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Eugene Robinson Is So Pleased With Obama's Bringing "The USA Out Of Its Funk" That He Forgot About "The Funk "That Said That Ronald Reagan Put The Black Community In - And Instead He Vows To Keep "The Blacks" Happy With Obama

These People "Won The Debate" As Well - They Controlled "The Rules" And Didn't Take Too Kindly To Any Negro That Upset The Unanimity Of The Congregation

Maybe There Is Something Greater Than "Winning An Argument" To The Satisfaction Of A "Neo-All White Jury", Mr Robinson.  Absent The Definition Of "The Rules Of Order" Prior To YOU Walking Into The Jury Box - YOU Are Always Going To Always Have Your Convictions Affirmed Based Upon WHO Is "Convicted".


Eugene Robinson is committed to "Helping Obama Win His Arguments".

Though Robinson makes use of President Ronald Reagan (and Margaret Thatcher)  as a reference for Obama's rescuing America from "The Funk" that Reagan found the nation in - Mr Robinson was one of the cavalcade of Black progressive media operatives who - at the time - told us about "Ronald Reagan's visit to Philadelphia Mississippi but failed to bear witness to the 3 Civil Rights Workers who were murdered" - 16 years post hence.  Notice that Mr Robinson issues no ill-words about President Jimmy Carter - the man who Reagan received his "funk" from - and we are not talking "George Clinton" funk.   Thus Ronald Reagan is merely used as scaffolding - upon which Mr Robinson plans to erect an "Obama statue" with a radio tower at the top that allows it to stand higher than the one cast in the likeness of Ronald Reagan.  

Since that time Reagan's fame, in the minds of the "Eugene Robinson-types" was the architect of the "destruction of the Black community" -as the Carter-era jobs and social programs that revitalized the Black community - as Barry Michael Cooper -  the writer of "New Jack City" told us - was slashed by Mr Reagan - thus promoting the "Crack Cocaine industry" -as Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter has told us.     

Its not that the arguments and theories of Mr Robinson take us in a different direction than those used by Mr Cooper or Mr Carter, Mr Robinson is employed by "The Washington Post" while Mr Cooper has only made it "up to" "The Village Voice" while Mr Carter studied the game and is a "Self Made Man".   
After Decades Of Running The "Ronald Reagan Went To Philadelphia Mississippi Line" To The Delight Of The Black Politicized Consciousness - The LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press Was Shown To Be Incompetent At Addressing The Situation Using Fact-Based Journalism, After The "Klan Spirit" Did A "Great Migration" From Mississippi To Philadelphia Pennsylvania As It Showed That It Was An "Equal Opportunity" Possessor

Mr Carter understands that in order to avoid being "The Face Of 'The Occupation' "that you need to be "DOWN WITH" the Occupiers.   Regardless of the fact that your own antics bleed of the type of  "1% capitalism" that they speak of - in making an assessment of your "Friend or Enemy" status - those media voices of the "Occupation" - like Mr Robinson or Mr Cater - will place the blood of the passover upon your forehead - telling the "Progressive Drones" to avoid such "friendly fire" that would undercut their long term agenda via short term infighting that cleaves to "ideological purity" over assassination of the right-wing terror targets.

Mr Robinson lacks the "time / space" perception in his preferences for "Arguments won".   He and so many of his counterparts can't bring themselves to see that today's present plateau upon the mountain that promises to show them the headwaters of the "Spring Of Social Justice" that no expedition so large and so full of promise -  has been cast since the days in which "The Fountain Of Youth" was just cause to settle what we now call "Florida".

He can't bring himself to see that the lower rungs of government - near where the "American negro" has his highest concentrations - are nodes where "The Argument Has Been WON" the satisfaction of the congregation - all based upon the sound of their applause.

Mr Robinson can't admit that the reason that nary a "Nay" in the house was heard because - that one Negro in the presence of an audience that was silent - waiting for one soul to form the word "N........" would be treated like a South Carolina Republican in the company of President Obama - as he came to the US House chambers to give the "State Of The Union Speech" - but having failed to learn his lesson from what happened to the television reporter who slipped when she told of the festivities surrounding the second inaugural for Obama.

..............And Colin Powell Says THE REPUBLICANS Have No Respect For Black People.   BLACK POLITICAL OPERATIVES Must Be Republicans Then

As the American foreign and military policy goes on - unchecked and unchanged - as the "changing of the guard" in the White House now means that the REPUBLICAN OPPOSITION is tasked with voicing concern for human rights violations - it is understandable to see that Mr Robinson and other press operatives are quite pleased that within their base - the question of "Did the Fox affiliate reporter from Washington DC have a picture of the Black President Obama in her mind when she said 'Inigeration'?"

Thus the proper rebuttal to Mr Robinson's expert "public intellectualism" - on the subject of "Debates Won" - is "In consideration of the 'Winning Argument' - does President Obama get to Stand Up the straw men that he later tears down in the same speech - with complicit praise of the 'Obama Fist-Bump Black Press' OR do they see the need to look into the larger array of media imprints received by the masses of Americans whoo have a consumer consciousness, as they  work to ensure that the people are not made content by dining on the self-chum that Mr Robinson is used to feeding them?"

I have little confidence that Mr Robinson can move beyond his short sited ideological chess match and note that Detroit and Chicago of today are "Mission Accomplished" in terms of the "Great Debate".

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