Monday, February 25, 2013

I Disagree With The Removal Of 6 School Board Members In Dekalb County - The Governor Of Georgia Just Gave The "Black Community Management Filibuster" More Fuel

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I am a firm believer in the notion that "Education Is A State Constitutionally Mandated Provision".  The state ultimately holds the responsibility to provide public educational services to its constituents.
When a local entity is awarded a charter to collect taxes and provide these services as a franchise - they should be managed based on their aggregate results and not "micro-managed" by the state.

Sadly - we can add Dekalb County to the list of "North /South" - quasi-racial battle grounds by which two coalitions of interest groups fire at each other through "The Process".  Listen to the news and you hear near universal agreement for the removal of the "6 problem members" - while keeping the 3 that were recently elected.  Put a microphone in front of someone from South Dekalb and they remind the viewing audience that these are duly elected representatives of the community.   The state has no right to remove them.

The changes in the Dekalb County School System over the past 25 years is without question.  As middle class families moved into Gwinnett, Rockdale and Henry - people from lower economic classes who exited from Atlanta as well as immigrants increased their presence.
I know no less than 6 friends (Black families) that have departed from the school system.

With that said - I believe that the state of Georgia has over-reached.

I support the new law which erected a state process that allows for the removal of members of a local school board.  This is in line with the state constitutional authority.

I disagree that the situation with the Dekalb County School Board yet reached the threshold by which the Governor (per the recommendation of the state panel) should have reached into the system and re-engineered the makeup of the governing board.

Indictment based on corruption, claims of sexual impropriety - even outside of his capacity as a board member (ie: students or teachers), I would even support a case like Clayton County in which one faction is filing lawsuits against another faction on the board - with some issue making it on the news every other week.

The low threshold for intervention into the Dekalb County Board - seems to set a dangerous precedent AND gives fodder for the activists who prefer to debate their adult political adversaries rather than standing in account of the results from the system - per the academic attainment of the student body.

I assure you that this is and will be topic #1 on "Black Wing Grievance" talk radio.  The "I told you that the state Republicans want to push Black people out of power" will trump the question:  "How do we make Dekalb County Schools which ranks 4 out of 10 in Great into a 8 out of 10 school system?"

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