Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Just Saw Madme CJ Walker Driving A BMW 750i

Driving this evening I pulled up behind a car that from a distance I though had snow covering the top and windows. 

As I got a half a block away I saw some orange markings on the back of the car and wondered if someone had spray painted and vandalized the vehcile.

As I got even closer I saw that the design was symmetric so it was just a business owner that was using her car as a moving billboard.

"Ritz Beauty & Barber Academy"

By the time I pulled out my camera phone to take a picture of the car - it had turned the corner.

In the context of a day's worth of news analysis about the fiscal condition of the United States -
  • Some saying that we don't have a debt problem and we need more spending to revive the economy (Paul Krugman) 
  • Others pointing to the expanding debt and noting that when the Fed stops buying bonds and the Treasury has to raise the interest rates to attract investors - our debt serving will starve the economy .............
.....I was struggling between two challenges of my personal disposition

  1. Americans have a consumer consciousness.  Drop my notions that I can change that and start cashing in on selling "Bling" - There is a demand for hair care services.  If this woman wasn't offering barber and beauty training - someone else would.
  2. It is 100% rational to accept the prognostications about how the US economy - a fiat scheme - can indeed generate more debt money out of thin air and use this to keep the confidence scheme going. There is not one down side for an interested and conscious group of people to "split the difference" - accepting this economy but NOT get dependent upon it.  Build up the ORGANIC COMPETENCIES that "their people" have, ensuring that more of their desired standard of living is produced as locally as possible upon the backs of the people who, in aggregate will provide the services that allow the people to live up to this standard.

I typed in the URL that was printed on the back window and got the following web page.

I do not know this woman who owns this salon or the motivations for her taste in cars.

The song playing in the background of the web proved instructive:  Ritz

  • He's searching for a heart that is desperate
  • Love me with your whole heart
  • Serve me with your life now
  • Bow down - let go of your idols
"The United States" is going to do what the "United States" is going to do. 
The Drone debate that I listened to basically came down to the point that the "UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT is going to define the politics that THEY SAY are legal".
It is going to act upon these policies - IN WHAT EVER COUNTRY that it chooses to - with regard primarily to two basic points:

  1. If that country disagrees with this policy CAN IT DEFEND AGAINST the American actions?
  2. Can the leaders of that nation be PAID OFF by the American government - after having failed to establish a measure of control over what is going on in its own borders - it looks to the United States to use its intelligence and military weapons to "render 'Justice' " using munitions upon those who "don't listen".
The concluding thought that I left with after digesting everything said on this page is:

  1. IF there is something that you CONSUME that has VALUE to you and you can detail the BENEFIT that it has in your life - you had better determine what you have in your possession to TRANSACT UPON, to the provider of this good or service in question.  
  2. REFUSE this 'benefit' if you don't have something of EQUAL WORTH to the PROVIDER.   
    1. Failing to do so - this other person will use this IMBALANCE to make you DEPENDENT upon what he is "Selling" to you in order to get you addicted.
  3. YOU may not see what you are transacting - but THIS OTHER PERSON sees it perfectly clear.  Your CONSCIOUS LOYALTIES is what he is after.
  4. IF he can make engineered use of your HATRED as a means of compelling you to let down your guard - not insisting that you give something in kind - AGAIN - you have already given that which you can't see.   For Hatred is a greater motivator for action than love or ambivalence ever will be.  
    1. Love might indeed prompt you to sacrifice yourself for the benefit of someone else - an unselfish act.
    2. Those who are consumed with HATRED/REVENGE/GRIEVANCE - however might be prompted into willful action just the same - but they are not CONSCIOUS of WHAT they are giving up of themselves and WHO they are giving it up to

Anyone who does not know what HE BELIEVES IN and what he would never COMPROMISE HIMSELF FOR is going to WISH that they took some time to define these priorities and limits within his own consciousness.     It will be too late to establish them once you have already agreed to cross the line that you had previously said in passing that you would never cross.

Then I went on Google Image search and typed up a query for a BWM 7 and saw that the New York Times article made reference to "casting out devils".  How odd.

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