Friday, February 01, 2013

Had WHYY Philadelphia Stood Up Against Mayor Nutter In April 2012 - Telling The Crowd Who Gathered To Protest Romney's School Visit To "GO TO THE LIBRARY AND READ TO BLACK KIDS!" I Would Respect Their Present Effort More

WHYY's Radio Times is an important link to the current affairs in the city of Philadelphia.
I give them credit for talking about more issues among "the least of these", many of them related to race and poverty in the city than most of the other forums that are available which are more interested in "opinion" rather than social science.

At the same time - there is no question that the show host Marty Moss-Coane is a "run of the mill" Progressive and her views on various issues are in line with the establishment viewpoint.   Despite Philadelphia's favorable political orientation on paper - economic desolation, educational system dysfunction, lack of cultural leadership and a persistent threat of violence - all are identified as the reason that each new crop of young people that matriculate through the ecosystem are tainted rather than are allowed to excel.

My problem with those who are outside of the Black community in Philadelphia and who make assessments of the conditions "inside" of the Black community is that they can never bring themselves to see any of these results as a CONSEQUENCE of the antics that are allowed "Within The Black Community", mostly done for the sake of political pasturing.

When Mayor Nutter Took To The Podium To Please The "Anti-Romney Protesters" In West Philly

I do not believe that Marty Moss-Coane has the will to fight AGAINST (both) the elected leadership in Philadelphia AND - when necessary - the antics that go unchecked - WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY BY BLACK PEOPLE who are used to doing what they place in the void of governance/leadership that allowed them to exploit the masses, leading them to the condition that they presently are:   "Fully Vested But Marginalized", none the less.

About a year ago Ms Coane did a report featuring a sociologist from the University Of Pennsylvania.  Despite the fact that Philadelphia has a sizable Black population and "favorable people in power" - the study found that a significant portion of Black Americans ;

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