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GOP & Racial Diversity: The Problem With Black Community Governance Today Is "Systematic Racism Chasing As A Justification For Institutional Integrity Violation" - NOT "Too Many Black Democrats" Or "Too Few Black Republicans"


The Forces Who Possess Your Confidence And Has Made You Believe That YOUR PROBLEM Is A POLITICAL PROBLEM Rather Than An Issue With The Void In "Community Governance Culture", The Absence Of Which Fails To Produce ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT That, When Measured Will Be Expressed As Your EQUALITY - Have No Intention To Shift Your Conscious Attention Away From Their Scheme Of Outward "Political Conquest" For The Advantage Of The Ideology That They Are Seeking To Advance - Using Your INFERIOR CONDITION As Their Reference.

Failing To Imagine The Day In Which THEY Achieve THEIR VICTORY Over The Enemy That You Have Enlisted As Your Own - In Which YOU Can Make Inventory Of The COMPETENCIES THAT YOU WILL HOLD AS YOUR OWN - Simply Means That As You Look In The Mirror During The Intervals Of Time Leading Up To This Fateful Eventuality And See "A Least Of These Person" - You Will Agree To Yield Your Body To "Political Science" - Never Once Thinking Of Demanding "Earnest Money" Along The Way That You Could Use As "
Note: I found the above picture from this site as I was looking for a histogram that showed the timeline of the American Black population growth.  MY THESIS:  There are far more Black people in America today who are living in a "Dark Matter Zone" in which the iHuman Resource Development Institutions that are run by the "Favorable People In Power" - appointed by the American Political Process - that fail to develop Black people up to their potential and thus there are "Valuables Left On The Table" - than there were Black people who were enslaved - the labor stolen from them - and is now enumerated as "Reparations" due. 

The fundamental inability for the "Black Racial Services Machine" to identify the OPPORTUNITY COSTS of their present antics and to define BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS as WHAT YOU WILL NOT DO IN THE NAME OF "BLACKNESS" Because Of The Destructive Effect Upon One's Consciousness IS THE #1 SOURCE OF DAMAGE That Is Communicated From One Black Person To Another Today - Leading To The "Consumerized Black Americanized Consciousness" That Infects So Many Of Our People Today - Leaving Them Incapable Of Offering The Least Bit Of "Structural Assistance" To Any Other Black Diasporatic Population Around The World - Who HAVE NO USE FOR CONSUMERS In Their Midst.

The Black American's Problem IS NOT That There Is Not Enough Diversity IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY or THAT THE GOP KEEPS DERAILING "The Black Agenda"


The Architects Of Today's "Politicized Black Community Development Consciousness" 

Some of you misunderstand my general disposition.
I may have little respect for an "Embedded Confidence Man" that USES the notions of "Blackness" to string Black people along but I have the HIGHEST AMOUNT OF RESPECT for an "artist" that has the power to show that, ultimately - BLACK PEOPLE ARE 100% EQUAL.

The problem with the way the "Equality" game is played is that it is a construct that is put upon "The Greater Society" to PROVE that it is not bigoted by showing equal valuation to all - regardless of the presence of a growing list of attributions added to the "non-discrimination clause" in our society's social constitution.

If you study the changing dynamics the flaw is soon obvious.  While society is asked to show equal consideration - those who carry the torch of "diversity" and lay claim to being  "The Truth Fighters" - are rarely called out for failing to show evidence that their power building effectively leads to a collection of "The UN-Least Of These", who use this imposition of a favorable establishment to achieve "organic competencies" to which they can provide uplift services to another body of "The Least Of These".   The constraint being - all of this done as CLOSE TO HOME AS POSSIBLE - to remove the chance of a perpetual "Boil The Ocean Campaign" in which the grievances of "The Least Of These" is used to lift some other force into POWER - providing them with merely an opportunity at vicarious living.

The majority of my commentary on this blog is  a focus upon how the supposed "Black Defense Forces" - or as I call them "The Black Racial Services Machine" offers NO PROTECTION to "The Least Of These" FROM the Political Exploitation that whirls around them.  As long as these lost souls are FIGHTING FOR THE RIGHT TEAM - there is no voice who is going to step up and say "NO MORE - You have molested my people enough - now look at the condition that they are left in as our development trajectory as a people has been derailed!!"

The Republican Team In The "Malcolm X Political Football Game" Seeks To Recruit Some Blacks Because They Are Fast

Former Congressman JC Watts (R-OK) is tied of being "the only brother at the local Republican Party meetings and vows to work to change his party so that it is more palatable for Black people to consider as an expression of their political voice.  

He figures that if he can get more Blacks into the "Republican pipeline" while they are young - some day in the future there will be a new class of "Black Republicans" who will rise to leadership positions within the party.

"The's" Keli Goff who talked with Mr Watts about his plan hopes that the Republican Party will one day be less repugnant to Black Progressives, allowing her to one day report on how "progressive" they have become.

The Average Black Political Operative Is Dishonest (Or Clueless) About The Realities Of Today's Black Social &  Cultural Narrative

If you listen to various sources on the radio, on television and in printed media as they discuss "The Black Agenda" - if you LISTEN beyond the intention of finding agreement with what you already believe to be the case, made content that "the congregation" is in agreement with your take - then you will observe something very different.

The majority of what passes as "Black Political Discourse" has more to do with what Black Americans THINK is the pathway toward prosperity within the Black community rather than a transparent, honest and DISCIPLINED discussion of our "position" based upon the "investment positions" that have been staked out previously.

When you have a virtual monopoly on the sentiment - you become an "American Historian" - crafting the narrative of "the good guys" and "the bad guys".

This narrative becomes folklore.

As future Black youth put on their "Cowboys and Indian" garb after being indoctrinated by the "history lessons" that you have published into their curriculum  - not only will those with a vested interest in perpetuating this "history" made proud to see this narrative alive within this "child's play" - their justification for the fight against the 'savages' who sought to 'destroy what they have built up' becomes a SELF-JUSTIFYING cover for the amplification against the enemy in the context of their morally justified crusade against an existential threat.

I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue! - Barry Goldwater

While Barry Goldwater may indeed be correct at condemning "moderation as cowardice rather than virtue" - his statement fails to bring into consideration the question of WHO is defining the accouterments of "Liberty and Justice".

Most assuredly today a murdered Black man and its classification as a "Civil Rights Violation" is NOT evidenced by the blood stain on the pavement - in common between various assaults.  Those who reserve the right to provide the branding upon what they deem a "Civil Rights Violation" have no interest in committing their evaluation process to writing for public inspection and commentary.

Thus the notion that the problem with the modern "American Negro" is an issue of "ELECTIONS YET TO BE WON" is a notion that has been promoted by the very same forces who have shown themselves to be expert "Historians" - reserving the right to submit their narrative and get it published in as many media streams that Black people today consume.

To be clear - (as I said above) - I respect those people who show the equal humanity of Black people - proving that we are creatures of repetition and mental comfort - just like all other groups over time.  In my observations of them I work hard to abstract my personal interests in the group that is being USED by this scheme and instead try to study the techniques that are applied - as much as it is possible.

It stands to reason that if the "Black American's consciousness and loyalties" can be made to fuse to a "coalition" that is effectively other than RACE - then it should also be accepted as true that the members of the Black Community who's actions are a threat to the "safe communities" that are one of our Permanent Interests" are victims of a "Stolen Consciousness" as they are made loyal to a team that is not in their own interests.

From "My Name Is Kunta Kente" To "I Am A (Democrat / Republican)

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