Friday, February 22, 2013

Give The People What They Want BECAUSE To Deny That The MAJORITY Knows Best Is To Assume That At Least SOME Are Ignorant And Such An Assumption Will Make Them Hate You Even More

When You See Someone Promoting PUBLIC OPINION POLLS In Lieu Of Fiscal Or Scientific Data - You Should Already Know What Is Going On

 The Same POPULARITY POLL That Blames THEIR ENEMY For The Current Threat Their Access To Debt Money Will Be Followed In Several Years By A Follow Up Poll That Blames THE ENEMY FOR THE SPIRALING DEBT.

In The Context Of A $1,000 Billion Federal Budget Deficit Year - The Threat Of A Cut Between $43 Billion And $109 Billion Triggers This - You Should Know That There Is A Larger Problem At Hand:


A few weeks ago during the first anniversary of singer Whitney Houston's death - I heard a report of her trip to a Caribbean island.   Upon arriving at the airport she was surrounded by adoring fans.  She took out a stack of American money and began "Making It Rain" upon the masses.

As the story goes - the people looked at THEMSELVES and then looked at the MONEY and they got insulted.   

The fact that the first thing that this foreign person who they adorned on stage would think of them as beggars who would be made more pleased if she GAVE them money was an insult.   They threw the money back at her and walked away.

My newly affirmed position - after a period of clarification IS : 
"IF You Can't Define The EQUAL ITEM Of Value That You Are Transacting Outward In Your Dealings With Another Entity - Then It Is YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS ABOUT YOURSELF That Is Being Yielded In Exchange For Whatever 'Chum Trinket' That You See That Ultimately Keeps You In Your Present Condition - Physically, Economically And Spiritually"

We are in a national consciousness by which POPULAR WILL defines "economic, social and cultural truth".  

For me - I see the need to move away from both "MORALITY" and "POPULAR WILL" and begin to stand firmly on DESIRED FUNCTIONAL OUTCOMES.  

Those who can enumerate their "Social Justice Rights" to certain accouterments of American citizenship that should not be abridged by a budget crisis - where this economic has massive "income inequality in distribution" - can't bring themselves to see that what they "receive" is as a CONSUMER RELATIONSHIP with the provisor is also a transaction of their "conscious loyalties" built upon the unspoken bit of painful truth:  THE DEFICIT that the aggregate demand upon the fiat currency (from all things - social maintenance, military and foreign policy) is in excess of what the organic production value that America - in aggregate - is producing today.

THE EVENTUAL RECONCILIATION will force ALL AMERICANS to live at the level that their ORGANIC AND PROXIMATE COMPETENCIES will afford them.  PERIOD!!!

 IF these are the TRIX that are played over $100 Billion - is there any hope that this system - which is "OF THE PEOPLE" has any chance of rationally dealing with a $1,000 billion annual shortfall OR a $16,500,000,000,000 federal debt total?

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