Wednesday, February 06, 2013

If Black Republican Herman Cain Has Any Sense He Would Demand That CNN's Piers Morgan Treat Him Like A Black Man - Just As Bill O'Reilly Attempted To Do With General Powell

Booker Rising:  Herman Cain And CNN's Piers Morgan Perform Twitter Joust On Gun Control

Republican Herman Cain is a political operative and therefor I have yielded my assumptions that he or any other political operative are qualified or inclined to stay focused on the issues that disproportionately impact the Black community.  Their party is far more important.

The average "Republican Who Is Black" is uniquely TONE DEAF in understanding how the "White Progressive Cheshire Fox Allies" SEES BLACK PEOPLE (in the context of the grand fight between the Fox and the Wolf) and thus it is particular distressing to listen to them during an exchange.

Recall a few weeks ago when General Colin Powell did an interview with Fox New's Bill O'Reilly.   O'Reilly began asking him questions about the loyalty of Black people to President Obama.  Powell pushed back with the notion:  "I am an American.  Why are you only asking me about Black people?"   The subsequent "Black Progressive Twitter Swarm" indicted O'Reilly as a racist for coming at General Powell in such a way.    The Moon rotated around the Earth and Earth around the Sun.

In the latest faux duel - CNN's Piers Morgan has called out Herman Cain to come on his show to debate gun control.

If Herman Cain had any sense he would go on the show BUT keep the focus on "Within The Black Community" - neutralizing Piers Morgan in the process.

The best thing that Herman Cain can do is to walk away from the debate with the "ASSUMED BLACK INFERIORITY" held by Piers Morgan and so many other "White Progressive Cheshire Fox Allies" affirmed and recorded on video tape.

Black people represent about 70% or more of the homicide victims in various "Mission Accomplished Zones".   

With the countless number of "Trayvon Martin" stories run by Piers Morgan - it is suspicious that he and others have not seen fit to discuss the matter of the "Grand Over-Representation Of Blacks In Homicide Victimization" - NOT from the perspective of a "Gun Violence Problem" BUT from the angle that the "George Zimmerman narrative":  "How hatred and racial profiling, possessed by the killer, takes the lives of Black people".

Those who seek to advocate "Progressive Public Policy" also are allowed to cherry pick as they filibuster the issue.   Since the TRUTH is something other than what "The Right-Wing Opposition" can often figure out - those who control this narrative are allowed to continue this "conscious attention filibuster".

The presence of "The Ninja Who Got Himself Kilt" - with high frequency of reoccurrence  gives rise to the TRUTH - that - despite what has popular appeal within the Black community of the present prevailing consciousness - this doesn't always mitigate the problems with the community - MAKING EQUALITY.
Instead Pacification and Intellectual Contentment - per the affirmation of the prevailing line of thinking - is the result.

Piers Morgan Would Have To Focus On How "Society Pulled The Trigger That Killed 'The Blacks' " But At Least We Will Not Be Talking About The "Gun Control Diversion"

A Little Black Girl Cries Over The Beating Death Of Darrion Albert In Chicago
I stand by my observation.

"ASSUMED BLACK INFERIORITY" is the cornerstone of Progressive Fundamentalist thought.

I have no problem saying that "ASSUMED WHITE SUPREMACY" is the cornerstone of Right Wing Fundamentalist thought.

The problem is that those forces who are prone to indict the right wing - can't bring themselves to see this MATTER / DARK MATTER relationship.  One can't survive without the other.

As I listen intently to "Black Wing Grievance & Political Opportunism Talk Radio" discuss "Violence Within The Black Community" this week - it is clear that the end of the "Grand Compromise Of 2012" - The American Presidential Campaign - that the Black community is now open to doing some house cleaning.


They are talking POLITICAL solutions for something that is fundamentally about "THE GOVERNANCE CULTURE" and how it has been molested by political opportunism for half a century - as Black people's political voices became unmuted.

People like Piers Morgan play a critical part in lubrication of this entire system (with reference to the Black community operations.).  They REFUSE to appraise the Black community on terms EQUAL to that of White people.  As a result - the political and ritualistic overlay that blocks the sunlight upon the Black community - providing cleansing and growth - is rarely discussed based on the RESULTS OBTAINED.  Instead, if Mr Cain followed my advice, we would hear Piers Morgan talk about the residual effects of slavery and oppression.

I told you before:  "Black Progressive Fundamentalists do not mind yielding in agreement on BLACK INFERIORITY - as long as the discussion contains explicit details on WHO made us "inferior".

The problem with this assessment is that it is loathed to discuss WHO received the "valuables from the Black community", per its present prevailing consciousness - with the promise that more FAVORABLE PEOPLE IN POWER would produce Social Justice within the Black community.

Today - we merely have "The Black Racial Services Machine" middle man who will NEVER ask on behalf of the "Black Rank & File" who continue to suffer:  "Where is my money and WHY HAVEN'T YOU SUFFICIENTLY DEVELOPED US with these development funds that you have obtained from us?"

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