Saturday, February 16, 2013

Does The Black Press See A Violation Of The People "Valuables" When A "Favorable Politician" Is Convicted By The Government System Of Check And Balance

When it comes to any discussion of how the Black experience in "American History" has stolen away our culture and self determination - the conversation begins and ends with an enumeration of the damage and a specific list of the compensation.

If you pay closer attention to the truth of our times you note that the voices that run this narrative have an unabridged gateway through which they can achieve near unanimous Black support - channeled through politics and subsequently - control over the key "Human Resource Development Institutions" within the Black community.  They point to their high principles of "democracy" and "one man one vote" as they choose WHO they want to led their community.

They rest comfortably knowing that few people will ask the question:  "If it possible that one of the LOSSES suffered by the Black American  in history but manifested today is his loss of ability to "exert discipline and consciousness in applying a GOVERNANCE CULTURE over his community institution?"

The claim of the effervescent force of RACISM seems to be an effective nullification of this "governance culture".  It is not that "the politician is a thief" it is that "OUR politician is no more corrupt than his White predecessors", only NOW "THEY" say that what has always been done is now illegal.

The fraudulent voice that puts this into the Black political discourse can't bring himself to see that HE was on the front lines marching in black & white pictures against the resultant impact of such corruption when he was on the short end of the stick.  Thus we must conclude that despite his front and disposition voiced in front of the congregation - he merely believes that "might makes right" and his indictments are only to be used to force the external enemy to "live up to the principles of 'social justice' ".  He merely wants to be the presiding judge.

The Verbalized Principles Of The Token Symbol Of "Black Progress" Per His Presence In Office
  • The Racists Have Always Tried To Run Black People With Power Out Of Power - To Silence "The Black Vote"
  • We Are Happy To Live In A Nation Of Law And Order Which Enforces The Notion That No One Is Above The Law, Even Individuals With Popularity Among The Masses

 Run through the headlines that are generated when a "favorable Black person in power" receives and indictment for some form of corruption.   Which of these two narratives are you likely to see?

WHO'S VOICE is that being spoken in both of these samples?
WHO or WHAT are they attempting to protect?

With the saga of former police officer Christopher Dorner behind us - the tale of "racism and disrespect" from the Los Angeles Police Department upon Blacks and Hispanics will come under investigation.   The official line says "No - our department has dramatically changed since the 'Rodney King' incident and the consent decree that the department worked under". 

The voice from the perspective of the people on the street says "Nothing has changed.  They should have kept the consent decree in place".

As I listened to the NPR audio report on the LAPD I noted that "The Confederate South" and the sanctions that it has in the "Voting Rights Act" is not the only location around the nation that can't seem to shake its past reputation.  That today's political advantage and stereotypes make it easier to keep this external regulation in place "just in case".    Ironically - many of the same people who believe that a felon who has served his time should be have all of his rights restored - are not willing to afford the same to an institution.   They are the virtual parole officers - re-arresting the offending region to the point of near harassment.

Take this mindset and then apply it to a "favorable Black elected official".   I recently showed the antics of Georgia State Senator Tyrone Brooks and his "Black Calvary" of elected officials who believe that there is a "Black Purge" under way with the US Justice Department leading the charge.
The fact that the top two executives in the chain of command are Black AND received the support of over 90% of Black voters - is not enough to constrain the "Systematic Racism Chasers" from slandering the intentions of the investigative and law enforcement agency that threatens to take out their friend in power.

While the indictments are fired between the "Favorable Black Person In Power" and the "Law Enforcement Check On Power" - the agents who's informal task is to sort out the truth and present it to the masses - dutifully watch, intent on not going against the grain.

So much of the "Prevailing Black (Progressive) Experience" is wrapped around the personal egos and aspirations of those who's voices are amplified by the megaphone trained upon the people.

They need to occupy this exclusive place lest the "Least Of These" in their congregation switch from a spirit of PRIDE as seeing "themselves" and "their viewpoints" reflected in office - most notably to fight against the Right Wing Enemy". 

It is not the loss of office that they fear, but the loss of control of the "Struggle Motion" as the Black rank & file begin to see that THEFT at the hands of a corrupt Black politician ultimately is no different than a White one who did the same.

Ironically - despite all of the notions of "Black Equality" that has been voiced and  aspired for so many generation - its "dark matter" twin brother of "equal expectations FROM Black people INTO the society" appears to be neutered by the insistence of "Black Inferiority" coupled with "THEY did this to us" as the necessary conjunction to justify the disposition.

Jesse Jackson Jr And Sandy Jackson Plead Guilty To Public Corruption - As The Next Generation Of "Black Leaders" Line Up To Take His Seat In The Federal Government Structure That "The Black Power Movement", The Black Press Has Moved On, Seeming Uninterested In Enforcing The Rules Of The Playing Field That Favorable Black Politicians Bank On As They Accept The Community's Valuables

Jesse Jackson Jr., wife agree to plead guilty

To understand this situation with Sandy and Jesse Jackson Jr - you must understand that certain operatives within the Black Progressive Press had in their mind to be the first to get in the ear of the 'Black Power Couple From Chicago' - who would be the "Bill And Hillary Clinton" of their own, gaining rights to the biography that might one day reach the Black institutional presence in the likes of Alex Hailey's "Roots".

With the design engineering work for President Obama's face to be etched on "Mount Rushmore" per the dreams of his handlers in the Black press - sufficient contractor diversity assured - few people bother to ask if these vested operatives in the press are COMPETENT and QUALIFIED to protect the Black Community's Permanent Interests - when they see "Happy and Appeased Black People As Focused In The 'Malcolm X Political Football Game' " AS "The Permanent Interests".

As the Black community experiences untold POLITICAL success - relative to its prevailing preferences - but still struggles to instantiate the promises voiced by the insiders who promised us great riches in exchange for our consciousness invested into the political process - the Black Racial Services Machine's ability to divert the Black Conscious Attention Span into political gamesmanship will be challenged.   The Black Press will be forced to make a choice:

  • Will they double down with their "Black Conscious Attention Filibuster" that "Keeps Their Enemy On Trial"?
  • Will they see that the new Progressive Establishment Power - full of agreeable people - has the capacity of corruption that needs a "Black Press" that stands up for the interests of the People - EVEN WHEN they as a muckraking press is forced to go against the people's will in order to achieve the larger goal of "Black Community DEVELOPMENT" - a level that is higher than "Black Congregational Appeasement"

We always hear about the "Community Progressive Domination Through Attrition".    On the night of the "State Of The Union" speech that was pleasing to the Black Progressive "Obama Fanboys" - the next paragraph said "Black people are being left behind".

I don't believe that these people have the fortitude to see the grand contradiction between the pleasure that they have in "living vicariously through a political machine" (as it fights the right wing enemy) versus MANAGING THE ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY, as expressed through the proper governance of the institutions through which the "finished people" will matriculate through.

Progressive-Fundamentalism is too self-serving and myopic to achieve this end.