Friday, February 01, 2013

If Bishop Henry McNeal Turner Was Alive Today - Who Would Be Standing Against His "Black Community Self-Defense" Mantra?

THE TRUTH is rarely mentioned in this present "Gun Control Debate"

  1. I TOLD YOU - Do not be fooled into believing that the "Embedded Confidence Men" see the school shooting at Newtown as the same issue as the "Mission Accomplish City Serial Killings".   They NEED YOU to see them as the same issues so they can ride the wave of "Gun Control - Newtown Changed Everything"
  2. Though the NRA, Crime Victims And Gun Manufacturers came to Washington DC to testify with government officials - no one asked THE STREET PIRATES to come and account for their actions.
      1. More Importantly - Few people note that as the "Black Racial Services Machine" flies to Washington DC or their respective state capital to lobby using their political influence - THEY ARE THE ADULTS that have used the Black community for their agenda while failing to field a CULTURAL CONSCIOUSNESS that could be instilled in these "Pillars Of The Community" - focusing them on UPLIFT rather DESTRUCTION
    1. The MAIN TRUTH - During the days of Bishop Henry McNeal Turner - his call to arms for Black people was said to protect the Black community from MAURADING WHITE FOLKS who's consciousness had them set to "NOT GIVE A DAMN about Black People Or Property"
Once you understand that TODAY - the people who have failed to develop the Black Community, per their leveraged, internal positioning HAVE A VESTED INTEREST in keeping you attuned to what their right-wing enemy in government is preventing them from doing (having the GOVERNMENT to limit the ability of THEIR OWN SONS TO ACQUIRE GUNS so they don't kill each other) - It is hoped that you turn your attention inward and working on the CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE PEOPLE WITHIN YOUR ECOSYSTEM.   

This is not the "Mental Health" challenge that is discussed in the national debate.
This is one of fraud, diversion and incompetence - as they know that the congregation is going to go along with anything that they propose - as long as a RIGHT WING ENEMY is stood up as the antagonist. 

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