Saturday, February 02, 2013

If $1 Trillion Of "Black Wealth" Was Lost To Subprime Mortgages But Each Increase In The Stock Market Generates X Trillions Of Dollars - Will The Voices Of Influence Upon The Black Community Switch Their Investment Strategy?

If it turns out that someone can "COUNT ON YOU" because they can "COUNT ON THEIR KNOWLEDGE THAT YOU ARE IGNORANT ABOUT CERTAIN MATTERS"......When Does It Become "YOUR FAULT" For Not Seeking The True Understanding Rather Than "Their Fault" For USING YOU?

Watch the video. Review my other to posts on the subject. ASK THE QUESTION. Answer it for yourself.

MY QUESTION:  Can The "Systematic Racism Chasing" Meme Serve The Long Term Development Interests Of The Black Community, Generating Sufficient Investment Capital Needed For Growth?  OR Is It Merely A Guaranteed Way To Appease Certain Black People?

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