Thursday, February 21, 2013

GAS-JAR, The Most Progressive Civil Rights Organization In America - Announces A Boycott Against Capital One For Having A RACIST As Their Spokesman

Press Release:

GAS-JAR, the most progressive civil rights organization in America today, announces a campaign to get Capital One Bank to purge the racists from its commercials.

The Vikings used by Capital One Bank is another example of the "whitewashing" of history by the European.
While the real Vikings were murders, rapists and thieves - no different than how the media tries to depict Black males today - Capital One (and Minnesota / the NFL) attempts to recast them as worthy warriors.

The Vikings - A Legacy Of Pillage

The Original "War On Women And Children" 

"What's In Your Wallet Right Now - Will Be Ours As We Kill You In Pursuit Of Your Valuables - Just As An American Street Pirate Will One Day Do.  A Group Called SBPDL/V-Dare Will Keep A Running Total Of The Urban Death, Triggering Those Who Allowed 'The Street Pirates' Consciousness' To Fester Because They Were Focused On The Political Vikings Of The Day, Instead Of Protecting Their Real Valuables.

It Is YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS That Is In Your Wallet That We Are After.  You Can Keep That Fiat Currency - It Has No Value In The Long Run"

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