 2042 have - when Social Security will need to draw upon "Current Accounts" to pay the balance of its disbursements?
  3. What Is Being Done To Address This Deficit / Debt?  
  4. Define What "Balanced"?

Take all of the points above which do nothing more than demand a CONSTRAINT upon President Obama, all other political operatives AND the FRAUDULENT AMERICAN PRESS operatives, forcing them to behave as if their words have meaning.

I am not going to write about the GOVERNMENT'S reactions to all that I have documented above - my rebuttal to Minister Sharpton is as follows:

Will The Least Of These Be Developed With Organic Competencies Received THROUGH The Human Resource Development Institutions That Your Politics Successfully Renders Unto Your Control Because You Have Them Thinking As Consumers?

The Washington definition of BALANCE = Federal Spending Cuts Offset By Tax Increases

The Community Consciousness definition of BALANCE = The Ability Of The PEOPLE To Produce Increased Economic Value By Leveraging The Organic Competencies Via The Human Resource Development Institutions Means That They Need A Declining Flow Of "Redistributive Resources" Obtained From The Political Process - Allowing The Nationalized Balance Sheet To Experience Healing Over Time

The flaw of the progressive ideology is that it retains its demand for "Social Justice", using it as a source of "moral clarity" to win political office.   

Yet when it undoubtedly becomes the "Establishment Power" that SHOULD BE providing "The Least of These" with the OPPORTUNITY that they sought as they invested their loyalties - they leverage the power of "Keep Your Enemy On Trial" to evade the indictment of the people in power after noting that they are not "Developed" as promised, per their serial investment.

 The spacial and time outlook is so critical when you debate with a buzz saw like Minister Sharpton.
He is 100% transactional with little interest other than distributing self-chum to his congregation.

His greatest asset is that even when a place like Detroit blows up and has the finger prints of "favorable people" on the steering wheel - he as an expert forensics team who can find the finger prints of "The Enemy" somewhere on a vital part (the brake line, the steering column or the trunk) and then draw everyone's attention to this bit of evidence.   Since they wanted to find an external scape goat - it is easy for a pack of bigots to be distracted.

This is why MODELING OF THE FORCES that they CLAIM are holding people back is important.  They rely on the bigotry of their congregation to receive evidence of the enemies hand and then put 100% of the blame on the enemy- while the confidence man who took their valuables is thanked for his devoted service.

What if I told you that the very same "Wall Street Bankers" that are being damned for "foreclosing on Detroit" are the SAME finance men who are buying up the portions of the US Treasuries that the Federal Reserve is not purchasing?      Would you expect that Minister Al Sharpton who saw he trouble that DEBT can get a city like Detroit in as it is left vulnerable to 'Vulture Capitalists' has any intention at the present to voice concerns that the same situation is repeating itself - but nationally?

You see - for Sharpton to move from something other than a pure propagandist (and Earl Ofari Hutchinson merely damages his own credibility by prompting Sharpton up each week by giving him the economic understanding that is merely a cherry picked version of the truth), Sharpton would have to turn around to his CONGREGATION and tell them - "The ONLY way we are going to be able to avoid the clutches of these CAPITALISTS is for us to MODERATE OUR CONSUMPTION or DEVELOP MORE ORGANIC COMPETENCIES WITHIN, allowing our access to consumer accouterments to be produced by our own hands, thus allowing us to cut the vulture capitalists loose".

Minister Sharpton's character and contract do not permit him to produce such a lucent pathway forward.

Sharpton Will Play The "Dr King" Figure At The "2013 March On Washington For Jobs And Justice"

In August 2013 the 50th anniversary of "The March On Washington For Jobs And Freedom" will take place.

As the rituals and grievances are transacted for the television cameras and "Instagram" few people in attendance are going to note the grand irony that is represented BUT won't be noted from any official microphone:

In 2013 - "The Struggle" has produced the FRONT END benefits that it set out to achieve - namely FAVORABLE PEOPLE IN POWER in POLITICAL offices.

Unfortunately when we look at the extended name of "The March On Washington" the key points of:
  • JOBS 
  • FREEDOM....
.....will be propagandized about - but few of the people will note the slight of hand.

WHO is restricting the JOB CREATION in their communities?
WHO is limiting their FREEDOM - with the presence of a favorable municipal government and a favorable US Attorney General to use the full weight of the federal government to get any official that is violating your rights in line?

The truth is that the more that Minister Sharpton of the "Church Of The Fake Church Of Social Justice Jesus" can keep things fast and loose - without YOU bothering to demand STRICT DEFINITIONS and TIME LINES - that same spirit while had you signing those "Sub-prime Mortgage" papers - is at work - but far larger quantities of your valuables are being harvested away from you.

He knows that by keeping an eye on an EXTERNAL adversary and what "They've Got" in excess of what "You've Got" - this is proof of INEQUALITY and RACISM.    With nothing but "upside benefit" to work with - the congregation won't bother to rebuke these Embedded Confidence Man forces - noting that THEY HAVE BEEN IN POWER for more than 30 years but a steady decline has transpired but NO ONE GOT FIRED in the process.

 The ONLY Way To Defeat An Embedded Confidence Man In The Pulpit Of The Fake Church Of Social Justice Jesus - Is For The Congregation To Demand: "SHOW US PROOF THAT YOU HAVE DEVELOPED US TOWARD COMMUNITY SALVATION Or Else We'll Not Hand Over Any More Of Our Valuables"

The mistake of fusing YOUR STANDARD OF LIVING upon the fraudulent fiat currency of the United States, building up CONSUMER RIGHTS rather than hard skills is going to be the MUTHA OF ALL BUBBLES.   Sadly many people are too bigoted to see it.

This is not just the "Welfare Queens" that rile up the left.  The corporate forces that submit invoices for services rendered to the US government - who use lobbyists to prime their pump will suffer the same fate.

However, those who have employed skilled engineers and project managers to service their contracts will still have many of these advanced organizational skills to have a less harsh landing.  Those who only rested on their claims of "Social Justice", however, will suffer greatly as there is no longer an agent to transact their loyalties and their votes.   Their standard of living will become commensurate with their organic productivity.

Minister Sharpton represents the index of the void in the GOVERNANCE CULTURE within the Black community.   He can run a "gospel show" that talks about the RIGHT WING from start to stop and please his congregation.

As long as this congregation doesn't note that in the places where they are most concentrated - the RIGHT WING has already been ran off - yet today they must use the government to keep track of their social security numbers to ensure that the right wing pays their fair share - is evidence of one thing:

There will NEVER be an MSNBC/The Grio-lead effort to commemorate Marcus Garvey's "Black Star Line" - because they would first have to build up the "Do For Self" institutions that Garvey had erected during a time when the US government was not handing out 'Social Justice' to the Negro.

The Distinction Between Marcus Garvey's Day And Today 

  • They Continue To Collect Your Valuables As They Sell You A Vision Of The Future
  • They Don't Need A Ship For You To Cruise Back To Africa Upon - The Church Bus That Takes You To The Polls Every 2 Years Sufficiently Breaks The Journey Down Into Digestible Pieces
  • The "J. Edgar Hoover" Character That Brought Down Garvey On Trumped Up Tax Evasion Charges WOULD TODAY Report To A Black Attorney General And US President
  • The Back Stabbing Characters Of "W.E.B. Du Bois", "A Phillip Randolph" And "William M Trotter" As They See A THREAT At The Hands Of A Black Man Who Is Successfully Directing Black People's Loyalties Into The "Universal Negro Improvement Association" Rather Than Into American Politics - Would Be Employed By Comcast/ MSNBC, Washington Post, The New York Times And  Some George Soros Affiliated Operation - Desperate To NEVER Lose Their "Negro Congregation" 
  • While Garvey Got Taken By Racists Who Sold Him A "Busted Ship" That Was Not Sea Worthy - The Group Of Black Progressive Leaders That Went To Washington In December To Define A "Black Progressive Agenda" To Hand To The President - Tried To Get President Obama To Purchase The Disabled Cruise Ship From Carnival Cruise Lines, "Triumph Of The Seas"  For Use On Pleasure Cruises , Sponsored By The "Tom Joyner Morning Show".   Unfortunately Carnival Rejected Their Offer - As The Ship Will Be Fixed In 2 Months Time And Will Again Be Accepting Paying Customers.  Tom Joyner Will Have To Pay The Standard Wholesale Prices For His Passengers - He Does Not Have As Much Pull With Obama As He Figured.

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