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Filled Negro's Analysis Of Jesse Jackson Jr: Fails To Enumerate What The Jacksons STOLE From The Black Community, Leaves The Door Open For A Restoration Of Honor IF Jackson Writes A Tell All Book: "The Racism I Experienced First Hand From The Congressional Tea Party Coalition And Why They Are A Bigger Threat To Chicago And Philly Than Are Street Pirate Gangs And Failed Educational Systems"

I have to admit that the 3 sources of information on my home town of Philadelphia PA are:

  1. (Philadelphia Inquirer - particularly their "Philly Confidential" crime blog)
  2. MyFoxPhilly - because they have videos with "Embed Code" for easy of blogging
  3. The "Filled Negro" blog - thought leader of "AfroSpear" and "Blogging While Black Progressive"

Me and Filled-Negro are closer friends than me and Paul Kersey of SBPDL.  
At least I know that Filled-Negro is not driven by racism in his antics, unlike Mr Kersey.

Instead Filled-Negro is an "inside man" who is driven by "ideological bigotry".   He uses this to do "self-chum feedings" to other "Field Negroes" - as they keep steady watch of "The Big House".   

\Things changed though, After Obama. 
Everyone assumed that "The House Negroes" in the big house were worthy of shame as the lack of callouses on their hands and clean finger nails seemed to show that they have never known a "hard days work" in their history.

President Obama came along and showed that this such a term called "WE Are In The White House Negroes".     Thus - "the sold out insider" is ONLY an index of the "favorable 'Massa' ", NOT some hard and fixed rule on loyalty to one's RACIAL STRUGGLE - separate and distinct from the nation - that we are reminded - Enslaved Blacks, Stole Land, Killed Native Americans, bombed Japanese and - after watching PBS "Need To Know" - has canceled "Chicano Studies Programs" in public schools because saying "Go Back To Mexico" is now racist.   INDEED this nation PROGRESSES in a strange and uneven manner.   Someone needs to learn how to drive with a stick shift before they burn out the clutch.   The racist right wing will then complain that the vehicle called "America" is now out in the front yard on cinder blocks and the "Home Owners Association" is unable to do anything about it because saying something would be a stereotypical insult.

But that's A-merry-ca - like my friend Filled Negro says.

Filled Negro On The Guilty Plea Of Rep Jesse Jackson Jr - Democrat Of Illinois Who Was Obama's Election Campaign Co-Chair 2008

"You are 'With Us' or A'gin Us.   Our blogging coverage at Afro Spear will be in line with this relationships, NOT what you have done with our valuables.  After all we gave you our valuables willingly after we fed ourselves 'Self-Chummed' propaganda in an effort to defeat the Right Wing".

This phrase above is an accurate depiction of how my friend Filled Negro and his diverse cast operates.

Most of you all read "political treatises:" based upon the content that is disagreeable to you or not".   The expert operative merely needs to string together an article full of "TRANSACTIONAL" sweets or shards - and the average consumer will be oblivious as to what he is being feed.

I believe that most would agree that Messieurs Jesse Jackson Jr and Herman Cain have seen their fair share of "kerfuffledom" in this past "blessed political year of our Lord".

What most don't bother to notice, however, is the distinction between those who "OFFEND the prevailing SENSIBILITIES of Americanized Blacks" versus those who were let INSIDE of "The Black Community Holy Temple - allowed to 'case the joint' as a youth and then rise through the ranks to the PREACHING STAFF - only to be caught using the 'Church Building Funds' to purchase a $40,000 watch for their White girl friends.   

I use Mr Jackson and Mr Cain as specimens for discovery of my REAL target - The "Hijacked Black Community Consciousness".    The truth is - that for the "Americanized Black Consciousness" - the void in governance infrastructure produces the "Confidence Scheme" effect.   Whereas normally the individuals who are closest to the soft tissue of your "internal organs" are able to do more fatal damage to you than the outsider who must penetrate the shell of your rough exterior - which is fortified by military grade Kevlar and the early warning system of "The Paid Black Press" - when it comes to the Black American community - normal "Military Science" is turned on its head.

The "Black Struggle 2013" is ONLY an "Partisan American Political Struggle".   

If you notice - my dear friend Filled Negro delivered a "Just The Facts Ma'am" assessment of the fallen Jesse Jackson Jr (do you see what I learned from you Janet of 'Hinterland Gazette'?).   

Missing was all of the wide reaching 'pattern matching' of how "ONE NO GOOD REPUBLICAN NEGRO Shows That The Lot Of Them Are Also Up To No Good".  Instead my friend Filled-Negro told of how other "Progressive Negroes on the side - at one time there were 20 of them seeking to filled Juniors seat out of Chicago - need to take this as a lesson that if they DO WRONG - they are going to get caught.

(Plus it hindered Filled Negro's typical theatrics that a Black man who he once called a 'Victim Of The Tea Party Racism' - is now the US Attorney General - who's desk the plea agreement between the US government and Jesse Jackson Jr had to ultimately come across.  THAT'S POWER!!!)

What Was Stolen From The Black American Building Fund?

In watching the NAACP's Ben Jealous you can develop a baseline of the "framework" of Black (Progressive) interests that he constructs via his rhetoric.

We understand that ANY barrier added to the voting process (even if applied to all) is to be judged by its "Disparate Impact" upon 'The Least Of These'.   (In the spirit of 'Its Not What You Are Called But What you Respond To '  - the American Negro seems to have taken quite well to turning around when someone says "Hey - You Least Of These Person!!").

We quickly see that Black voting rights are only a case for indictment when "the Equal Black Ballot" is in a theater of contention with the White Right Wing.    If we go to Camden or Detroit, for example - the local election in which barbs and claims of intimidation are exchanged on a routine basis - this never rises to the level of "threat" to the "Enforcers Of Social Justice".   It parallels how the frequent death threats heard in "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" lyrics never produce a rise, but if Ted Nugent predicts his own "early death" - "Black-Wing Grievance & Political Opportunism Talk Radio" will still be talking about this OFFENSE - long after Chief Keef completes his 10th "co-labo remix" with every major rapper on the charts.

This all shows the asymmetric VALUE that is enforced within the Black community in which the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" is now the primary construct for the Black Americanized Consciousness.

Neither My Friend Filled Negro, Keli Goff or Ben Jealous will discuss Rep Jesse Jackson Jr's fall in the terms of what he RECEIVED FROM "The Black Community" as the "messenger of their HOPE for SOCIAL JUSTICE" and how he got caught up in the "DC Lifestyle" and took his "Eyes Off Of The Prize" and instead focused on some WHITE GIRLS AZZ, believing that it would be spruced up with a Rolex Watch from campaign funds donated to him by those who agree to be called "The Least Of These".

"Republican Who Is Black" Herman Cain had a similar taste in White women - he was forced, however, to use private financing for his conquest.   Not one Black person who gave a political donation to Herman Cain's candidacy had their money laundered into his "extra-curricular" activities.   Instead their money was spent in ordering a "Godfather's Pizza" in exchange for "goods and services" that they received.

The Inability And Unwillingness To Define The TRANSACTION OF VALUE

The reason why I developed the concept of the "3 Golden Chalices That Hold The Black Community's Valuables" is because of the need to provide STRUCTURE to an ephemeral concept.

Just because you are not CONSCIOUS of what you transact as you connect your "Conscious Loyalties" and your "Black Community Development HOPES" to a given vehicle - does not mean that certain energy is not sucked out of you in the process.

In fact the best thieves are the one's who WILLINGLY compel their VICTIMS to give their valuables to him.  IN FACT - the SUPREME THIEF makes them feel that it is THEIR PRIVILEGE to invest their valuables into him.    HE FIRST REFUSES to take their money.  Since THEY lack self-worth and feel discriminated against - as if "They are not good enough" - as his other "investors are" - they might be seen filing a lawsuit FORCING the "Confidence Man" to take their valuables as investments - just like his other clients.

It is interesting that Jesse Jackson Jr (and believe me - I am not picking on him because THE PROBLEM is far, far, far larger than him) was able to acquire discrete material items, items that he could leverage for advancement of his other interests - all taken from THIS ONE SOURCE:   "The Washington Political Machine".  

If you notice - my friend Filled Negro did not posit "How Many Prisoner Reentry Jobs this $700,000+ in funds that Jackson Jr took could have been financed if he was not so short sighted to give them to his wife and his White girl friend"

The fatal flaw with the INDICTMENTS that have been mastered by the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser is that they are RESERVED FOR HIS ENEMIES.   You don't receive use ruminations when the focus is upon "a friend".

Did any less currency get transacted away from the "Black Community's Building Fund" if there is SILENCE?

Greater than the need for the "Black Bird browser" or  "Rushmore Drive" - both of which promised to deliver a "Black Progressive Conscious Experience" to the savvy Black intellectual is the needed REBOOT of "The Black Press".

The scheme that has worked to get "favorable progressives into POWER" controlling the Black Community's valuables DOES NOT WORK when YOU ARE NOW THE ESTABLISHMENT THAT IS FAILING TO PRODUCE 'ORGANIC SOCIAL JUSTICE' FOR THE BLACK COMMUNITY!!!  (Damn!!! This is so frustrating)

You CLAIM that you are "Promoting 'Blackness' " when in truth you are USING BLACKNESS to promote "Your team in American politics".  

This "Team" has been marketed as "progressive" and this mostly means that since this is YOUR stereotype of "the good guys" - you simply choose to avoid taking a muckraking stance because your ultimate interests is your victory over THE BAD GUYS - the Right Wing.

You can't accept that THE GOVERNMENT - the institution that the two "Dung Producing Party Animals" are fighting over the control over the steering wheel is a separate and distinct entity than is your "Black Community Consciousness".   There is more in the way of COMPROMISED INTEGRITY that one can point to as they watch you  - than you can show ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT received by Black people who have matriculated through the INSTITUTIONS that you now control.

Is there a greater HATRED for Black people - than to use this time in the "clearing" for Political Shenanigans?   Should you be building up the "Media Institutions" that you will use when this Mutha collapses under unyielding debt  when you are forced to stand alone - just like your ancestors in Africa?

The worst theft of all from SLAVERY - is the "BLACK COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE CULTURE".

As we read about "burned manuscripts from Ancient Mali" and other raids on libraries from antiquity in Africa - few people seem to note that more fragile than the cloth parchment that can be destroyed by fire is the INTEGRITY OF THE GRIOT - who's POWERFUL MIND holds the history, but who's HONOR CODE is required to allow THE TRUTH to be told to the next generation.

If this GRIOT allows HIS EMPLOYER to recruit the people that this EMPLOYER does not need to tell what to do directly (and thus there is no memo that can be leaked because they all "understand each other) - the ORIGINAL MESSAGE, once passed verbally from Griot to Griot over time becomes a PERVERSION of the source massage.   The "Griot School" having failed to teach their understudies the importance of "Sourcing".

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