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"Diversity" In Government In Atlanta Did Not Prevent The City From Entering Into A Bad Deal With "Underground Atlanta" - The 75 Year Lease

Atlanta losing millions on 75-year Underground Atlanta lease

From The AJC Story
Some Atlanta City Council members told Channel 2 Action News the city is paying more than $8 million on the mortgage for Underground Atlanta, but only getting $100,000 a year in rent.
The lease on the property lasts for the next 75 years.
Each year, thousands of people gather at Underground Atlanta for the New Year's Eve Peach Drop, but that's only one night a year.  City leaders and neighboring businesses said for the rest of the year, Underground is virtually empty.
"(It's a) catastrophe," said Brett Teilhaber, who owns nearby Friedman's Shoes.  "If you look right across from Underground, you have a vacant building that looks like it should be blown up.  I think it's time for the city to take some time and invest in the properties around Underground."
Underground Atlanta has a rich history dating back to the end of the Civil War.  The freight train depot, which stands at the entrance of Underground Atlanta was constructed in 1869, and is one of the oldest buildings in the city.
Underground Atlanta, as a shopping and entertainment district, opened 100 years later.
Savannah Riverwalk and Underground Atlanta are the only two entertainment districts officially recognized by the state.
Still, reports of crime at Underground and the surrounding areas have hurt its image.
The city of Atlanta owns the property.  Some city leaders say the deal it has with Underground is hurting the taxpayer’s bottom line.
"Right now, it's a financial drain on the city," said Atlanta City Councilwoman Felicia Moore.  "We're paying somewhere around $8 million in debt services on it."


In the early 1990's as a young, single stud in Atlanta - the newly rechristened "Underground Atlanta"  was a very popular and racially diverse night spot for young Atlantans.

"Fat Tuesday's" frozen margarita joint was just one of the venues that were available for the night life.  While it is true that "The young Whites" hung out at "Kenny's Alley" and "The Blacks" were more concentrated at the Jamaican dance club and other "urban music club" - the common areas still were crowded with a "diverse" crowd on any given Thursday, Friday or Saturday night.


Unfortunate Incidents Of VIOLENCE.
The reputation - deserved or not - was cast.

(Lets be honest here)

The "White people few" followed by the "Urban Educated Blacks".
"The Whites" went to Buckhead.
"The Blacks" ventured to a number of new dance clubs/ bar venues that popped up throughout Metro-Atlanta.
Comedian Chris Rock is correct about WHO will always mess up a good thing.

After this time - there were more security guards at Underground Atlanta than there were patrons.

Lets Not Forget About FREAKNIK

Before "Officer Christopher Dorner's FaceBook Fan Club" there was a contingent of "Urban Anarchists" who "Burned Atlanta" long after General Sherman did.

The final year of (the real) "Freaknik" was scene at "Underground Atlanta" in which "Urban Finders" broke out the windows of various stores in the "Underground Atlanta" and "helped themselves" to the goods that "Slavery & Jim Crow had long denied them" 

I do recall being made proud of a line of Black males who formed an interlocked chain of arms - to block any more "Urban Finders" from entering into these stores on the top deck of the Underground.  THEY KNEW that they were not protecting the merchandise in the store - their greater mission was to show EVERYONE looking on that "ALL BLACK PEOPLE DON'T ACT A FOOL.  THE MAJORITY OF US ARE HONEST, LAW ABIDING CITIZENS".

This was the death blow to "The Underground".

When Mayor Campbell - a populist who preferred to "please the crowd" - was forced to take an "Anti-Freaknik" position in the intervening years - to the chagrin of the "Black Revolutionaries" who demanded that he show them when he "Stopped Young Whites From Partying" - you knew that the participants of "Freaknik" had "stepped in it".   Mayor Campbell had to go against his "base" and be seen as siding with the store owners - that pay the bills in the city via their business revenues.

YOU ARE NOT going to see many other people link the FAILURE TO MANAGE AND DEVELOP YOUNG BLACK PEOPLE (and their public behavior) With The Resultant Long Term Damage To The City's Financial Picture - That The Underground Represents

The bigots as represented by "Stuff Black People Don't Like" have it wrong - this is not a "Black thing".  This is no more "genetic" or "intrinsic" as the lewd behavior at any number of other venues will less "melanin count".

The bigots as represented by "The Black Revolutionaries" have it wrong - the business owners that have INVESTED INTO Atlanta and who produce JOBS and SERVICES for the tourists, conventioneers and regular citizens are not "money hungry" per their opposition to hedonistic chaos on the streets.   And if the "Revolutionaries" ever come up with a scheme that produces jobs and revenues WITHIN THE CITY - without the need for "nationalized social justice" to cover their incompetence - I'd like to see it)
Mayor Bill Campbell signed the deal during the waning days of his term in office.
Mayor Shirley Franklin reviewed the 75 year lease and allowed it to stand

In the prevailing vernacular of political priorities over "management and governance" in a Mission Accomplished City............................I would have more respect for any bold voice that stood up and said:..............................

We Should Allow The First Dark Skinned Mayor In Atlanta History To Review The Terms Of The Lease For The "Underground Atlanta" To Ensure That The City's Best Interests Have Been Protected By The Two "Light Skinned Mayors" Who "Did The Deal"

(You all think that I am being provocative with my amusements - but YOU have not ingested 25 years of Atlanta politics or you would believe otherwise)

Even when there is a "Black on Black" political race in Atlanta "RACE" becomes an issue.

Rob Pitts and Marvin Arington - two "dark skinned candidates" - were at odds with Bill Campbell and Maynard Jackson - both of whom are of a lighter hue.

In the guise of "DIVERSITY" - (and the push for progressive representation) the basic notion of MANAGEMENT, GOVERNANCE and ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT gets lost.

The inability or cowardice of the "mainstream press" to puncture the "confidence scheme" of RACE - (ie: the drive for racial diversity FOR NO OTHER REASON THAN - "racial diversity") is the GIFT OF REPARATION that the White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally keeps giving.    He knows that .....

  1. He does not have to live within this eviron
  2. He would not send his children to these schools
  3. When the scope focuses beyond "Atlanta Proper" and outward to the state and federal battle ground - the "Negro will always VOTE in a manner that is pleasing to him"
  4. Worst Of All - The Negro will NEVER "NOT VOTE" as the Primary expression of his desires for Uplift.

If and when the "Negro Partner" removes his emotions from "The Vote" - instead focusing on MANAGING his own community, turning off the television until the very day where he has to cast a ballot - thus immune to the propaganda and "Systematic Racism Chasing" that seeks to draw his "racial conscious loyalties" "The Fabled Fox" will show his teeth - but so will the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN within our ranks who understand that their grand scheme in which the "Rank & File Negro" is the catch - is about to be disassembled.

(Print it)

The "Americanized Negro" Faces A SANDY CORNISH MOMENT - In Which He Must See WHAT Others See Of VALUE IN HIM - And Choose To SEVER THIS FROM HIS BODY So They Will Lose Interest In Him - THEREBY Allowing Him - In Is Disabled Form - TO PROSPER FOR HIS COMMUNITY - Planting The INSTITUTIONAL SEEDS That Will Allow Future "WELL ADJUSTED NEGROES" Who Matriculate Through To Achieve The Fully Erect Disposition That The Modern Day Negro Never Has - HIS CONSCIOUSNESS And Not His Physical Body Being The Main Limitation. 

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