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Gun Violence & The "Struggle" For Solutions Through Politics At The Expense Of Black People: The Contaminated Black Media Are Not Going To Frame The Arguments Of The "Black Racial Services Machine" In This Way

If you don't

The Black Racial Services Machine Constructive Feedback University

The "Within The Black Community Context" Rebuttal
On The Matter Of Limiting Access To Firearms


The Most Effective Means Of Advancing Our Long Term Goal Of "Gun Control" Is To "PUT THE NRA ON TRIAL" And Get The Congregation To Invest Their Energy Behind Us In Attacking Them For Their Stance On Assault Weapons

Not Only Is There A Small Minority Of Black Homicides Committed By Assault Weapons And From Guns Obtained Though "The Gunshow Loophole" - When The "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirates" Rap About Murdering Black People With "Their 9's, Choppers, or Gats" The Very Same "Media Matter's Twitter Friends" Network Who Propagate Every "Racist" Statement Made By A Republican During A Political Campaign Are SILENT About So Many Of The Death Threats Said In "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" Lyrics And How So Much "Life Immitates Art Imitating Life" Comes True As This Genere Of Music Proves To Be The Most Violent

On The Matter Of Influencing The "Would Be Pillars Of The Black Community" To Stop Killing People


Whip Of "Self-Chummed Outrage" About The "President Of The United States" Traveling To See White Folks Up In Newtown Connecticut But Not Having The Regard For The Crisis In His Home Town Of Chicago To Make A Visit.

(Side Note:  Has "Crew Of 42" Ever Published An Article That STOOD FIRMLY In The Representation Of "The Black Community's Permanent Interest" And Then Held Black Elected Officals To THIS Standard Rather Than To "Progressive Standards"?
They Are Too Ideologically Bigoted, Biased And Set On Using POLITICS To Bring Home The "Social Justice JESUS" Into The Lands That They Already Have Dominate Control Over - That No One In The "Black Media" Are Going To Put Up A Slide Show Of Previous "Failed Gravitational Pull Schemes That Were Seen As "GOVERNANCE" When In Truth They Were Just Propaganda

This Picture Was Going To Induce The "Pillars Of The Black Community" To DO THE RIGHT THING And, As A Result - They Too Could Make It To The White House, Motivating The Congregation Of Black Progressives To Invest Their Valuables In MAKING HIM STAND TALL Against The Right Wing - So They Don't Have To Focus On Competently GOVERNING THE BLACK COMMUNITY BACK AT HOME
After Staring Into The Eyes Of The First Black Progressive President - This Young Black Boy Would Be Imprinted With The Warmth Of The President's Soul And Will Study To Become A Sculpter, Geological Engineer, Becoming The Black Man Who Chisels Obama's Face Upon "Mt Rainier" Because Mt Rushmore Is Too Crowed With Oppressors Of Black People Who Were Racists
The Key Takeaway From This Signing Of The "White House Initiative On African American Education" IS NOT The Impact That It Will Have On Actually Lifting The Educational Attainment Of Black People.


  • They are not going to call what their friends in power are presiding over a "Civil Rights Violation"
  • They Understand That This Above Picture Will Be This Generation's Version Of 'A Great Day In Harlem" And Thus They Don't Have To Worry About The Black Rank &  File Going Against Them - When They Purchased The Picture From The India Woman Selling Them In The "Black Portrait Gallery" As They Believe That In 20 Years Time It Will Greatly Appreciate In Value And THEY Don't Wish To Play Any Part In Having It Depreciate In Value.

The Motivating Facator For Gun Violence Within The Black Community
A Lack Of Opportunity Due To This Nation's "Unequal Access To OPPORTUNITY".


The Legacy Of The "Black Community's Permanent Interests"
Became A Matter Of "Voting For Your Community's Salvation" 
The "Bayard Rustin 
The Goal Of The Push For "Progressive Public Policy" IS NOT To "Organicly Strengthen The Black Community" Through The Institutions That They Now Control.

It Is To Put Up Legislative Proposals That They Know That The Right-Wing Will Oppose - Thus Stimulating The "Post Racial Progressive Coaltiion" To HAVE A REASON TO FIGHT!!

Few Of Them Will Admit That 50 Years Ago This Same Fight Was At The Local Level

20 Years Ago This Fight Was At The State Level

Despite Being The ESTABLISHMENT POWER At The Local Level That Is Failing To Provide "The Least Of These" With Social Justice And Protecting Them From CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS - Today We Are At The Federal Level And It Will Continue Unchecked Until "The Black Rank & File" Begins To Ask ITSELF:  "WHERE IS MY MONEY?"

The Bayard Rustin Black Community Development Scheme
The Malcolm X Political Football Game: The Harvest The "Black Community Valuables" In Support Of The Progressive Political Movement

(As you heard in movie "Betty & Coretta") The evidence of Black Community Progress is in the NUMBER OF BLACK (Progressive) ELECTED OFFICIALS rather than the Vital Statistics among "The Least Of These" - that attest to their competency in DEVELOPING ORGANIC COMPETENCIES through the Human Resource Development Institutions that they now control.

The Black community consciousness is so vested into "The TEAM" that it can't bring itself to ask "WHERE IS OUR MONEY AT - After 50 Years Worth Of Investment"?


The Promote A New Generation Of "Black Leaders" Who Are PURELY "Ideological/Political Leaders" Who Will NEVER Stand Up FOR THE BLACK COMMUNITY - Against What IS POPULAR WITH The Black Community - That THEY Sold Today's "Solution To"
They Call For "Consumer Protection Agency" In The Federal Government - But Can't See That THE LEAST OF THESE Needs Protection FROM THEM

They Don't Pretend To Be Competent To Field A "Governing Order" That Encapsulates The ENTIRE SCOPE OF NEEDS WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.  They Understand That They ONLY Need To Sell The Vapor Called SOCIAL JUSTICE As The Filler
Fighting Against The RIGHT WING ENEMY That They Stood Up In The Minds Of The Congregation Using Advanced Technology Like Twitter, Blogs, FaceBook And E-mail.   Thus Their Advocacy To Fill "The Digital Divide" Was In Order To Build A Larger Congregation Of Activists And Consumers Of Their Messaes

IF They OWN "Dr King's "Message Then Any Right-Winger Who Attempts To Prove That He Is Not "Racist" By COOPTING King's Message Into Their Own - Will Be PUT ON TRIAL To Show How He Does Not Live Up To "King's Principles"
THEY NEVER Hold Up FAVORABLE PEOPLE To KING'S PRINCIPLES.  Anyone Doing So Will Receive The "Tavis Smiley Treatment", And Learn Never To Do Such A Foolish Thing Like That Again.
The Use The Power Of Attrition - Understanding That Young People Are More Likely To Be Progressive.  Thus The Old Revolutionaries Can Fill Their Heads About "The Struggle" And The Young Won't Notice That BACK IN THE DAY "The Struggle" Took Place Outside Of City Hall.   Last Decade It Took Place Outside Of The White House.

TODAY "The We Are In The White House Negroes" Sell The PRIDE Of The Presidential "Right Wing Fighter" And The "Ebony Fashion Fare" Wife As A Means Of Compelling The Black Community To Look Past The LOCAL ISSUES That Remain Unmitigated - Despite All Of The Investments

Back To Square One
The Homicide Victimization Statistics WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY

  • A Sage Financial Adviser Would Say:  "Manage Your Financial Affairs Today As If You Were Saving For The Lifestyle That You Want Your Great Grand-Children To Live
  • A Cultural Strategist Would Say: Consider All That You Are Doing Today As An AMERICAN CONSUMER And Investor In The "American Political Domain" And Then Identify WHAT IF ANY Of These Elements Could Be Packaged Up To ANY "Black Diasporatic Location", Allowing You To Provide STRUCTURAL SUPPORT To "The Permanent Least Of These", Rather Than Arrive As A CONSUMER CRITIC , Where After A Short Time In Being With You They Say In Their Native Tongue:  "AMERICAN GO HOME!!!   We Can Do Bad By Ourselves Without Hearing From You 'How GOOD You Had It In America.  You Have Motivated Us To Secure Our Borders From Any Other Consciously Damaged People Coming Here To Infect Us With A Disease Worse Than Cholera"

Swahili:  "AMERICAN GO HOME! Tunaweza Je Bad Kwa Wenyewe Bila kusikia Kutoka Wewe 'Jinsi GOOD Wewe Alikuwa Ni Katika Amerika Wewe Je Motisha Nasi Ili Salama Mipaka yetu Kutoka Watu Any Other kufahamu Kuharibiwa Coming Hapa kuambukiza Nasi Kwa Magonjwa Mbaya Kuliko. kipindupindu "

Afrikaans: "AMERICAN GO HOME! Ons Kan Doen Bad deur onsself sonder om te hoor van julle se hoe goed jy het dit in Amerika. U het ons gemotiveer om ons grense te beskerm van enige ander Bewustelik Beskadigde mense wat hier om ons te besmet met 'n siekte erger ascholera "

Arabic: هل "HOME GO AMERICAN! نفعل بأنفسنا دون سوء الاستماع منك" كيف جيدة أنت في أمريكا وكان. لديك دفعنا لتأمين حدودنا من أي شعب آخر التالفة بوعي يطرح هنا لتصيب بنا بمرض أسوأ من الكوليرا "

Portugese: "Go Home AMERICANO! We Can Do Bad por nós mesmos sem ouvir de você" quão bom você tinha em América. Você tem motivado a proteger nossas fronteiras de qualquer outro povo Conscientemente danificados vindo aqui para nos infectar com uma doença pior do que cólera "

Korean:  미국의 아웃 우리 최고의 고객 아프리카로 이동하고 있습니다. Quck는 - 우리가 우리의 중국어 브라더스가 구축 한 고속도로와 철도 시스템의 모든을 활용하도록 우리의 공급망를 변경하세요. 아프리카에 더 많은 흑인 미국인들과 적어도 - 최고에 프로그레시브 사령관 저희 상점은에 있는지 실수로 건물을 파괴 드론을 사용하는 가능성이 낮습니다. 그들은 인도와 Brazlian 머리의 재고 비용을 지불하기를 거부했습니다. 아마 정책 제시 더 많은 미국인으로 변경됩니다

Korean Translation: Our Best Customers Out Of America Are Moving To Africa.   Quck - Alter Our Supply Chain So That We Make Use Of All Of The Highways And Railroad Systems That Our Chinese Brothers Have Built Up.   At Least With More Black Americans In Africa - The Progressive Commander In Chief Will Be Less Likely To Use Drones That Inadvertently Destroy The Buildings That Our Stores Are In.  They Have Refused To Pay For Our Inventory Of Indian And Brazlian Hair.  Maybe The Policy Will Change With More Americans Present

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