Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Homophobia In The Black Community Is Due To People Seeing It As "Eurocentric?"


While it is clear that this young stud in the picture with the two Black women that caught my attention will NOT be asking them to "Say My Name" via any sexual escapades that they might have together later on - the false assertions that the site provides as to the source of "Homophobia" (Their word, not a word that I use because it is fraudulent) is due to:

lHomophobia is undeniably an extremely blatant and prevalent force within the Black community. Many are still in total denial about the validity and naturalness of its existence and blame what are seen as external negative influences such as Euro- centricity, mental illness and satanic possession as its cause.

  • They want to make it an issue of RIGHTS
  • They want to argue that Federal and State Entitlements are being denied due to discrimination
  • They need to make everyone who is opposed to this radical "Norming" of behavior that is misaligned with what can be discerned from any dispassionate assessment of the human anatomy and distinction between the organs and orifices of our reproductive system versus our digestive system

Do not entertain such a debate.

Notice that every one of the bullet point items listed above is a derivative of a "Functional Society".  The confluence of Fiscal Soundness, Social Order, A Legal System Who's Will Can Be Enforced - is what I see.  

A society - a nation or a local community in which these elements aren't in place - has no RIGHTS or LIBERTIES that can be assured in the name of some fraudulent claim of SOCIAL EVOLUTION.

The most effective rebuttal to all of their claims (and you don't need to be opposed to two or more consenting adults - doing what they please in their privacy) is that this same body of thought that pushes for Gay Marriage and "Normalization Of Gay Relationship" are INCOMPETENT to manage an ecosystem in which we know that HETEROSEXUAL BLACK COUPLES who:

  • Delay Having Child Birth
  • Graduate From The Highest Level Of Education Possible
  • Get Married Into Long Term, Committed Heterosexual Relationships
  • Bring Their Children Into An Environment That Is Stabilized From The Above 3 Elements....
Is The Most Tried And True Means Of Closing The "Racial Income Gap".

IT IS NOT UP TO ME TO PROVE TO YOU That "A Homosexual Couple" CAN'T Do The Same Thing.  
IT IS UP TO YOU To Look At The GREAT EXPANSE OF PROBLEMS THAT THE BLACK COMMUNITY NOW SUFFERS And Then Ask Yourself WHY You Are So Pleased By PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALIST "BASE HITS" That Appear To Be "Forward Motion" -  Yet So INCOMPETENT At MANAGING The Human Resources Within The Black Community Via The Institutions That You Win Control Over Per Your Secular Partisan Political Conquest. As Long As You Perceive You Are Making Gains Against 'The Right Wing' - All Bets Are Off In Having A Discussion About The FUNCTIONAL OUTCOMES Of Your Latest Devolution Of Social Order.   

The ironic point is that these "expanded rights" come from a society who's government is an expression of the people's "evolved attitudes", yet as we see so clearly that the CONSUMER DEMAND that is being fomented by this new consciousness that is taking over in this nation - is itself funded by FIAT and CONFIDENCE - not based upon any of the gold or jewels that our ancestors have stored as lessons for us to partake in.

As long as they have a claim of "Social Justice" upon this government body AND we as Americans are largely abstracted from the consequence of our present living - that which is seen as evolutionary and panache - will one day revert by to the intrinsic function, as the society is forced to order itself based upon the discrete value that it receives in ordering itself as such - their standard of living being directly tied to the social order that they ENFORCE rather than "Permit".

Today's American Cultural Progressive Is As "Fiat" As The Money That He Lays Claim To With His Redistributionist Theories.

When he has no one to "discriminate against him" in the "Mission Accomplished Domain" that he controls - the Secular Progressive can't celebrate the "victory" that he has sculpted out of his "Great Society".   The reengineeering of one body of "societal oppression" merely has created open wounds in another area.  With the people grown more scattered than channeled toward a "functional culture" - the only victor in most cases is the government redistribution channel - the force that promises to fill the void that the dysfunction that was inserted.

The Twin Brother Of "Suppression Via Discrimination" IS "Squandered Uplift Due To Community Consciousness Filibuster"

 THE TRUTH ABOUT WHAT THEIR REAL AGENDA IS - IS NOT Determined By What They SAY And "Struggle For" But What They REFUSE TO PARTICIPATE IN - IN THE NAME OF "BLACKNESS" Because They See The Damage That Is Produced And The Exposure That Is Created As Key Community Institutions Are Crippled In The Hopes That The Nationalized Struggle Will Remain Fruitful As The Accounting Statements Are Lies  

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